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They were after me. I knew I should not have done it, but for a woman, you end up doing just about anything. It was all supposed to be a wild lark, they were drunk and found themselves walking near that accursed facility. It was heavily guarded (or so I believed), every once in awhile a drone would fly by just to make sure that everything was still in order. That was when she looked at me with her beautiful baby blues and told me how hot it would be if I would steal one of the Stargates.

I laughed and thought she was just fucking around, but then her baby blues started to take a more serious appearance. She told me that if I wanted to experience a wild time tonight, she would show me just how flexible she really could be. So like an ass thinking with my second head, I stormed the gates… Amazingly enough, I found no resistance, nothing whatsoever, not even the cursory bored guard firing a warning laser blast. It was as if the universe wanted me to steal the Stargate…

So what the hell was a Stargate anyway? It was a series of handheld devices that allow the user to open a rip in the space-time continuum and choose any destination within the charted universe… The amazing thing about the Stargate was that it was very precise with its location.

Two years ago the “government” collected all Stargates around the country after a few enterprising thieves used it to commit strings of robberies in three different galaxies (until the stargate failed them and they were caught).

Upon getting out of the facility I noted the way her eyes lit up, and I was ready for the time of my life… and then it happened she took me by surprise with a vicious right hook, I remembered my world going black, and after being out for a brief time checking my pockets and it was gone… She took the stargate and ran, and then I heard the sounds of dogs in the distance, the gates of the facility were opening and my first instinct was to run.

So here we are, they were hot on my trail, I am hiding in the darkness looking for a way to explain myself out of this. I keep cursing the day I met Leila; she is beautiful, seductive, but dangerous. I take out my communicator, see if maybe she will respond… but of course, upon calling her contact code, my device blinks with the obvious response she has disconnected her communicator.

I can hear the footsteps growing louder, and my heart jumps every time I hear a loud crash. The dogs are barking louder and louder, the cover of darkness will soon fade away, and I will be caught like an idiot. Maybe I should contact someone to help me? Maybe I should contact my brother… and tell him that I need an extraction… but no… my brother is a high-level bureaucrat he will lose his job immediately if they discover that his fuck up baby brother stole a Stargate because of the prospect of a hot sexual encounter…I am running out of options and there is only one contact left, but he is not the reliable type. I am so screwed, and then a voice calls me out.

“Alright, whoever is back there come out with your hands up.”

I have been discovered my heart is thumping and this is the end… I am about to turn myself in when a brilliant light appears before me, a gateway, I am about to run toward the other direction when a set of hands appears from out of nowhere pulling me through...

science fiction
Alberto Pupo
Alberto Pupo
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Alberto Pupo

Born and raised in Miami Florida but currently residing in Frederick Maryland with my wife, three kids, and a monster of a Black Lab. I am an author who has released 6 books. I am currently working on a Fantasy Trilogy.

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