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Did Extra Terrestrials Cause the Deadliest Accident in Aviation History?

by Richard Van Steenberg 4 years ago in fact or fiction

TenerifE - van zanTEN vERIFy departurE

Tenerife Mishap
On March 27, 1977, two Boeing 747 passenger jets, KLM Flight 4805 and Pan Am Flight 1736, collided on the runway at Los Rodeos Airport (now Tenerife North Airport), on the Spanish island of Tenerife, Canary Islands, killing 583 people, and making it the deadliest accident in aviation history.Ater reading about the possibility of HETLAU in the Two Way Mirror Theory and How Many HET Live Among Us you're probably looking for events that are possibly caused by ESH as part of the ETA and EPMS. A good place to start is with the biggest or the best as we saw with the Titanic. It is also an important point to make when studying Hetlau because you don't need to catalog every possibility you just need to find the ones that really stand out and will make everyone take notice, and TenerifE is definitely one of those. If you have been paying any attention you would have already picked up on the possibility that ESH are using bracketing with the name of the Island where the accident occurred, TenerifE. Let's be realistic though, just because the beginning and ending letters of the name of an Island where the deadliest accident in aviation history took place are E and T, certainly does not mean it was caused by ESH.We are going to look a little deeper into the accident events to see if through wormation we can find clues that will reveal repeating patterns that provide a preponderance of evidence. One thing we need to prepare ourselves for is the term Emotionally indifferenT. At the end of this article when faced with the possibility ESH caused the deadliest accident in aviation history, EA suffering from HNFS will be aghast. It will be incomprehensible how beings could be so indifferent toward human life. This possibility is one of the main reasons EA cannot figure ESH out. They do not function at all like EA and EA are looking for EA characteristics in beings from other planetary systems and when they can't find them they can't understand them. The easiest way to deal with it is to know going in the possibility exists they are not designed like us and they simply don't care. The possibility exists if you meet them in person they will tell you they care but if you watch what they do not what they say you will be left with no choice but to agree they simply do not care. It is as if they just do not have an emotional component when it comes to the disposition of their enemy the EA.The other thing to pay attention to is the possibility of the number of events that had to take place in order for this accident to happen. So for the possibility to exist for ESH to cause the accident, this would demonstrate they can control any aspect of life on Earth. Whether it be physical, mental, material, or even aspects of Earth itself. Nothing is outside the realm of their ability to control something.The EvenT startedwith a terrorist incident at Gran Canaria Airport which had caused many flights to be diverted to Los Rodeos, including the two accident aircraft. The airport quickly became congested with parked aircraft blocking the only taxiway and forcing departing aircraft to taxi on the runway instead. Captain van Zanten had decided to fully refuel at Los Rodeos instead of Las Palmas, apparently to save time. The refueling took about 35 minutes. After that, the passengers were brought back to the plane. The search for a missing Dutch family of four delayed the flight even further.The tower instructed the KLM to taxi down the entire length of the runway and then make a 180-degree turn to get into takeoff position. While the KLM was back taxiing on the runway, the controller asked the flight crew to report when it was ready to copy the ATC clearance. Because the flight crew was performing the checklist, copying this clearance was postponed until the aircraft was in takeoff position on Runway 30.Patches of thick fog were also drifting across the airfield, preventing aircraft and control tower from seeing each other.The possibility would have to exist the ESH caused the following events.
  1. a terrorist event at Gran Canaria Airpot
  2. the diversion of enough airplanes to block the taxiway
  3. refueling and missing family blocked the PanAm flight from departing
  4. non-standard ground taxi procedures prevented ATC clearance copy
  5. the Pan Am crew failed to turn off at taxiway C-3 as instructed
  6. fog drifting across the runway
  7. simultaneous communications made instructions unintelligible
  8. KLM Captain would depart without verification
When you study the accident investigation report it is far more complex than this but these are the main events that the possibility had to exist for to create the necessary circumstances for the accident to take place. The absence of any one of them would have prevented the accident.Where the crash becomes highly suspect that the possibility exists ESH were behind it is when using wormation you read the name of the location TENERIFE it says:

TENERIFE TEN ERIF EzanTEN vERIFy departureEThe primary cause stated by the accident investigators and though initially disputed by the Dutch KLM Airlines eventually agreed upon was that Captain van Zanten did not verify departure clearance.So either that is one enormous coincidence or the possibility exists this accident was planned to accomplish quite a few goals of the ETA.

  1. demonstrate military objective of air supremacy
  2. involve DE and US - origin and current leader in air combat tactics
  3. leave hidden clues surrounding deadliest aviation accident in history
  4. move 583 people to other planets to use as slaves there (EMSR)
  5. demonstrate ability to orchestrate an unimaginable number of events
  6. demonstrate ability to control the weather
  7. terrorize EA so they will remain passive during disclosure
  8. create an incident that fixes problems in the aviation industry (EPMS)
Where it gets even more bizarre is when you read the possibilities of the pilot's names for the aircrew of both aircraft:KLM Flight 4805

Van Zanten (Pilot)

V = 5 (symbolism)5 = E (alphanumeric)an = and (ecryonym)Z = 2 (symbolism)2 = twice an = and (ecryonym)ten = 10and 10 and 10 = 20 (twice)20 = T (alphanumeric) 5 and 20 = 2525 = ET (alphanumeric)Van Zanten = ET


M ruse (enagram)

M = Martian (ecronym)

Meurs = Martian Ruse

Schreuder (Flight Engineer)

Schreuder = Such Erred (enagram)

Schreuder = Such Erred

Pan Am Flight 1736Grubbs (Pilot) G = 7 (alphanumeric)R = 18 (alphanumeric)7 + 18 = 25 25 = ET (alphanumeric)ubbs = sub b (enagram)sub b = A (one below b or one before b is a)Grubbs = ETABragg (Co-pilot)

Br = rb (reversal)a = 1 (alphanumeric)g = 7 (alphanumeric)g = 7 (alphanumeric)1 + 7 + 7 = 1515 = O (alphanumeric)O + rb = Orb (an Orb is another name for UFO, (CTV and Volute)

Bragg = OrbWarns (Flight Engineer)Warn = warning (porpheme)s = yes (ecronym)Warns = Warning Yes

So the possibility exists the KLM flight crews names say this is an ET Martian ruse we're about to make a huge mistake (such erred).The Pan Am flight crews name says the lead pilot (orb) is warning you war is declared (ETA) prepare to defend yourselves (warning yes).The possibility exists the KLM pilots names pertain to the actual accident. What is interesting is how the Pan Am pilots names broadcast a warning to the lead US pilot that ET are at war against them and the leader had better prepare to defend themselves. Pan Am is a US carrier and the US is the lead Military power on the planet.The reason this is unique is that having a German plane hit the US plane is symbolic of all the countries on Earth being divided and some are even at war against each other when in reality they are all on the same team. When the members of a team fail to follow the rules which were created in Germany (DE) (dicta boelke) and they do not pay close attention to who is leading and all attack the opponent at the same time they crash into each other.As a concept of War air supremacy is paramount. The possibility that no Military officers or Military pilots have clued into the fact that Extra Terrestrial Spacecraft have air supremacy over the planet is of concern. Having the two aircraft in the collision from Germany (DE) where air combat originated and the US where it is now developed at the highest levels is more than just a coincidence.Essentially the warning is a courtesy notice as no military individuals on Earth are even remotely aware of it. It foreshadows the chaos that is going to ensue when the possibility exists the EA will have the task of working together as a team thrown at them. I am sure you can imagine what a nightmare that is going to be.Reagan's UN speech seems more fitting than ever.

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