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'The 100' Season 6 Trailer Review

The trailer for CW's 'The 100' has just been released.

By Matthew DonnellonPublished 5 years ago 3 min read
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A lot has changed since the original 100 kids fell to Earth to see if the Earth was viable a hundred years after a nuclear apocalypse.

They learned to survive on their own.

They fought Grounders, the descendants of humans who survived the first wave of fire.

A leader emerged as Clarke Griffin rallied the 100 against certain death and kept the kids alive to fight another day, and long enough for the rest of the members of the Ark to return to Earth.

Villains became heroes as Bellamy Blake went from loner antagonist to helping keep his new family alive.

Bellamy and Clarke led a coalition against Mt. Weather, the last remaining remnants of the United States.

They fought together and overcame the AI that infected everyone.

The group found a way to shelter a small group as a second nuclear meltdown made the world uninhabitable again.

They found a way to survive when the war between a returning mining company and the Red Queen's force destroyed the last patch of green Earth.

Humans took refuge in space once again.

The last season ended with a video message from Monty and Harper saying that they never entered into the hyper sleep with the rest, instead choosing to wait until there was a sign that they could return to Earth.

And, when Monty realized that the Earth would never support life again, he set a new course, and we rejoined Clarke and Bellamy as they woke up to a new planet.

So on to the trailer...

The trailer begins with Monty's voice over, saying that they found a new planet, and, after all the death and bloodshed he witnessed, he wished humans were not the problem. He hopes Clarke and Bellamy find a place for everyone to live in peace.

It looks as though the group will have trouble getting over the chasms built over the last season. Clarke left Bellamy to die. The group doesn't know if they can trust Clarke after she has shown she's willing to sacrifice them all for her adopted daughter Maddie.

Also, it looks as though no one is forgiving Octavia anytime soon, after she became a psychotic despot in the bunker.

They meet with the people from the new planet, and it looks like they live in peace.

But as we've seen time and time again, nothing on The 100 is as it seems.

Everything is peaceful until an eclipse causes psychosis.

Also, it looks like another group lives outside the community, so there will an interesting tension among all three communities.

The tag line for this season is, "Prepare to face your demons."

And that's fitting, as everyone on this show has done terrible acts and now they must figure out how to live with them.

The 100 returns April 30th.

Random Thoughts

  • This show does cliffhangers better than anyone else. It hasn't been on for nearly a year and I've still been impatiently waiting for the next season.
  • I'm glad that it doesn't look like everything will be perfect the second they all wake up. They were plenty of messed up things from last season.
  • I thought they might let Octavia off, but it looks like she might be treated like the deranged killer she is.
  • It was heartbreaking to hear Bellamy say that the Octavia he knew died a long time ago. Though she did leave him to die in the pit, so I kinda get it.
  • I wonder what messed up thing they'll do this season. The 100 has never pulled punches. In the first season, they had the Culling where 300 people voluntarily died so the rest of the ship could have enough air. A little girl killed the co-lead, and then killed herself. Clarke irradiated dozens of innocent people, including kids. And last season Octavia forced people to become cannibals. So topping that will be hard.
  • I really want Bellarke to happen. But I get it if it doesn't happen. Bellamy and Clarke make great co-leaders. They've always had each other's backs. They might be my favorite duo on television after Sam and Dead Winchester.
  • However, she did call him every day for six years so... I feel bad for Echo.
  • I feel bad for the community, they have no idea who they're messing with. Also, it looks like Maddie goes missing and Clarke wouldn't hesitate to burn the village down.
  • The set design looks kind of lame, which is a letdown after all the work they put into making the Grounders' world look so cool. This looks like something on the SyFy channel from the 90s. I get they want it to look alien, but it looks cheesy.

I can't wait for this season.

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