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S1 Episode 7

by Alex Adams 2 years ago in science fiction
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Unexpected Ally

Four More Episodes of season 1 left!

The scene fades in to Ten days later as we see Dara and Tex now out of the Stasis Pod and putting on their new clothes that Xandr got for them in the city. Xandr begins to tell them about what happened to Zoomie in his cell and the dire situation that Kayi is now in.

Tex: Wow no way, So Zoomie just got decoded as soon as he was defeated by you Xan-Xan?

Xandr: Yeah. It was crazy to hear it myself.

Dara: It must be a fail safe just incase one of the members of the Virus Corp loses he Decodes them from existence so no one is able to get any information out of them.

Tex: That's horrible! This Console guy is pure evil! To just wipe away your own group like their nothing? Geez.

Xandr: Which is all the more reason to try and figure out where the Virus Corps hideout is so we can save Kayi and our Parents.

Dara: Right!

Tex: Okay!

Xandr: Alright guys let's--.

Xandr looks down the hallway to see Frout walking to a room on crutches. Xandr then rushes down the hallway and sees Frout about to hop into his bed. Frout then looks over and sees Xandr standing in the hallway with a surprised look on his face.

Frout: (Thinking) Oh Great. Just when I thought I was safe.

Xandr: What are you doing here?!

Tex: Hey, Xan-Xan what's up why did you rush over here?

Dara: Yeah were still recovering you know.

Tex and Dara then looks into the room that Xandr is looking at and sees Frout. Tex then rushes Frout and grabs him by the shirt.

Tex: So you came back for more huh!?

Frout: Look uh kid. Does it look like I'm able to do any kind of fighting? I'm beat up as well. By you to be exact. So I deserve an apology.

Tex: An Apology!? For What?

Frout: For assuming that I was here looking for a fight.

Dara: Well you did serve under Console, Put him and their sister in a cage, And you helped Zoomie put a mask on Kayi turning her evil. So you can see why were a bit on edge around you.

Frout: That's true but now with Zoomie decoded and gone I have no reason to attack you lot. So I'm going to lay here and get some rest so I can recover and be on my way.

Tex: Xandr, Do you believe any of this?!

Xandr: Yeah.

Tex: But Xandr do you remember what he did?!

Xandr: I remember what Zoomie did. As far as I am concerned Frout didn't do anything but put you two in a cage.

Frout: Yes, And need I mention that I gave you both food and water. Zoomie didn't want to give you any.

Tex: (sighs) Fine. But I got my eye on you.

Frout: Ooo I'm scared.

Tex then let's go of Frout and Xandr begins to walk over to Frout to ask him about Kayi to see if he knows anything.

Frout: What do you want kid?

Xandr: Kayi. The little girl that was with you guys in the Temple. Zoomie sent her to the Virus Corp hideout. Please tell me you know where that is.

Frout: Sorry kid, I don't. I wish I did. I would tell you in a heartbeat.

Xandr then looks down and begins to cry a little bit.

Xandr: (Crying) Why?

Frout: Huh?

Xandr: Why are there such bad people in this Galaxy? First, It was my parents. Now my sister. I made a promise to her. That I would never let anything happen to her. What a great brother I am, first villain we cross she gets taken and turned against me. I'm so sorry Kayi.

Frout tries his best to not look at Xandr crying but he then gets a bit annoyed and sits up from his bed to talk to Xandr.

Frout: Okay look kid. I don't know where your sister is much less where the Virus Corp. hideout is. But I might know someone who does.

Xandr then stops crying and looks up at Frout.

Xandr: Huh?

Frout: But if you keep crying like that I won't take you to him got it?

Xandr then wipes his tears and agrees to Frout's Terms.

Xandr: Okay.

Tex: Wait so your just going to trust him just like Xan-Xan?!

Xandr: What other choice do we have it's either search for Kayi with nothing to go on or we trust someone who can give us at least something to go off of.

Dara: Xandr's right any information is good information at this point. We'll pretty much have nothing to go on without Frout's help.

Tex: I guess you're right.

Frout: But I'll tell you on one condition.

Tex: There it is.

Xandr: And what's that?

Frout: To let me go with you and join your group.

Tex: What No Way!

Xandr: Sure why not.

Tex: Xandr are you serious?

Xandr: Yeah why not. But why?

Frout: I've never met Console himself and since you guys are trying to find him anyway then I might as well join you. Also I have a move that may interest you. But I won't show you until you take me with you.

Tex: Xandr you seriously can't be considering this!?

Xandr: What other choice do I have. Plus I get a free move.

Tex: He could be lying.

Dara: He's not.

Tex: How do you know that?

Dara: I forgot to tell you guys I have the ability to read someone to tell if there lying or not. It's not that important so I plan to forget about it.

Tex: T-That seems very important.

Xandr: Well, I guess that's that we'll be leaving by tomorrow at dawn. Do you think you'll be able to fully recovered by then?

Frout: Yeah, I didn't get hurt that bad.

