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Super Cub Anime Overview

by Eris Greyrat about a year ago in anime
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Similarities with other anime

Super Cub is an anime based on the Light Novel series of this anime. Super Cub is mainly a sports type anime series and the anime has just started yet. It only has 3 episodes at the time I'm writing the post. The anime is just taking the pace right now. As the anime just started, you can't see any much progress right now. You will notice this when you have already read manga or the light novel. Speaking of manga and the light novel. We are going to discuss the full history of the manga and the light novel. So here are everything down below.

Note : This post doesn't contain any spoiler. You will find about the history of the manga, anime and the light novel.

Manga & Light Novel

It was one of the few mangas that have been published online. Tone Koken is the writer and he first published this manga on Kadokawa Shoten's Comic Newtype manga website. Kanitan illustrated this manga. Later Kadokawa Shoten serialized the manga and released it under their Kadokawa Sneaker Bunko label. The manga first came in December, 2017 and it has a total of 5 tankobon volumes. The manga is still ongoing so you can expect another season in future if the first season goes well. The company really promoted this manga and light novel greatly. That's why the light novel generated 100 millions sales in Japan.

Now let's talk about the light novel. The writer is the same as the manga. However the illustrator is different this time. Hiro illustrated this light novel this time. It has a total of 7 volumes and it is still an ongoing light novel. The light novel started in May, 2017. This is the very time when Afro Samurai english dub was also released


After four years of manga and light novel, the manga debuted on 7th April, 2021. Studio Kai produced this anime. They also hired Toshiro Fujii for direction and Toshizo Nemoto for story writing for anime. Funimation and Muse Communication licensed this anime to air it internationally. But the original networks that air the show in Japan are Tokyo MX, AT-X, TV Sochi, KBS Kyoto etc. More episodes are yet to come. This anime is free to watch on Muse Aisa. Still there are no dub episodes of this anime. You only find Super Cub english sub and it's for free obviously.

This story is quite similar to Kaguya Sama Love Is War english sub & dub. Also you will feel the similar vibe.


The story takes place in the Mukawa area of Hokuto in Yamanashi Prefecture, Japan. The story follows Koguma. She is a lone, gruff girl with no hobbies or any interest. Soon after the encounter with Honda Super Cub 50, she begins to understand the world and grow herself steadily. The story feels the same as No Guns Life english sub and dub.

The main character is Koguma, a girl without parents, hobbies, or friends. While riding her "granny bike" to school one day, Koguma decides she'd like to get a motorized bike of some sort. She then resolves to get a Honda Super Cub from a local dealer. Because of this, she eventually makes friends with Reiko and Eniwa.

This plot has been sourced from Wikipedia.


  • Koguma (main protagonist)
  • Reiko (Koguma's classmate)
  • Shii Eniwa (another classmate)

Up till now, there are three characters that have been introduced swiftly.

Can This Anime Be Popular?

Judging by the plot and the manga sales. It will be safe to say that this anime can be a hit in future. Although it's not certain right now because right now there are not many episodes out there. So you can't say right now. If this anime follows the exact story of the manga or the light novel, it is surely going to be a hit anime.

The positive sign is that the anime is getting pretty good response from people. So it may be a hit in future.


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