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The Art of AI: Exploring the Intersection of Creativity and Technology

Exploring Art and AI

By Teng HueyPublished 8 months ago 3 min read
Top Story - April 2023

Art has always been a reflection of society and its cultural norms. As technology advances, artists are constantly looking for new ways to express their creativity and push the boundaries of what is possible. In recent years, we have seen a surge of interest in the intersection of art and artificial intelligence (AI). While AI has become ubiquitous in our lives, there is still very little understanding about how it works. Some artists are using AI as a tool to create new forms of art, while others are using it to explore the existential questions of free will, human/machine will, and perception.

The MoMA in New York is currently hosting an exhibition that explores the creative potential of AI. The exhibition, called "Unsupervised," showcases the work of artist Refik Anadol. Instead of following the conventional mode of machine learning, which relies on supervised learning, Anadol's work focuses on unsupervised learning. Unsupervised learning means that the machine learning model does the tagging based on its own processes. In other words, it is free to dream and speculate, creating its own interpretation of the data without human interference.

Rodolfo Abularach. A Head for Ixtab. 1958

To create the exhibition, Anadol used the entire metadata of MoMA's archives, which contains around 138,000 images. He then used custom software to interpret and transform the data, creating a real-time artwork that is always changing. The machine learning model used by Anadol has created a complex classification system of MoMA's collection. It has decided which data points belong together, creating a kind of galaxy of information.

The most interesting aspect of Anadol's work is the way he navigates through the empty space within the galaxy. By exploring the space where there is no data, Anadol is able to speculate about what could exist there. It is in this speculative and hypothetical space that the machine learning model begins to dream, creating new realities that are not bound by our human categories and biases.

Anadol's work highlights the potential of AI to create something entirely new, something that could not be created by human hands alone. By letting the machine learning model dream, Anadol is showing us the creative potential of AI. He is also challenging our assumptions about what art is and what it can be.

AI is not just a tool for creating new forms of art; it is also a tool for exploring the cultural and political implications of technology. As AI becomes more integrated into our lives, it is important to understand how it works and how it is shaping our world. This is where artists can play a crucial role. By using AI as a tool to experiment with or even subvert, artists can challenge our assumptions about the world and the technology that shapes it.

One of the most important things to remember about AI is that it is not an objective tool. AI is shaped by the data it is trained on, which is often biased and culturally specific. As artist Trevor Paglen has shown, AI is not just a technical system; it is a system that has culture and politics built into it. Artists like Anadol and Paglen are using AI to explore the biases and cultural assumptions that are embedded in these systems.

In conclusion, the intersection of art and AI is an exciting and rapidly evolving field. The exhibition "Unsupervised" at MoMA is just one example of how artists are using AI to explore the creative potential of this technology. By letting the machine learning model dream and speculate, Anadol is showing us what AI is capable of creating. At the same time, artists like Paglen are using AI to explore the cultural and political implications of this technology. As AI becomes more integrated into our lives, it is important to have a deeper understanding of its potential and its limitations. By working with artists and other creatives, we can continue to explore the possibilities of AI and its impact on society in meaningful and thought-provoking ways.

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  • Herbert3 months ago

    It's still controversial for me

  • Person3747 months ago

    I really don't like the idea of AI images. And how can people look at it and think it's better than real artists? I say support human artists, not AI. The definition of art says that art is HUMAN CREATIVE SKILL (go google it if you want) As an artist myself, seeing other people use AI to get popularity and praise in the art community sucks, and I've talked to other artists about it before as well. They all said either they hated/disliked AI images or said that AI images are fine if used responsibly, which I agree with. If you are an artist wanting some inspiration, but not posting the AI image and claiming it as your own, it's fine

  • Farhan Mirza 8 months ago

    well said'

  • F. Leonora Solomon8 months ago

    definitely intrigued by what artists and AI can some up with but i do not completely love the idea of the humanity being taken away from art. nor do i think In a world so saturated with politics and culture that any piece of art is responsible to reflect its particular “time.” a lot of art MoMA transcends time and is why the AI show works--what a legacy of data it was provided with!

  • Abdulla8 months ago

    Ahh wonderful the creativity all around the world is hilarious!!! Good job! If u wanna read mine and tell me hows it going here is the link 👇👇🫶 https://vocal.media/motivation/motivation-1z4u200c5

  • Gina B.8 months ago

    Hadn't heard about Unsupervised at MoMA until I read this article. Will try to check it out before it closes.

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