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by Sarah Malinchak 3 years ago in fantasy
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Vampire Love

Not my picture just what I think Sylvia looks like.  https://www.deviantart.com/dark-fireflies/art/Victorian-Vampire-181917159 

Hello, my name is Sylvia. You can call me Sylvia. I'm so sorry to tell you that if you want to live, you should close this book right now.

Alright, your choice. It all started this morning—and it just happens to be my eighteenth birthday—when I got my great grandma's ring as a hand-me-down from my mom. She told me it would protect me from evil. Then no more than two hours after she gave it to me I, as we call it, "transformed."

I looked over at my mother, her face was pale, and she said, "That was an unusual transformation, because your whole body got lifted into the air like you were levitating." She also said, "My great grandma was the last person that happened to, and that was about 100 years ago."

But that's over, and I'm going to school tomorrow like always. At least I'll no longer be the outcast vamp with no fangs at Vladimir's school for delinquents. I'm a considered a delinquent because I stole 35 liters of blood from the clinic. Now I know that may not sound like a lot, but in vamp perspective it's a lot!!!

Anyway, back to today, at school we got a new foreign exchange student from Europe. He looks like a god with his long black hair and golden eyes that will melt your heart every time you look into them. As soon as we saw each other, we instantly fell in love. See what I told you, but the thing is he fell in love with me first, he says. When we first stayed at his house together, he asked me if I broke up with my stupid boyfriend yet?

I said yes, and he pulled me into his lap.

He said, "Good, you're mine now."

I went home to my aunt’s house, where I am living until I graduate, then I will move in with my love and his mom.

Almost two months go by and nothing really is out of the ordinary. Then Graduation day came along.

“Hello my darling,” Astaroth proclaims after I walk in with my aunt.

“Well hello,” I said.

Astaroth’s mom asked if my aunt could take her to the store. After they left we sit with each other watching Netflix. For about half an hour, Astaroth just sat holding me. He then starts kissing me on the cheek and the neck, and back up to my lips.

I m really turned on by this but say, "We don't know if Mamma and my aunt will be back soon or not."

"We can go to the room if you want," Astaroth said in a playful tone.

"You bad boy! What if they need help?" I pronounce.

"Then one of us or both will go help," Astaroth said smiling. Then to Astaroth's surprise I stand up, hold out her hand, and joyfully say, "Let’s go!" So, we go to his room. I have never done anything with anyone before, so I just sit down on the bed. Astaroth understands that I want to take it slow, and he just sits beside me and starts kissing my forehead softly and holding my hand.

I look at Astaroth with a nervous look and say. " I am nervous, and I do not know what to do or how to go about this."

"Just let me lead," proclaims Astaroth.

The room was amazing. It wasn’t too dark or too light. It was lit by Christmas lights, and it was so romantic. The cot that he was sleeping on the night before was made and neat.

So, after we have a few passionate kisses Astaroth embraces me. The next thing I know I am on top of him crushing his balls. Then Astaroth’s mom and my aunt come back home from the store. So, we helped them bring in the groceries.

To be continued...


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