Close Encounters of the Fifth Kind: Contact Has Begun

A Documentary Review

Close Encounters of the Fifth Kind: Contact Has Begun is a new documentary available on digital platforms as of April 7, 2020 through 1091 Media. Written and directed by Michael Mazzola (On Dragon’s Wings 2012, Unacknowledged 2017), the documentary is presented by retired American physician Steven Macon Greer, founder of the Center for the Study of Extraterrestrial Intelligence (CSETI) and the Disclosure Project, which seeks allegedly classified UFO information. In the film, Dr. Greer invites anyone willing, from any of the many walks of life, to experience transcendent states of consciousness in union with intelligent alien lifeforms. The documentary further indicates it is up to individuals to join the great journey our civilization is embarking on to become interstellar.

Close Encounters of the Fifth Kind asks viewers to broaden their awareness about the nature of reality and their relationship with the cosmos. Expertly narrated by Jeremy Piven, the documentary claims we are experiencing extraordinary times since government officials and the mainstream media are finally admitting that extraterrestrial civilizations are visiting us, but the government and media are framing these visits as threatening. Dr. Greer wants us to consider the occupants of the visiting UFOs, which he believes are advanced tens of thousands to millions or even a billion years beyond us. If Dr. Greer is correct, then these civilizations could conquer us in a heartbeat if that was what they wanted. But Greer believes these civilizations have evolved beyond violence and destruction and that we must do the same to reach a higher level of consciousness and, with that, more advanced technologies.

Greer believes anyone can open themselves up to discovering extraterrestrials, or ETs, as well as their technology and intentions. The film claims tens of thousands of people are already becoming interstellar ambassadors and that no human has ever been harmed in the process.

As photo and video evidence flash before us, credentialed individuals like Adam Curry of Princeton’s PEAR Labs and former CIA program head, Dr. Russell Targ, reveal secrets about random number generators (RNGs), remote viewing, and understanding consciousness.

According to the documentary, a close encounter of the fifth kind, or CE5, is proactive, human-initiated communication with intelligent ET lifeforms. Through Greer’s CE5 Protocols, which are available free online and with an app, anyone with peaceful intentions is capable of reaching out directly to ETs and inviting them to communicate and, yes, to visit.

Close Encounters of the Fifth Kind offers excellent shots and professional editing. Fascinating, the disparate tales and figures included will draw viewers to seek out more information. Among the notable figures mentioned are Astronaut Edgar Mitchell, the sixth man to walk on the moon, and Philip Corso, the retired colonel who wrote The Day After Roswell.

The film suggests there are multiple advanced ET civilizations accessible to anyone willing to try CE5 Protocols. Interested parties can go in groups with Dr. Greer, act on their own, or set up excursions with other like-minded individuals. The documentary includes alleged photo and video evidence of people interacting with transdimensional beings and space crafts.

Close Encounters of the Fifth Kind claims it is up to everyday inhabitants of our planet to actively participate in the unfolding of the universe and to not leave this up to the power elite, who portray ETs as threatening. According to Greer, once a critical mass of people, or about 75 million interstellar ambassadors, is reached, a coherent and enlightened 1% minority of world population can transform the rest of humanity.

At times, the film feels like a pitch to join a cult. And it is not clear how allegedly experiencing CE5s has benefitted those following the CE5 Protocols, save one man who claimed an ET restored his failing sense of hearing. Some interstellar ambassadors sounded thrilled with their universal awareness, but I am not sure how that tranlates into their realities and suspect none of them had 18% interest auto loans in the first place.

The documentary, as noted by Cryptic Rock, entertains with fun footage of recognizable scenes from 2014’s Edge of Tomorrow, 1987’s Predator and the Twilight Zone. The music and visual effects are enjoyable and memorable. Conspiracy theorists on the fringe of both the right and the left and those curious about UFOs and the possibility of a cosmic consciousness will enjoy pondering what this documentary has to offer.

Meadow Leight-Bell
Meadow Leight-Bell
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Meadow Leight-Bell

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