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Shadow Academy, chapter 2

The Nyght Tales, book 1

By Amethyst ChampagnePublished 3 years ago 4 min read

After the small celebration and goodbyes, I returned to my quarters, packing my bag. I put clothes and a few other items in there. I didn't own much in the way of possessions, which was probably a good thing.

I changed back into basic pants and a long sleeved shirt, all black, wincing as I did. My shoulder still pulsed and ached as the nano-armor adapted to my body. Oh well. I knew the pain would fade, and now I had protection for life.

Slinging the bag over my left shoulder, I left my quarters, locking it behind me. No need for my small cousins to rifle through my rooms.

Two House helpers waited for me, taking my bag. Under normal circumstances, I would've refused, but I was leaving and my body hurt, so I let them.

A carriage hovered outside the House, the driver opening the door for me. I stepped in, the helpers handing me my bag back.

"Thank you." I bowed my head toward them.

They smiled softly before heading back inside. The driver then closed my door, blocking most of the light. I rubbed my aching eyes, leaning forward.

I knew as a zyllah, a shadow shifter and manipulator who was naturally nocturnal, I shouldn't like Solara, but I defied that.

How could I dislike something that provided heat and life to Khysfyre? To Kaelum? It seemed wrong not to at least respect Solara. It would displease the divine pair.

Didn't mean I could just walk outside without protecting myself for its rays. I burned easily and they took a while to heal. another perk to the stamp.

The carriage began to move, the ride smooth as it should be since it hovered above the red soil. I leaned back, closing my eyes. The Academy wasn't in town, so I could afford a nap.

Unfortunately, my sleep seemed cut short, the driver knocking at the door in what I felt was a blink of the eye.

I jerked awake. "Yes?"

"We're here," the driver answered.


"It's been three hours, sir."

I yawned, stretching my arms. "Okay, I'm getting out."

Grabbing my bag, I scooted across the seat to the door, opening it. I stepped out, Solara higher in the sky, her heat pouring on me. "Do I need to pay you?"

"Kalen took care of that, sir."

Nodding, I stared at the Academy. "Well thank you."

I barely heard him leave, gazing at all the celestium on the buildings, Kaelum's metal that the other worlds had named long ago. It was known to help strengthen angelic magic. It was put into everything; buildings, weapons, even regular clothes

It accented the white marble that was the buildings, the celestium multiple colors. In its normal state, it looked like cloudy glass, but it could be forged and manipulated into whatever a person wanted it to appear.

Blinking, I forced myself to move toward it. I'd have plenty of time to admire it, feeling the gravel crunch under my boots with each step.

Eventually, I made it to the front gates, which were open, seeing a woman waiting for me. There were no enrollment dates for the Academy. We all came on the day of our twentieth birthday.

"Are you Kyrell Nyght?" she tilted her head.


"You look like Kalen." She eyed me closely. "I'm Ry'anne Shade, the zyllah representative at the Academy."

I raised a brow, "I thought you graduated when Va did."

"Well, I work here now." Ry'anne beckoned him. "Follow me."

It was odd that a Shade would work at the Academy. They were nobility, like my family, and the only other zyllah House in Khysfyre. But we all had free will.

After some more walking, we were inside the Mess Hall, which was filled with all sorts of angels. A few glanced at me, but most socialized with their own groups.

"So this is where you will have all your meals." Ry'anne continued moving.

We passed by training arenas and classrooms on the way to what I figured were the sleeping quarters for the Academy. Well, I would not have an issue with finding an activity to do.

She stopped. "This is our building where we zyllahs hang out and sleep."

The colors were much darker than the other buildings. I just hoped that was the outside.

"I thought we intermingled with the other races."

"Yes, but during the day." Ry'anne shrugged. "We all need places to be ourselves without the judgement of the other races."

"I supposed you are right." But I'd only ever known other zyllahs, since my family did not like being around other races, thinking they were somehow above them.

It was the main reason I'd pushed to go here. I wanted to see the greater picture of Khysfyre.

So I was going to make an effort to know my peers, maybe even make some friends, no matter what race they were.

"Come on." She led me inside, which was lighter in color, then up some moving stairs until she stopped. "This is your room."

"No roommate?"

"There aren't enough zyllahs here to warrant that." Ry'anne turned to walk away. "I'll leave you to it. Your training starts tomorrow, a schedule will be slipped under your door."

I waved my hand, walking into my room. It was smaller than my quarters, but I had my own bathroom, so that was enough for me.

I sat on my new bed, smiling. How would I sleep tonight? Everything was just too exciting. Not to mention the nap I had earlier.

However, I laid down, closing me eyes. I would at least try to rest up for the first day of this new adventure.


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