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Shadow Academy, chapter 8

The Nyght Tales, book 1

By Amethyst ChampagnePublished 3 years ago 5 min read

After about a week of being held up in the infirmary, in which I got plenty of visitors of lots of rest, I was finally back in class. And holy divine, did I feel good.

Standing next to Wren in the arena for our combat class, I stretched out my muscles, which although no longer sore, were a little tight from laying in the most comfortable bed for seven days.

"I'm so glad you're feeling better."

"Me too."

Taryn noticed me, sauntering over. "It's nice to know the Academy didn't kill you, would've missed you."

I raised a brow. "Really?"


Wren growled at her.

Taryn shrugged, "Well, I'll see you around, Nyght."

I shook my head, feeling my neck pop.

Maeve entered the arena in her typical combat gear, looking as amazing as ever. I scolded myself. There was no way she'd pick me and my body needed to understand that.

I stood straight, hands behind my back as she glanced my direction. "Glad you're back, Nyght."

"So am I."

Maeve smirked, then dove into today's lesson, which I was actually able to focus on, finally. She must have noticed because I wasn't her test subject either.

That honor went to Wren, who grumbled about it, but stood in front of class as Maeve taught us new defensive techniques. It was easy too. I took down my opponent when we were paired into two.

My other classes were also a breeze, even the one with Clare, who apologized to me as I left for my weapons training, my chain buzzing around my left pocket.

"It's just that students pretend to be ill more than you think."

"I wasn't ill, my body couldn't heal itself fast enough, but that shouldn't be an issue now, and I would never fake being ill either." Maybe except to the elders of my House.

Clare prepared for her next class. "Very well."

"May I go to my next class?"

"Of course."

I hurried back to the arena, where for once, I wasn't the first one there. I curled my lip at the three classmates who were grouped together.

Tarek lifted his head, grinning.

I walked over, "What is it?

"I do good work."

If he meant healing, I totally agreed.

"Now the physical aspects of Academy training shouldn't be such a strain for you."

"I certainly hope not."

Other students walked and I retreated from him. Last thing I needed was them thinking he gave me special treatment, although that may have been true by how he acted with me.

I tried not to feed it though. I didn't want the easy way out of learning, for I wasn't better than everyone else.

"Okay, class," Tarek began, arms behind his back as he walked, "for the past few weeks, I've allowed you to grow accustomed to the weapon of your choice, but now it is time for you be start learning how to use all of them."

I rubbed my hands together, a grin forming on my face. I knew some simple weapon technique from Va, who had showed me when Ma wouldn't find out.

"We are going to start with the staff," he gestured to the wall, "and for safety, they are composed of wood."

We all grabbed one, the wood hollowed in the middle. I balanced mine on my index as I waited for everyone to get theirs.

Once we each had one, Tarek taught how to properly hold one. After a couple tries, I mastered it, tossing my staff into the air. I jumped up, grabbing it, and landed in the correct stance.

I wasn't even trying to show off. I was just excited to learn.

Tarek glanced at me as he assisted another student, shaking his head as I repeated the motion, yet couldn't conceal the smirk I liked.

By the end of school for the day, my whole being buzzing as I resisted the urge to fly to the library, where Wren waited for me as always.

"My divine," she smiled, "are you high?"

"Only on how fantastic I feel."

"It's like me after a shift."

"Will I ever see that?"


"You shifting?"

Wren tapped her chin. "Maybe, but probably later on."

I nodded, taking the lead inside. It was more crowded than usual, but I found us a spot to study, which was easy when you weren't fighting to stay conscious all the time.

Wren also seemed to be having an easier time with her school work, complaining less than normal.

"So I assume Elys helped you?"

She blushed.


"Uh, nothing."

I narrowed my eyes, "Did something happen with you two while I was healing?"

"I hope so," Wren moved her head, "it's complicated shifter thing."

Wasn't really buying it, but I let it go, resuming my reading. I had catch up to do anyway.

After studying and dinner, I hung out in the zyllah common room, watching as it grew dark outside. A small group of other zyllahs paced around, shadows swirling around their feet.

I knew it wasn't all of them because I saw more in a few of my classes, not to mention the ones like my brother who had a different schedule. There were a few faces I didn't recognize.

"What are you waiting for?"

One of the males turned, "Our nightly fly."

My wings itched for it. "Is that open for everyone?"

"I thought you didn't like us?"

I frowned, "No, it was never that, I've been too exhausted to do anything, if you didn't know about my time in the infirmary." I stood, walking toward them. "But now I'm better and want to join, if you'll let me."

A female nodded, confirming my story.

The male stroked his bearded chin. "Then yeah, you can join us."

"I'm Kyrell Nyght, by the way."

"Gabe Underwood."

A lesser known zyllah House in Khysfyre, but still respectable.

As soon as the three moons of Kaelum were high in the sky, we all ran out, taking flight. I hung out in the back, my wings rather new to extended flying.

The air was cool, blowing through my black feathers and hair, but I enjoyed it, zyllahs unaffected by the cold, or hot.

Gabe flew in front of the group, his light purple wings shining bright under the moonlight. I smiled, flying faster to catch up, trusting my wings not to give out.

I noticed several groups of the shifters in their animal forms, and not just gargoyles either. There were a few types I had yet to read on. Some clung to their groups while others intermingled.

I kept my distance from them, flying further away.

Tonight was all about bonding with my own race.


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