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Take you into the Aries everything part 2: only suffer to let the Aries get the real growth

A comprehensive analysis of Aries

By GiovanniPublished 3 months ago 7 min read

Ah, just mentioned that ah, said Aries is a late success constellation, that is not every Aries can be a late success? Not necessarily, because Aries is also a group with a high incidence of depression, in fact, many Aries he can not become a great success late, it is because in the process of depression, as I just said ah, Aries belief, Aries love of the world, Aries enthusiasm, motivation, courage and confidence, all from his most sincere and urgent desire for the true good and beauty. Then this Aries in the vast majority of cases, encounter setbacks and difficulties, will grit your teeth and swallow your stomach, and then tell yourself that you are the protagonist, this is in the process of growth, God gave you a test with the barrier, you pass this robbery, you can become stronger, he will always constantly comfort himself in this way, then he can comfort himself, once, twice, three, four times, you give Aries.

Enough buffer time, he will be able to overcome each hurdle, that once this Aries bad luck, one after another hit him on the head, he will be reached at once, as I said, a person who treats himself as a letter of faith, expecting the true good and beautiful, a one-time reach, he will fall into a very long period of distress and depression, because he simply can not come out, why was reached? I cite a very reasonable ah, like just said that mentality ah, Aries may think that people are like this, but I am responsible for telling you that people are not all melon, this mentality Aries is the strongest, in fact, Taurus will account for a little, so I I understand a mentality, what mentality? I just said that the protagonist mentality, this protagonist mentality in the process of growth will help Aries a lot of many ah, that is the kind of just said, right, for example, the last test was the tenth, this test 25, although very sad, the night back to lie in bed very sad very sad, suddenly lie to yourself, you did not good this time, do you know why? Because your last test is too good, smug, too proud, you did not study well this time, God is to arrange you this time did not get it right, is to let you learn a lesson, and then study well.

Then the next time back to the eighth place, well what, you are just is the test of heaven, right, you are able to ride the wave, is a sticker pride, right, you are the protagonist ah, this is the test of the above, the arrangement of the higher, he will think so, so the aries tree taught me to say, he just a fluctuation, a loss, he will win more enjoyable, why right? He will instinctively feel that losing is the arrangement of God, winning is the final result, so he will always think he can turn good fortune, I am responsible for telling you, Aries reasonably speaking, partial fortune, crooked luck will indeed be slightly stronger than others, this thing I do not know why, he can not call it a kind of metaphysics, nor can it be called a very strange factor, but indeed I know the All Aries, his luck is better than others, I saw ah, for example, when studying, his ideal is to get a school, the usual test test 300 points, three or four hundred points, the test results test 523, just that year the score with 522 more than one point, I tell you the truth, this kind of thing happened, Aries.

The probability of the body is often greater than people, coincidentally, middle school, high school, college he will always encounter once, plus because Aries he is more thick-skinned, he is good at pleasing others, Aries this kind of human luck is often stronger than others, I'll be honest, Aries may be a little shy, a little shame what is Aries, he is a little wood strong people, then he for the strong, for those who can bring him help People, he will instinctively go with a pleasing mentality to get along with each other, he will not deliberately pleasing others, he will not let others feel that he is patting himself on the back, but he will do something deliberate to make others feel that he is very affectionate towards each other such things and say such things, such as playing games with two classmates at the same time, a classmate's academic performance is not good, a classmate's academic performance is good, he prefers to play with the academic performance Good people play, that poor academic performance killed several people, killed several and what? Learning achievement is not good to know to play games, that learning achievement of good people game play ah, killed several wow.

Learning and good, the game also played, really powerful, he knows he did not mean to say to pick a hold, you know it, his heart is so thought, he is so thought, he thought from the bottom of his heart will be so thought, he just think strong people do everything strong, weak people he is going to do this, so he will always be more like a little, and then he is also deliberately like ah, so the same. In fact, it can be heard that Aries is a small smart people, then this thing in his growth process will give him a special advantage and help, referring to the fact that he can always get the help of others, that does lie in Aries is the strongest in the 12 signs of the zodiac fluke a sign, it is related, you want to say directly that Aries fluke force is very strong, may say a little bit on it, very very strange I can't understand, but you can know after this paragraph, Aries is the strongest sign of fluke in the 12 signs, which is a fatal flaw, how fatal, fatal to what extent? I say this to you, for example, soon to be final exams, to review the sentence Aries books open, review the first chapter of the sentence ah.

Ah, this I am good at, oops, I see two questions I will do, oops, I think I am very I am very good at, the second answer a I will also ah, right? Eh, this question seems not very understand ah, nothing, not very understand also does not matter, anyway, the test can not be tested, on this question I do not understand, other I understand, well I I finished my review, he understands, eh, I understand, forget forget forget, nothing to see, I do not understand, hey, anyway, I do not understand, I read also not much use, when the time to guess it, always guess right, you will be able to understand. Aries in this kind of evidence to hold the Buddha's feet, he will have countless reasons to convince themselves, and then, when the exam is right I will say it, right, will not be masked ah, can always be masked right, he can even find a methodology to show off with their partners, I told you ah, the exam encounter will not be the question you do not panic, you will be masked ah, how to mask I teach you how to mask, I am so masked. I can usually get it right, my hit rate is 80% ah, then also proud, can you understand? So this thing is like I said, it is not external smugness, it is from the heart people smugness. This thing will be in the future.

To him how much hidden danger, the ghost does not know, good luck, right? A final exam to him exposed, the exam is a mess, he has a number in his heart, eh, from the bottom of his heart a, he is wrong, and then learn well eh, he can succeed, he does not realize that let him blindfolded, once twice, three times four times, to him mixed out of fame, college entrance exams he is going to have problems, so I have always stressed before, I said Aries is a must be social poison block, must be polished, must be Eat losses in order to grow people, because of this, he just will not draw two slaps, he is smug. So Aries is young to eat more losses is normal, Aries young to eat more losses is also reasonable, you must remember, you have to believe in self-supporting protagonist, do not be broken, you can still succeed, success, ah, was broken, depressed, who can not help you. When the friends must pay attention to it, well, must pay attention to it, eat more losses ah, eat losses are blessings ah.


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