Seth Shostak Extra Terrestrial Op-Ed

A Review of What We Already Know Except Hetlau

Seth Shostak Extra Terrestrial Op-Ed

Seth Shostak, one of the more renowned individuals in the Search for Extra Terrestrial Intelligence, just wrote an op-edtitled "Phoning Home: Is Intelligent Alien Life Really Out There?" To the individual who is not informed as to the possibility of Hetlau, the title seems as though it may hold some interesting information provided by a reputable source.

What you know if you are aware of the possibilities of Hetlau is just like the people who only want facts and disclosure if anything that actually was Intelligent Alien Life, was really out there and was available to the public, you would already know it. Let's face it, when information of that level becomes available it's not going to be put forth by one individual in an op-ed.

In fact, this basic concept applies to everything you hear and see about the possibility of ET and UFOdisclosure when you are getting the info from one small source. When disclosure happens, it will happen on a large scale and you will be hearing and seeing it on all the major forums for media distribution.

So you have a couple of choices:

  1. Wait for disclosure
  2. Review the status quo
  3. Research Hetlau
If you're waiting for disclosure, you probably wouldn't be reading this article. If you're trying to research Hetlau you would know this is the only place to get the info on Hetlau. One of the best ways to understand Hetlau as well is to review the status quo so you can understand what you don't need to know, what's holding you back, and what's creating the bottleneck from society achieving disclosure. So reading through the op-ed the first thing he does is quickly summarize the vast amounts of systems where life might take place in the Universe yet for some reason we haven't found any yet. Then he makes the statement:"Without mincing words, we can state that the cosmos has offered us no hint of the presence of beings as clever as, or cleverer than, Homo sapiens." The problem with that statement is that Seth is stating it as though it is inclusive and it applies to everyone. Unfortunately, it is not true. Rather the possibility exists the cosmos has offered us reveal repeating patterns that provide a preponderance of evidence which are a lot more than just a "hint" and they provide insight into beings that are much cleverer than Homo Sapiens.The problem is that the possibility exists Seth either is not clever enough to recognize the repeating patterns that provide a preponderance of evidence and as such will not investigate them. Or he is aware of them but is complicit with other HET and is not going to allow premature disclosure to take place.So as a person trying to research Hetlau, one of the first things you want to do is learn not to let someone else's opinion become your opinion. You want to review all the information available out there and evaluate it critically and then come up with your opinion as to what is happening. The most difficult part is when reviewing Hetlau and you see the revelation of repeating patterns that provide a preponderance of evidence it will be so obvious to you they are here that you won't understand why everyone else can't see it. The problem is the possibility exists prior to disclosure when you try to tell people they will say you are suffering from a delusional disorder or a schizophrenic break from reality.What you have to remember is to empathize with where these people are still at. Most people have either never heard of Seth Shostak or are just at the level of awareness where reading his op-ed appears as "cutting edge" to them. Whereas to you as someone aware of the possibility of Hetlau his op-ed should be archived as legacy information.Next, he goes into explaining how the great filter theory may or may not be the reason for not having found any alien life. The problem is that if he is going to take an approach where he discusses what may have prevented Extra Terrestrial Intelligence from having evolved and us discovering it, he needs to take the opposite approach and view the filter as if it's diametrically opposed. This is what I refer to as the Two Way Mirror Theory. Being diametrically opposed to the great filter theory life would hardly even have to try to evolve it would be so easy. The filter though porous as can be for Extra Terrestrial Intelligence to evolve is diametrically opposed to those trying to look through it. In such, it acts like a Two Way Mirror. Similar to an investigation room in a police headquarters where the person being interrogated sits in a room and has no idea who is on the other side, the possibility exists the EA cannot see the ESH, yet the ESH functioning like the investigators in the darkened room can see all the activity of the EA.The ESH being aware the light is going to be turned on, analogous to walking around on Earth, know that is going to happen and don't allow any non-humanoid beings to be viewed. So to the EA even when the light is turned on the think the HET are EA.So just like studying the Two Way Mirror Theory to review as though you're researching Hetlau it allows you to read status quo articles and see the missing side of the arguments that need to be made and thus give you additional insight into what is really going on.

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