Telepathy and Quantum Physics

If two particles in a lab far apart and out of sight from each other can “communicate,” why couldn’t an entire organism as advanced as a human being do so as well?

Telepathy and Quantum Physics

Telepathy is one of the ten magical gifts I have been told by several medicine men and women that we will soon be capable of receiving. Since we are all at different stages in our evolutionary process, I believe we will each be able to receive telepathy only after we have evolved to the point we are capable of practicing it with love and benevolence. Even so, every gift can also become a curse. Our gifts can be double-edged swords we can either use to advance our species or to destroy it. Life is far more precarious than most of us are aware and we must be vigilant to defend its dignity and sanctity.

There are many people who have a very difficult time communicating verbally. Some cannot express their emotions and desires because they have never voiced them to themselves. It is impossible to explain to another what you yourself do not know. Some people appear to be mentally incapable of such introspection. These people are terrified of looking within because they fear they will not like what they find. These are the people that are not comfortable alone and prefer to be entertained by the company of others or always have a television or radio on to distract them. They are not comfortable with the silence because it brings about their inner dialogue.

Their fear allows them to be manipulated. Because they do not take the first step of knowing themselves, they cannot possibly begin to understand another and be involved in a successful relationship. Since they have no understanding of their own internal psyche, communication with others is tainted by that ignorance. Misunderstandings are common. People can suspect cheating and dishonesty from those who are most loyal in their lives, be completely shocked by the affection of a friend, or be totally blind to the activities of their children. It all starts with knowing the self.

When we are fully aware of our own shortcomings and abilities, we are better prepared to engage the world. We can present to others a being that is not afraid to admit what he or she does not know and cannot do. We are eager to learn new things, explore the world, and interact with others. The purpose of life is to learn and grow, to evolve and share knowledge. This is impossible without communication. Our contemporary society has shown us that the broader and faster the communication, the more interconnected we become.

Knowledge always brings power and conquers the fear of the unknown. We have the ability to choose not to be afraid. When we have no fear, we are better prepared for learning. Naturally, we should be afraid of things that could bring us danger, but knowledge is never dangerous. A little knowledge is dangerous. It is when we learn more that we realize the gravity of our limited knowledge. We must resist the urge to act before we have mastered our lessons and gained a thorough understanding. It is our duty to continue to learn as long as we are alive.

What is the difference between a hive mentality and hyper-empathy? Is there one? There are many people today who believe they are highly empathetic. They feel pain when they see or even hear of another experiencing tragedy. Couples who have lived together for many years may finish each other’s sentences, not only because they have become used to the other persons’ speaking patterns, but because they know what the other is thinking. Parents have felt strong sensations when their child in another location is in danger or has been hurt even before they are made aware of the situation. These are all things science can’t yet explain, but so is “spooky action” or entanglement in quantum mechanics. Quantum entanglement is a phenomenon during which two particles seemingly shed their separate identities and assume a shared existence; their properties become entangled with one another. This was termed “spooky action at a distance” by Albert Einstein when he observed two particles placed far apart from each other having a physical effect on one another. Furthermore, there is also a time element to the equation that has more recently been discovered. What happens now can be correlated with what happens later in ways that elude a simple mechanical explanation. In other words, you can have “spooky action” at a delay. This is science, not magic. It can be observed and replicated in the lab today.

This brings about some questions when considering telepathy. If two particles in a lab far apart and out of sight from each other can “communicate,” why couldn’t an entire organism as advanced as a human being do so as well? It stands to reason that this may be a possibility. Perhaps it is similar to a muscle we simply need to stimulate in order to function. As it involves the mind, it might also require learning some basic principles before we can actually communicate telepathically. After all, it was a combination of mind and muscle that enabled us to communicate verbally.

Suppose that we do manage to evolve into a telepathic society. Will that be similar to a hive mentality? We can equate that phenomenon to a group mentality, where a few leaders entice the rest of a crowd. If the leaders set a good example, it can be a beautiful display of humanity at its best, but a bad leader can also incite a riot or worse. One can see how imperative emotional maturity would be if people could read one another’s minds and potentially influence another’s thoughts.

