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Science and technology and scientific Outlook on Development

by Nares Lapoiya 2 months ago in science
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The scientific outlook on Development is a sharp weapon to guide economic and social development and an important guideline to build socialism with Chinese characteristics. We should take science and technology as an important lever to study and practice the scientific outlook on Development and give full play to the role of science and technology.

First, to practice the scientific outlook on Development, we must deeply understand the inherent and inevitable relationship between science and technology and the scientific outlook on Development

The current era is moving towards the era of knowledge economy, and the development of science and technology has become the general trend of economic development, national strength and participation in international competition. The traditional mode of development dominated by resources, capital and labor is shifting to the mode of scientific and technological innovation dominated by science and technology, knowledge and talents. The international and regional competition is more and more characterized by scientific and technological competition. The Scientific Outlook on Development is formulated on the basis of China's basic national conditions in the primary stage of socialism, by summarizing China's development practice and drawing on the experience of other countries in order to meet new requirements for development. The scientific outlook on Development is put forward against a distinct background of The Times, especially against the background of science and technology.

From the background of the scientific outlook on Development: Entering the new century and new stage, China's development presents a series of new stage characteristics. While opening wider to the outside world, we are faced with increasingly fierce international competition, long-term pressure on developed countries to take the lead in economy, science and technology, increasing risks both foreseeable and unforeseeable, and greater demands on us to balance domestic development and opening to the outside world. In the process of modernization, to solve the problems of resource exhaustion, energy depletion, the development of new energy and so on, to make scientific and reasonable use of the natural resources on which human beings depend for survival, and to establish a resource-saving and environment-friendly society, we must rely on scientific and technological progress to transform the development mode.

Science and technology, as the fundamental means to solve the major problems of current environmental change and future development, as the internal power to develop advanced productive forces, advanced culture and realize the fundamental interests of the overwhelming majority of the people, are increasingly prominent in importance and urgency.

From the method of establishing and implementing the scientific outlook on development: scientific attitude and scientific spirit are the important methods of carrying out the scientific outlook on development, and we should closely combine establishing and implementing the scientific outlook on development with mastering the scientific thinking method. The scientific outlook on development is the scientific basis for guiding development. Only by seeking truth and being practical, recognizing and grasping the law, can we get its gist. We should apply the scientific Outlook on Development throughout the whole process of thinking about problems, making decisions and doing our work. We should plan development from a long-term perspective, take an overall approach to development, and strive for development in a scientific manner. We should more consciously promote the coordinated development of socialist material, political and spiritual civilization.

Look from the requirement of the thorough study practice scientific development concept: "the central committee of the communist party of China, the State Council on the implementation of science and technology plan for strengthening the decision of the independent innovation ability", points out that the party and government is primarily responsible for comrades at various levels shall attach great importance to science and technology work, and improve the effect of the independent innovation ability as an important content of implementing the scientific concept of development and correct view.

Therefore, science and technology are intrinsically and inevitably linked with the scientific outlook on Development. Science and technology are the strong support of the scientific outlook on development, and the scientific outlook on development is the guide of action to solve the development problems in the modernization construction by using the advanced theories and material achievements of science and technology and human creation.

To apply the Scientific Outlook on Development, we must promote a new type of industrialization

Industrialization is an inevitable path for any country in the course of economic development. One of the goals of building a well-off society in an all-round way in the first 20 years of this century is to basically realize industrialization. To put the scientific outlook on Development into practice and promote sound and rapid economic and social development, we must rely on science and technology and take a new road of industrialization.

First, we will continue to use it application to drive industrialization. Informatization is the inevitable choice to accelerate industrialization and modernization. We should use informatization to drive industrialization and industrialization to promote informatization, so as to blaze a new path of industrialization featuring high scientific and technological content, good economic returns, low resource consumption, less environmental pollution and full development of the advantage of human resources. Only in this way can we give full play to the advantage of being a late comer, achieve the goal of ensuring growth and development, and realize the leapfrog development of productive forces.

