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Take you into the inner world of Virgo part 6: Virgo the most difficult to overcome is always themselves

Comprehensive analysis of Virgo

By GiovanniPublished 5 days ago 7 min read

Virgo he wants in the end is what? Summed up in fact, Virgo is a special desire to be recognized and respected people, this recognition and respect, and affirmation and praise is the essential difference, why? Because Virgo needs is from the heart of recognition and respect, rather than praise, this thing is an essential difference, what do you mean I not only want your mouth convinced, but also your heart convinced, I not only want you to have a good relationship with me, but also from the bottom of your heart think I am very good, that once I think you are not from the bottom of your heart, I will be angry, because I think you are perfunctory, or I will doubt myself think I am not A real worthy of respect, or a particularly powerful people, so what is the Virgo requirements for you? Is great, is better than others, then you say this is what I said, all his comparison is what? Is derived from a comparison for their own, so he exceeded a certain person, than a certain person great, and does not allow him to get more satisfaction from it.

Or happiness is all false, all vain, right? Even my test is five points higher than my tablemate's test, than what to be happy, I am the same way with him? He is such a person, he is, he will always put himself on a higher platform to face fee, and then break through himself, so what he holds on to, what he wants to get, often people around him, people at the same stage with him can not understand people. You can understand that Virgo is indeed a person whose heart is higher than the sky, I'll say this to you, Virgo he is indeed a different stage will feel that they are stronger than the people around them, no matter what the environment, but even playing games is also, he will feel that others play the game is to play, is to be happy, and I play the game is not to exercise my skills, I will not only go to review, I on people on The how cool, I'm going to go will go to review, why I died, how I died, that this mentality leads to a what kind of mentality, he does not allow himself to be worse than others, which is a kind of desire to win and lose emanating from the inside out, because he feels that he replicates.

The action should be stronger than others, he can not accept their own others poor, in fact, because that I think so we all play the game, others played after the end, Virgo played after the data to see again, the replay to see again, and then will think about their own actions, will think about their own highlights, always think about these this mistake, and then there to think about half a day, and then that I still play worse than you. Then how is it possible? So can I accept it? I can not accept ah, can not accept what to do? I do not play, the game has a problem, not I have a problem, the game is set up unreasonably, the kind of stupid pig every day, I am worse than his level, the game is set up unreasonably, that's it. So Virgo he is actually really a person who will be a long and avoid shortcomings, because he wants to promote the long, because he is too proud, if there is no outstanding place that can be affirmed by others, he would rather not transport. In really praise Virgo like to go to KTV, depends entirely on his level of singing, he is such a person, like to play games, depending on his game level, he as long as his strengths, his talent, he found something he is good at, he must not rely on the top of things, because this thing.

He must be able to bring him a sense of satisfaction, a sense of certainty and a sense of identity, what he needs is a sense of identity, that based on this you can know what Virgo likes, in fact, it is difficult to say, it is really simple, in fact, you can understand that in essence is a kind of happy life, good nurturing, good accumulation, and constantly become better and better, stronger and stronger of this state and life, so he In fact, what he wants is more to be able to regulate their own state of mind, so that they can live well, but this thing it is very difficult, why? Because there will always be the kind of people or things that will affect their own state of mind, in fact, the vast majority of Virgo's worries are used to deal with the kind of people or things that affect their own state of mind, this kind of thing is too difficult, this kind of proud people, he will certainly be in conflict to think about whether it is their own problems or other people's problems, and the two sides will be in a kind of opposing game state, he will not be like a broken sign, others scolded I am someone else stupid, but what, but others.

Call me stupid, I have to think about whether I am really stupid, then in thinking about that person called me stupid, I am not really stupid before I have to think about whether he is stupid, then I am now angry, I think he is stupid, I can not be so one-sided to think, I have to bring myself into a calm environment below, and then to think about whether he is stupid or not. If I calm down and find that still he is stupid, then I am not stupid, if I calm down and find that he is normal, then I am stupid. Do you know that his thinking is often able to go beyond this one dimension, he is not to think about who is right and who is wrong, but through objective thinking to find out who the problem really is. So if I am a normal person, he is a fool, I played with him for three years, does that mean my vision at that time is foolish, why I played with a fool for three years? Then no matter what I say, no matter who is doing this thing in the end analysis, Virgo must be able to find this problem from it, because they must have problems. Virgo he is a phase of causality, that happened to me in the body of things have a bad outcome, how can be more problem-free?

Then you can know why I am stressing, because around the influence of their own mentality of people or things in the constant appearance, resulting in Virgo live a special tired, is because this influence on their own mentality of people or things will definitely make Virgo doubt themselves, you say these thinking is useless? You can not say that he is useful or useless, because Virgo can not stop thinking, this is the key to the problem. Like I said, why as long as there are people or things around that affect their mindset, it is enough to disrupt the life of the virgin, because Virgo will definitely think before going to bed, as long as there is no thinking clearly, he can not sleep. You may have friends will think, ah, this is too outrageous, it really is, so many years, have been accustomed to thinking before going to bed, thinking before going to bed, the real night because of thinking about something to think about sleep, too normal, so why I emphasize that Virgo so want to be able to grow in a stable environment, constantly breakthrough, while not being disturbed by the outside world, because he simply can not do, right Right? That quarrel with a colleague today, in the evening to think about two hours is normal, the picture of this thing repeatedly take out constantly.

In my opinion, Virgo he is never a person who will be mad about alcohol, because of this reason, he generally drink almost began to think, he has to start thinking, can not drink, because thinking is a habit, you see I send friends circle is also the most send friends circle first reaction on this circle of friends sent there is no meaning, and then oops, deleted He is not tangled, but he likes to think too much, to think about what he is doing to think, that tired of living, right? That can't be helped, right? Then you say such a person how to live will not be tired it is not?


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