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'Star Trek' DIY Gifts You Can Definitely Make

It’s highly illogical for you to wait a moment longer to start making these DIY 'Star Trek' gifts for everyone you know.

By Sarah QuinnPublished 8 years ago 4 min read

If you love Star Trek, you’ve probably made something for yourself at some point that was too difficult to find or too expensive to purchase, like a Starfleet Academy costume or a phaser for your cosplay. But you might not have thought about the unique gifts that you can create for the Enterprise-loving nerd people in your life. Whether it’s earrings for your sister, a cross stitch for your mom, or a gingerbread Enterprise for your holiday party, there’s definitely someone out there who’s thought of an amazing project and then shared their genius online so you can look good too. Boldly go where some other Trekkie on the internet has definitely gone before and try these fun DIY projects.

Easy Handmade Nuts and Bolts Star Trek Enterprise 

A quick trip to the hardware store and a thorough look at this Instructables, and you’ll be whipping up little Enterprises in no time. While this would be a great little stocking stuffer for anyone you know, it would also be a totally amazing gift to a perfect stranger. Can you imagine what it would be like if someone just walked up to you on the street and handed this to you without a single word? Maybe I’m the only one who imagines bizarre, beautiful moments like that, but that is definitely something I would do. Make it so!

Live Long and Prosper Hand Bookend 

I absolutely love this tribute to Mr. Spock. Start by ordering some alginate and mixing it up until it’s approximately the consistency of cake batter. From there, you’ll make a horizontal mold of your hand which you can fill with plaster and let set. If this sounds a little complicated, it definitely can be, but the creators of Our Nerd Home (Geek Culture + Home Decor) have lots of tips so that you can learn from their errors and make it turn out perfectly the first time. Now if you could just get Zachary Quinto to help you out with this one (or time travel and find Leonard Nimoy). Maybe you could even find an excuse to hold hands.

Klingon Bat’Leth Scarf 

Wield your weapon, then wrap it around your neck and keep warm this winter. You can purchase the pattern, designed by Kimberly Gintar, and then knit one for yourself or the people you love (and scaling this down for a child would be absolutely adorable).

Doomed Redshirts Cross Stitch

Ok, so technically, this doesn’t come with instructions, but if you know how to cross stitch it won’t be too hard to put together. Those red shirts... we don’t know their names, we don’t always know exactly what they did wrong, but we definitely know that they’re goners.

Star Trek Combadge Earrings 

The great thing about these earrings is that they’re so versatile; if you prefer to make a pin instead of earrings, you can do it! Or both. Even though they’re eye-catchingly large, they’re made of heavyweight cardstock, so they’re lightweight. They’re also sealed with a clear coat so they’re totally durable too.

Warp Speed Galaxy Shirt 

All you’ll need to make this amazing shirt is a black cotton t-shirt, bleach, a bleach pen, a spray bottle, acrylic paint or fabric paint, and a paint brush. This is a really fun project because you start by spraying and splashing and dabbing bleach all over your shirt. Then you’ll get into the details and start adding some colors for nebulae and little white stars all over. Painting the Enterprise is probably the trickiest part, but hold steady and pay close attention to what you’re doing and you’ll soon have an amazing Warp Speed Galaxy Shirt of your very own.

Crocheted Spock Ears

Blogger Croshame got really, really into making these Spock Ears. Once she had finished crocheting them to perfection, she made herself a complete Spock costume, cut her hair, and “rocked out with her Spock out.” Her words, not mine. She provides detailed instructions on how you can adjust this pattern to fit your specific ear size, as well as providing general guidance on how to make sure your crochet project goes well.

Gingerbread Enterprise 

I’m afraid there are no specific instructions for this Gingerbread Enterprise, but if you’re a gingerbread house making pro, why not give it a shot? Make sure you’ve got lots and lots of royal icing on hand, in three different colors, and plan for plenty of backup gingerbread just in case something doesn’t go according to plan. This one is mounted on a tractor beam made of tons of candy canes and is hovering over a rocky terrain of cookies and mints.

Star Trek Quiet Book 

Got a kid? They’re not necessarily going to be quiet if you give them this Star Trek quiet book, because it’s totally awesome and they just may shriek with delight. There’s a glove that helps them practice the Vulcan salute, a Geordi page complete with visor to help him see, and a felt doll page to “make Picard human again.” Above, you can see the Star Trek finger puppets. You can probably come up with more ideas on your own, so do whatever you...I mean your child...would like best.

Star Trek Pot Holders

Here’s a totally amazing housewarming or wedding gift from Off the Hook Astronomy. You’ll use worsted weight cotton yarn to make two 8" potholders so you can pull all your delicious creations out of the oven safely and in style. You’re free to use any colors you want so you can customize them for each person you knit them for.

Bonus: Spock Matza 

You’re probably not going to use your laser cutter to do something as out-of-this-world as this Spock matza, BUT it is pretty amazing. Makezine contributor Phillip Torrone offers this helpful advice just in case you do want to wow the crowds: “For the laser geeks out there, 100 power / 60% speed (on a 35W CO2 laser).”

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