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by Darhell Eugene 11 months ago in fantasy

The storms and the winds no longer bind you.

Odds being stacked against you. I really want you to imagine that.

Despite this, I felt an imposing surge of adrenaline course throughout my brain and body, the only thing making me move forward. A split second later, I noticed my right hand still clutching onto a handgun I scavenged from a nearby body. Sadly, I then realized that there was Just. Only. One. Bullet. Left. In. There. I barely remember the emblems they bear on their outfits, their helmets, and their cheek. They were not cultists, nor men clad in clothing you would see in wars. No, they were… something else.

They crowded my vision. Everywhere I saw, even including my peripheral vision, they were everywhere. Gathering into the gigantic room, with one opening in the ceiling revealing a deep-sea of grey, combined with the distinct claps of thunder rolling in. Even then, the pale light revealed everything; one man against beasts made for creating oceans of red, all without an ounce of remorse or thought. Warped consciousness’, I thought.

Suddenly, my arm instinctively shot upwards to aim at one of them. I saw a brief flash, with a loud sound ringing in my ears. I looked- the bullet struck, as one of those things fell to the ground with gibberish coming out of its mouth. Sparks jumped around in the exposed part of the head, open for all to see where there was once flesh. One down, but my gun could no longer spit out bullets.

The roll of thunder was closing in; an abrupt clap filled my ears, a sign that it was getting closer. The abominations continued to walk forward. But I already knew what will happen; and who will be the victor in this skirmish. My arm reached halfway to the grey seas above, and in a split second, a jolt of lightning struck my hand and my body surged with immense power.

I felt it fill my veins, my entire body feeling more alive than ever. Lighting jumped between my fingertips. As I took one last moment to eye the things approaching me, I cracked a smile; it was perhaps one of the few times I felt it. Both of my hands released the blue lighting, as it jumped from my very hands and into the army surrounding me. This sole answer, I thought of nothing more, nor anything less.

I have risen.


Darhell Eugene
Darhell Eugene
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Darhell Eugene

A 19 year old semi-finesser who does sorcery via putting words on paper from wacky ideas. (INFJ-A)

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