So Goes the End of Everything

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So Goes the End of Everything
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Earth is succumbing to famine due to blight and drought resulting from climate change, the depletion of resources, and overpopulation. A global pandemic is wiping out less-developed nations. In the United States, the vulnerable poor, working poor, and lower middle class, especially the elderly, are dying from a lack of access to affordable, quality healthcare. Amidst all of this, political conservatives, convinced they are living in the end-times, are stunned when members of a cult that worships the late author, Kurt Vonnegut, vanish without a trace.

A dry erase board in the Wednesday-night meeting place of the Vonneguts displays the message: "What if, when you wake up tomorrow, you only have what you remembered to be grateful for today? What if this is all there is?"

Christian investigators, both Catholic and Protestant, including Christian Palestinians, concur that the Vonneguts must have been raptured. But they believe those remaining on Earth still have a second chance at the Second Coming if they love their neighbors, practice gratitude, and avoid the mark of the beast during the tribulation. There is, however, no consensus on what the mark of the beast is or will be. But the Protestants are pretty sure everyone in India already has it.

It will not be easy for anyone living in these troubled times to survive for long. Facing wars over water rights and food shortages and access to healthcare, two-thirds of all that lives is dying. Scientists struggle to solve the mystery of the missing Vonneguts. Meanwhile, people of other religions prepare for their own eschatology. Mormons migrate to Adam-ondi-Ahman in Davies County, Missouri. Welcomed by Africa, Rastafarians migrate to the land of Haile Selassie. Muslims prepare for Islam to defeat Christendom near Aleppo in Syria. Some world leaders work to exalt Israel to her promised biblical boundaries and dry up the Euphrates in preparation for Armageddon. But they are all wrong.

What I am about to share with you, I learned through transdimensional communication with multiple advanced alien civilizations through meditation and close encounters of the fifth kind. A Light Body is an extension into the astral realm, and transdimensional communication can occur via one's Body of Light, or astral body.

These civilizations of extraterrestrial lifeforms are up to a billion years farther advanced than we humans are here on Earth. Through heart-mind coherence and remote-viewing from both the extraterrestrials and humans, the higher-level intelligences can interface with thought, consciousness, telepathy.

My alien sources say humans are doomed to die out soon if they continue to be greedy, violent, and destructive. But this can be prevented! Anyone with a peaceful heart, through meditation, can reach out, as have I, to learn from more sophisticated lifeforms.

It helps if you are in a group of likeminded individuals seeking enlightenment in a quiet, night setting in a vast, open space. Deserts, agricultural fields, and valleys are perfect. When the extraterrestrials begin responding, specific scientific instruments pick up frequencies. There will be lights and emerging, nonrepetitive sounds with electromagnetic interfacing.

With the use of radar detectors and magnetometers, a magnetic field shift can be detected as the friendly enlightened others approach. The devices will communicate in a repeatable cadence, which is a transdimensional electronic form of communication that varies, perhaps with different civilizations across galaxies. The other lifeforms will then take over the circuitry of these electronic devices. To interpret their messages, we must record and decode the transmitted tones.

For our destructive, warring, and resource-depleting civilization to survive, we must evolve through our Bodies of Light. For us to succeed, more must become interstellar ambassadors through the experience of transcendent states of consciousness in union with intelligent alien beings.

Speaking with and learning from elevated societies is not the most challenging part of what lies ahead. Our most significant hurdle will be convincing others to join our quest to save humanity; a task made more difficult as already warring national security states continue to view other-worldly contacts, connections, and conveyances as threatening.

Yet, high-level civilizations are peace-seeking. Otherwise, they would not have evolved to where they exist today. They are not our enemies. We humans are our own greatest enemy.

It is my belief that the Vonneguts reached a higher expanded consciousness and traveled, transdimensionally, to another civilization in a faraway galaxy. One day, I hope to find them.

To be continued...

Meadow Leight-Bell
Meadow Leight-Bell
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Meadow Leight-Bell

Meadow Leight-Bell has a BA in English from the University of Arkansas at Little Rock. She lost her real job April 2 due to COVID-19 and is trying to be creative while on lockdown.

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