Second, we should take scientific and technological progress as the driving force, transform traditional industries and develop new and high-tech industries. In the face of the world financial crisis, we should turn crisis into opportunity, seize the opportunity, based on advantages, and develop new and high technology industries with information technology, biotechnology, new energy, new material technology and environmental technology as the main focus. At the same time, we will transform traditional industries with high and new technologies and advanced practical technologies, and strive to improve the overall quality and core competitiveness of industries.

The third is to develop agriculture with the concept of industrialization. We should build industry around agriculture, develop industry to nurture agriculture, and use new science and technology to build a new countryside.

Fourth, give full play to the advantages of human resources to promote new industrialization. The situation of facing the world economic downturn, in promoting the process of industrialization, to improve labor productivity and expanding employment, to deal with the relationship between capital technology-intensive and labor-intensive industries, handle the relationship between the new and high technology industries and traditional industries, handle the relationship of the export-oriented economy and domestic demand, give full play to the advantages of human resources and vast domestic market, We will promote steady and rapid economic development.

Applying the Scientific Outlook on Development we should vigorously improve the scientific quality of the broad masses of cadres

To implement the concept of people-centered, comprehensive, coordinated and sustainable development is a major undertaking with rich scientific and technological connotations. To apply the scientific Outlook on Development and solve many historical and realistic problems, we must rely on the progress of science and technology and put into practice the concept that science and technology are the primary productive forces.

First, we must truly deepen our understanding of science and technology as the primary productive force. "Science and technology are the primary productive forces." Science and technology are the driving force of social development and the primary driving force of social political, economic and cultural development. It can be said that after agricultural civilization and industrial civilization, human society will be a scientific and industrial civilization marked by science and technology industry. Only by advocating science and respecting creativity becomes the consensus of the whole society can we achieve a fundamental change in the way we ensure growth and development. In advancing the practice of the scientific concept of development, leading cadres at all levels and the broad masses to take the lead in learning scientific knowledge, strengthen the consciousness of science and technology, the top party and government at all levels should be in your hands to grasp "the first productive force", the real science and use science, promote the development and growth of the thick atmosphere, really will be priority to the development of science and technology in the position.

Second, we must respect science and improve our overall planning capacity. In the face of increasingly severe resource and environment problems, in order to achieve comprehensive, coordinated and sustainable development and achieve five overall plans, we must grasp the law of all parties and their mutual influence. This requires leading cadres must have a solid scientific foundation, master scientific methods and laws, and constantly improve the level of decision-making and overall planning ability. It is necessary to establish a "humanistic and rational spirit", correct the scientific attitude and cultivate the scientific spirit. In the process of constantly understanding and adapting to nature and promoting social progress, scientific and technological achievements should be rationally and correctly used to seek long-term and harmonious economic and social development.

Third, we must attach great importance to the role of science and technology and fully implement the strategy of rejuvenating the country through science and education, strengthening the country through human resources and sustainable development. Science and technology as the primary productive force is not only a slogan, but also should be reflected in policy decisions and implemented in actions. We should strengthen policy implementation and financial support to encourage scientific and technological innovation, and truly regard scientific research as the cornerstone of future development. We should attach great importance to the cultivation and use of talents, put talent work in a very important strategic position, make good use of existing talents, train future talents and optimize the allocation of talent resources. We should create a sound hardware and software environment to support the emergence of innovative talents and the production of excellent scientific and technological achievements. We should attach great importance to ecological improvement and environmental protection, vigorously develop industries and products that save resources and do not pollute the environment, properly handle the relationship between economic development on the one hand, population, resources and the environment on the other, and take a path of sustainable development.

Take science and technology as an important lever to practice scientific development concept, so as to promote the integration and optimization of the efficiency of the whole social system, so as to achieve the maximum of "system efficiency". We must give top priority to the development of science and technology in applying the Scientific Outlook on Development, use scientific methods and advanced technologies to promote the effective integration of all kinds of resources and strive to achieve the grand goal of building a moderately prosperous society in all respects.


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