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The Aurora Crash of 1897

Years Before Roswell

By Iria Vasquez-PaezPublished 3 years ago 3 min read

On April 17th, 1897, 84 years before I was born on April 16th, 1981, a large, silver and cigar-shaped object dropped low in altitude reaching the small town of Aurora, Texas, which was situated twenty miles northwest of Fort Worth. The UFO had its equipment falling apart, which is probably what accounted for the low altitude, given the way UFOs crash land on Earth all the time, and this was at least 50 years before Roswell. The UFO crashed into a windmill, with debris being scattered over multiple acres. Years later, when journalist Jim Maars went to investigate this crash, he was shown the airship pilot's grave, which was not full size, but rather child-size, as this grave had a rock headstone, with a design like a large V on one side, and inside the V shape were three small circles, resembling portholes.

Jim Maars did research with Bill Case, an aviation writer, who had information on this story, and he uncovered more data that mentioned contact with UFO crews. In the Fall of 1896, a large airship was seen over California, on November 17th, 1896, by several hundred residents of Sacramento, moving anywhere from 5 miles per hour to 200 miles per hour, since trains at the time only went 35 miles per hour. This meant nothing faster than 35 miles per hour would be available at that time period in American history.

The Denison Daily News was a newspaper from Denison, Texas, that coined the term "saucer" in 1878, since John Martin described the UFO he saw this way. The term would not be used commonly for another hundred years after this incident. My take on this stuff is simple, we have been watched over for thousands of hears of human history by extraterrestrials who brought us here/affected our evolution in the first place. Watching Ancient Aliens season 4, I have learned that the aliens brought us agriculture starting in ancient Mesopotamia. Many civilizations on this planet have come and gone, with the aliens possibly having influence over us to scrap whatever model earth human they came up with so they could start over, because evolution has expanded at the pace it has only to get humans to a certain point in development that makes sense to our observers.

I hesitate to label them as good or evil, only because we do not know how to frame their desires towards the human race. I will say that I feel there are factions of Star Visitor that would like to wipe us out and start over, and I have fiction in the works about this but these ideas are scaring me so much that I can't work on that fiction, as I'm working on my sequel to Opening New Dimensions which is on Amazon. But anyway, if I mysteriously find the energy to work on Opening New Dimensions, I may yet be able to finish this second book now that I have the headspace to do so.

Jim Maars went to look into the people around since 1973, who were around in the crash of 1897, with only three people left he could talk to who had direct knowledge of that crash. Mary Evans, was 15 years old at the time of the incident but 92 years old after the fact in 1973, kept in mind in her interview that the crash had "caused a lot of excitement. Many people were frightened. They didn't know what to expect. That was years before we had any regular airplanes or other kinds of airships." What skeptics debunk about this story is probably that it was a delusion, or that other people who saw the craft may not be remembering it right, since many of them were dead by 1973. But what cannot be debunked is the gravesite for a small being instead of a full-grown earth human man. The gravesite is real, and I feel the people's memories are real, as well as any story that got passed down to their grandchildren.


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I have a B.A. in creative writing from San Francisco State. Can people please donate? I'm very low-income. I need to start an escape the Ferengi plan.

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