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Stinging In The Rain

by Daniel Pittman 2 months ago in astronomy

A Mirror in the Stars

Stinging In The Rain
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Scorpios. Man, we get a lot of heat!! Unforgettable, for better or worse, it would seem. Artistic, intuitive, passionate, loyal, honest, determined, sexual. So, human, essentially. Like everyone else. What's so bad about all that you ask? Nothing! The two edged sword is the negative qualities associated with us; jealous, secretive, resentful, manipulative, prone to cloudy moods that may or may not involve lying down in a puddle in the middle of a thunderstorm, wallowing in our newest grief. Allegedly. So I've heard. From other people.

It all comes down to managing expectations and self-awareness. I never set out to be unforgettable! I never realized what seemed, at the time, to be a casual encounter with one person, could be a memory they hold into for a decade, and then they share with me how many nights that memory kept them warm. Or primal. Or spiritual. I never knew the art I had created, whether a conversation or a pep talk or music, would be helping people I didn't even know until I heard about it years later. With that realization comes a power that I try and nurture realistically, no ego about it;. people remember me. More importantly, people remember how I made them feel. That's not terrifying or anything, right?? Mostly it's humbling. Mostly it makes my soul smile and overflow with gratitude that I helped.

I spent years digging into my programmed and prejudiced reactions and behaviors to things, observing my thought patterns and my autopilot navigations. I have worked very hard to have no machinery in me powered by envy or spite, no engine fueled by manipulating or belitting, and no wings held aloft by hate or anger. I had to fight those traits though. We all have to fight those traits! I don't sleep well as it is, so the last thing I need to do is be running around acting like someone who has to carry the weight of regrets to bed every night. I've got a weighted blanket already; anything else is redundant!

I don't take things personally, which isn't to say I don't get frustrated or hurt, or sometimes get stung by my own venom. All I can endeavor to do is use my powers for good. I can be a library of experience that anyone can help themselves to so they can grow too. I can be master of fairy tales in my own mind, but sometimes people forget to wander into that story. Is that any reason to get upset with anyone besides myself? Nope. If you create your own sadness, no one else is responsible for holding onto it. And if fact you are the MOST responsible for letting it go!

I've never been one to use a horoscope or astrology as a guidebook, but there are some things that can't be coincidence. I try not to let anything shape my narrative or thinking beyond the reality that unfolds in front me, and I don't blame anything besides myself for my stumbles. The stars may move me, but I can choose the rhythm at which I move.

Knowing I can be a hurricane makes it harder to just be a pleasant breeze sometimes, but 99% of the time I am having a blast, and if you're with me, you probably are too.

It could always be worse. I could be a Leo. Those guys suck!

In all fairness, I'd like to think that despite how we are bent or pulled or formed, we respect the stardust in all of us and realize we are all on the same team, on the same planet, trying to be happy, and hoping at the end of the day that we can be our favorite person's favorite person. No worries, no hurries.

Daniel Pittman
Daniel Pittman
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Daniel Pittman

Reading was an escape during my childhood, but after a degree in English Lit, the last thing I wanted to do for fun was read! It took me years to find the fire again, and as it follows, the more I read the more I noticed a me-shaped hole.

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