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Survival to Thrive in Our World

by Gabriella Korosi 6 months ago in humanity
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Possibilities for our future By Dr. Gabriella Kőrösi

Survival to Thrive in Our World
Photo by Derek Oyen on Unsplash

Today more than ever talking about survival is essential. There are many forces involved that threaten human survival and the survival of other species. When I’m thinking about other species, I look at trees, animals, and simpler yet sophisticated life including bacteria and viruses.

The ultimate genetic code in everything that’s living in the hope for survival. We might look at certain species of viruses for example the coronavirus that is harmful to humanity and try to eliminate it. It is an interesting phenomenon when we think of it because all the virus is trying to do what we are trying to do as well. Survive.

Our bodies are created with a lot of cells, cells that create organs, muscles, ligaments, living in that tissue, water, energy, in our bodies we have fungus, bacteria, and viruses that live together. Some things in our bodies can cause harm like certain funguses bacteria and viruses while others are essential for our body to function well. We would not function without appropriate bacteria in our gut.

All living things want to survive. Everything mutates toward seeking survival. Flu viruses and coronavirus are doing the same thing. Humans mutate as well. People just to their environment, the food, living conditions, temperature to name a few possibilities. People just living in space out of the comfort of gravity. People are just to darkness living above our underground.

Animals, trees, bacteria, and viruses are doing the same thing of trying to adjust to their surroundings and fight for survival. The difference is when we are talking about bacteria and viruses they multiply and can change themselves very fast compared to the adaptability of animals and humans.

Bacteria and viruses have survived on our planet and beyond before animals ever existed. They have a much higher ability to adapt to their surroundings. We have seen this in many previous diseases that have happened throughout human history. Bacteria and viruses die but even if some of them die there are many more that keep replicating as soon as they find hospitable conditions for their survival. They will keep changing to survive.

The question is can humanity change? Can we adopt?

Can we look at our surroundings and realize that the way we live is not feasible for our bodies?

We can learn a lot from the animal kingdom, animals move toward more favorable conditions. Where it is greener pastures, better temperatures, more food, or shelter. The animals that don’t they unfortunately die. It is a horrific scene to see anymore struggle and trying to survive in areas that don’t support them anymore. With global warming, we can see many of these examples. One example would be the polar bear trying to survive on melting ice. It is a heartbreaking scene.

The truth is all you need to do is look around to see how everything is changing around you and raise the question:

What is it that I can do to survive my environment?

The next question is

What is it that I can do to thrive in my environment?

Many diseases appeared in our lives because of the way we live. Can we change? Can we decrease consumerism? Pollution? The needs and wants of things that are unnecessary for our survival? Can we reduce Waste, The way we live?

Can we be kind and generous toward one and other instead of fighting each other?

Can we embrace the Magic of Caring?

Can we create a life that is simpler and thrive?

I would love to hear your thoughts.

The ultimate question is: Will we be stuck out in the middle of the ocean on thin ice?

Thank you for reading,


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About the author

Gabriella Korosi

I am a writer, public health professional, a nurse. Creator of connections, spreading positivity. Interests: health/spirituality/positivity/joy/caring/public health/nursing. My goal is to create positive change.https://gabriellakorosi.org

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