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Spirituality, Awakening and Ascension

What you need to know

By Julie O'Hara - Author, Poet and Spiritual WarriorPublished 2 months ago Updated 2 months ago 8 min read

I am being guided to start work on a new book. This book will be discussing Ascension and Spiritual Awakening, what it is, the process you may go through , along with mental, physical and spiritual symptoms you may experience. I will be discussing DNOTs (dark night of the soul), Ascension, Kundalini Awakening, Descension, Becoming Spiritual, Awakening etc. as well as the misconception and myth of star councils, galactic guides, star seeds, and indigo children. -- concepts that have been taken out of context and misunderstood through human ego, toxic gurus and will be explained how they fit into the “grand plan” in a way that hopefully makes sense. I will be posting snippets of the book as I start this journey. Here is a start.

Spirituality, Awakening and Ascension

You will see how knowing darkness is the key to maintaining awareness in the light.

-Barbara Hand Clow, 1995

What exactly does spirituality, awakening and ascension truly mean and how are the concepts of different from each other?


Spirituality is tuning into the spiritual side of life through practice, meditation, and other spiritual practices delving into the deeper meaning of our existence, and bringing and connecting with the presence of Spirit in your life. When I use the word “spirit”, I am referring to what many people call the Divine, the Creator, the God source. What you choose to call it, is your personal choice. It represents a higher being and intelligence. For this book, I will be referring to the Divine as Spirit. That said, when you start to connect with your spirituality, it does not matter whether you're connecting with Angels, your loved ones in heaven (ancestors), your higher selves, or God. When you experience, feel, sense, and communicate beyond the physical, you're tuning into the spiritual. That is experiencing spirituality.

Awakening and Ascension

Unfortunately, the term “woke” has been appropriated politically and is often used as a slur or insult to mock people who show care and concern for humanity. That said, there is a difference between being “woke” and “awakening.” Being “woke” is really a “form of coming into your spirituality as noted in the above paragraph. Being “woke” is an awareness, and it is a good “awareness” to embrace.

Actual spiritual awakening is very profound and it is when you essentially wake up to the truth that you are one with Source ; God light. Being “woke” means you care about people and you are starting to become aware. Spiritual awakening is a deep reflective soul changing experience. You understand clearly that there's so much more going on than just the physical realm. You are waking up to the knowledge of the greater divine plan that is unfolding throughout all of reality. It also means waking up to experience your higher vibrational truth, the perspective of your greater self, and understanding that you are a spark of the divine. Your clairs (psychic abilities) are becoming known to you, and you have a deep sense of just “knowing” and “feeling” and that sense of “knowing” starts to be validated in your life. You can be woke but not awakened, but you cannot be awakened without be woke if that makes sense.

After spiritual awakening, you understand that there's so much more going on than just the physical realm. You start to recognize synchronicities and instinctively pick up on messages and divine understandings. It is really quite beautiful, although you might feel like you are going crazy. You are not. You are waking up to the knowledge of the greater divine plan that is unfolding throughout all of reality. It also means waking up to experience your higher vibrational truth, the perspective of your greater self, and understanding that you are a spark of the divine.

Awakening and spirituality are both a part of ascension. You cannot ascend without these two steps/concepts. As you learn to take control of your awareness and attention, you are able to ‘wake up' to the authentic nature of your spirit, and to empower yourself to consciously align with higher consciousness, wisdom, and with the Divine Spirit in every moment. The game of life is triggering more and more souls/energies to wake up from the persistent illusion of 3D life and to remember the truth of our multidimensional selves by linking with higher consciousness. You will find yourself drawn to others who are experiencing their own spiritual awakenings, and you will be astounded at how similar your experiences are (synchronicities). You will start to build a “family” of like-minded souls.

In addition to awareness, integration is an essential part of ascension. To continue moving further into higher vibrational frequencies without being pulled back into lower energies tied to fear, releasing and integrating lower vibrational aspects of self are essential. I will be explaining in more detail how this happens. I will cover how to release spiritual ego, surrender your will, and embrace faith.

I will also discuss how we are all part of the source and incarnate as fractals of energy to experience life and learn. The universe is experiencing reality through your eyes and mine. It is awakening to the fact that we are not separate. We are all one, and we all return to the Source of Spirit.


I’d like to introduce you to the word, “Lak’ech/” “Lak’ech” is a Mayan word that literally means ‘you are another myself.’ We are one. We must always remember that. We are all part of a celestial source of light viewing reality through our life experience. Tuning into this level of awareness is awakening.

This is not to say you are a God. You are a spark of God. You are a divine human and ascension is returning to your true divine nature. There is only one god, and we are His children/sparks.

Ascension, by definition, is elevating your vibration through spiritual practice, meditation, receiving codes of awakening, light, and DNA activations. This is our ultimate goal as humans, to learn spirituality and ascend back to the light/God. We are not here to manifest riches and pursue earthly desires. We are here to love and learn, not to pursue wealth and acquisitions, and we are certainly not here to deny other energies/souls essential needs. Ascension allows you to access spiritual energetic upgrades to rise above the experience of duality, transcend negativity, and live as an awakened divine being in physical form.

Clearing The Lower Levels to Ascend

To fully ascend into total enlightenment and awareness of the Divine within yourself and within all, you will be guided to clear out the old and outdated patterns, habits, beliefs and energies to make room for the inner brilliance and illumination of Divine light to shine through you. By cutting the cords to the past, and releasing the pain, guilt, or grief which is weighing you down, you free yourself to awaken and to ascend. You're then able to shine as the unique expression of the Divine that you are, moving forward on your path of illumination.

It's up to each and every individual to make the inner shift to awaken and ascend so that we can collectively view reality through this enlightened perspective, the ‘mass ascension' and the realm of love on Earth can fully be felt and seen. And it is already happening around us. Some fear-mongers have described this as the very divisive and non-loving concept of the “rapture.” And think about it, what does the “rapture” teach? It teaches that the “good”, the “holy”, the “repentant” will “ascend through the skies into heaven. That is “ascension” but with a cruel twist. That is not how it works. It was written by men who were suffering severely through tortuous incarceration, and is a classic example of how information was downloaded to mankind and then misinterpreted through human will. We have to be cognizant of these tendencies all the time.

Thanks to continued waves of light and spiritual energy flowing onto Earth from the Divine realms, ascension is available to all. More people are waking up every day to the feeling and knowing that there is more to life than the ‘economy' and the physical aspects of reality. Through one person at a time a wave of awareness is growing around the world. Love is starting to rule again.

Soon the hidden teachings of love, enlightenment, and ascension will no longer concealed by mystery schools, religions, and secret societies. But understand this, ascension takes commitment, and self-responsibility to make the leap out of fear, and into love. It takes a constant return to awareness to shift out of old patterns and habits in order to ‘lift into the light', to evolve, and ascend.

I look forward to sharing this journey with you. Namaste.

- Julie O'Hara 2023

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  • Elle Vihman2 months ago

    Looking forward to new chapters of this. Same story another language. https://yksikhunt.com/2023/09/26/vaimsus-arkamine-ja-ulestousmine/

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