What happens if it becomes known that another person has bad thoughts? Will he be judged for them? Will that influence others to join in his thoughts or to shun him? What if someone thinks negatively of another? Will there be repercussions? What if someone plans a crime? Will they be charged just for thinking of something they may never have actually followed through on? What if you don’t want someone to know you feel affection for them because it is either too soon or inappropriate? Will we be able to hide our thoughts from others? What if we disagree with a prominent politician? Will we be held responsible for our political beliefs and will there be retaliatory action? What about when we think silently “I hate you” in a sudden fit of rage? Will our momentary feelings of anger be held against us as if we had actually said something hurtful?

These are questions I do not have answers for but I do know that our thoughts will be met with more love, understanding, and acceptance if they are tempered by our own maturity, enlightenment, and internal growth long before they are heard by others. It is impossible to love another and forgive their thoughts if we have not first learned to love ourselves and forgive our own thoughts. When we have explored our own ability to feel anger and then learned how to let it go, we will then be able to recognize the same ability in another. If we do not know how to move past our own anger, we will never be able to comprehend another’s ability to do so and therefore will condemn them to our own immaturity. If we are incapable of such evolved behavior, we cannot even fathom it in another. This not only makes it impossible to communicate telepathically, it also makes it very difficult to have a relationship using simple verbal communication.

Today we have prominent public figures who believe that if they repeat a lie enough times, people will begin to believe it regardless of the facts. This is brainwashing and can only be done to those who are willing participants. People who have given away their power by not concerning themselves with facts or taking the time to investigate things before believing them will be easily manipulated with telepathy. Telepathy is a wonderful tool for brainwashing individuals who are not emotionally evolved enough to be able to discern between fact and fiction or smart enough to know that when one is in doubt, they should at least do some fact checking.

Karma will deal appropriately with those whose primary purpose is to manipulate others into giving them as much money or power as they can squeeze out them. The Bible says they will be left behind. Will they be physically left behind? Will they be left behind like a kindergartener is left behind when one begins discussing quantum physics? Will they be left out of the communication and understanding that will follow ascension? That remains to be seen. My guess is that they will not possess the compassion necessary for pure telepathic communication. I believe their reception will be tainted by their own projected emotions and expectations. They will expect others to feel and think the same way they do and will not be aware of or receptive to other purer and more advanced ways of thinking and feeling.

Beings who can understand another’s thoughts are those who are advanced enough to understand their own thoughts and why they have them first and foremost. They are not afraid to completely explore their own emotions and motivations. It is only in exploring the dark corners of our mind that light is brought in, and the dark cannot exist in the light. When we reason with our negative beliefs, they vanish in the light of logic. It is through this introspection, this inner viewing, that mature people are able to see others. Without knowing ourselves, we will not be able to know others. It is only by knowing ourselves and by showing loving understanding to ourselves while being completely aware of our shortcomings that we will be able to treat others in a similar fashion and gain the gift of telepathy. It is, therefore, imperative that we study ourselves relentlessly until we fully understand ourselves. We must be able to anticipate our every move and thought process until we can consciously change these reactions voluntarily. When we have complete and total mastery over self we are then able to begin to move to the next step.

Most people have hurtful voices that say negative things in their heads. These can be replayings of painful things we have been told repeatedly as a child, vocalizations of self-doubt, or fear of the unknown. When we have not been able to show ourselves unconditional love, these voices are prominent. If we were called “stupid” by a former partner, we may have kept up the practice long after our relationship has passed. A parent may unwittingly embed such thoughts as “I am always too impatient” or “I never am prepared” and now we hear them being played over and over when we are alone. What may have been true in the past does not necessarily hold water today. People change and grow and we must first give ourselves permission to change and acknowledge the changes we have made in order to prepare us to treat others in the same manner. With telepathic communication, we could inadvertently share these negative thoughts about ourselves with others if we do not first learn to silence them.

Hyapatia Lee
Hyapatia Lee
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Hyapatia Lee

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