Tex: Do you want me to try again?

Xandr: Tex calm down.

Tex: This is ridiculous. I'll be waiting in the ship.

Tex then pushes his the button on the side of his watch to teleport out of the Clinic to the ship.

Xandr: Don't worry he'll come around.

Frout: It's okay. I don't blame him you know. If I were recruiting someone that was just on the opposite team I would be pretty skeptical too. Maybe he's right Xandr. Maybe you are trusting someone that may betray you once we reach the Virus Corp. hideout.

Xandr: Nah. I feel like you're a nice guy.

Frout: Hmph. You really are something Xandr.

Xandr: I know. Just get better okay then we can go. We'll meet you at the city's square.

Frout: Thank You.

Xandr: No Problem.

Frout then lays back in bed as Xandr and Dara walk out of the room into the hallway to walk out of the Clinic. As Xandr and Dara walk out of the Clinic Xandr stops outside of the entrance. And looks back at the window of the room that Frout is in.

Dara: So Xandr do you really believe that you can trust him.

Xandr: Not really. But you did say that he wasn't lying right?

Dara: I said that so Tex could be a little bit more at ease. But to tell you the truth I have no idea if he is telling the truth or not.

Xandr: Then I guess we'll just have to take our chances with him. I hope I am right.

Dara: Come on, Let's head back to the Ship with Tex.

Xandr: Or we can head into the city and see what else it offers? And did you just invite yourself onto my team?

Dara: Fine. And Yes. Also, I am from here so I can show you some great places.

Xandr: Okay. Let's Go

Xandr and Dara then heads into the city to check out more of the shops and restaurants. Meanwhile Tex is seen in the ship trying to find something bad on Frout to prove that he is evil.

Tex: Alright, How about 1 year from now?

Arly: Searching...Search complete. No data found.

Tex: Oh man!

Arly: Tex, May I ask why are you trying to search for a bad history on this Frout person?

Tex: Because, Xandr invited him onto the team and I wanted to show him that we can't trust him.

Arly: Does Xandr trust him?

Tex: Yes. And he doesn't even regard the fact that he put us in cages and served under Console himself.

Arly: So you think he's making a big mistake?

Tex: Duh.

Tex then sits down in the chair behind him.

Tex: I just don't understand why he can't see what I see.

Arly: (Laughs)

Tex: (sighs) What's so funny Arly?

Arly: Well, Xandr, Your Brother is the kindest person we know right?

Tex: Yes?

Arly: And every time till now he you just went with everything because it turns out that everyone that every time Xandr does something it's for a good reason.

Tex: That's True.

Arly: So don't you think that him trusting Frout is for a good reason?

Tex: (sigh) Yeah, I guess so.

Arly: Has Frout done anything that made you not think he's a good guy.

Tex: Hmm. Not that I can think of he was pretty nice to us through the whole time we were captured. And he was mostly just following Zoomie's Orders.

Arly: So what makes you think you can't trust Xandr on this now? What's the true root of this problem?

Tex: I-I Just want to find Kayi to tell her I'm sorry. I'm sorry I wasn't able to stop Zoomie from putting the mask on her turning her evil.

Arly: And you just wanted someone else to blame besides yourself?

Tex: (sniffles) Yes.

Arly: Well I think that you have an apology to give.

Tex: I really don't like you Arly.

Arly: (Laughs)

We then go back to Xandr and Dara in the city it is now nightfall and they are at a pier to watch the city's fireworks go off. The City people begin to gather around as they are going watch the fireworks as well.

Xandr: Dara, When did you guys start doing fireworks?

Dara: It was years ago when I was a kid. They started doing the fireworks celebrate our freedom everyday.

Xandr: Wow. We don't have nothing like this back on Planet Beta.

Dara: I know. I'm from there remember?

Xander: Oh Yeah I forget sometimes. Dara?

Dara: Yeah what's up?

Xandr: Can I ask you something?

Dara: Shoot.

Xandr: Why do you want to leave this city? It seems that you have everything you need on here. Great people, Freedom Fireworks, Technology that even Planet Beta doesn't have. It seems to be crazy to leave a Planet like this.

Dara: Well, That answer is simple.

Xandr: Hmm?

Dara: Because it seems. I've taken quite a liking to you.

The Fireworks start beside Xandr and Dara as Xandr looks at Dara shocked and starts to blush. Dara then begins to see Xandr blush so she blushes as well then begins to correct herself.

Dara: (Blushing) N-N-Not as a Like-Like type of thing! But as a you're a cool dude to be around that's all!

Xandr: R-Right.

Tex then comes up on Xandr Communication Pad.

Tex: (Teasing) Xandr's got a girlfriend.

Xandr: Tex?

Tex: Hey Guys, So it seems that I was putting anger towards Frout and Instead of blaming myself. So tomorrow morning I need to give Frout an apology.

Xandr: That's Really big of you Tex.

Tex: Yeah Yeah I know just don't rub it in.

Dara: Oh I'll never let you live this one down.

Tex: I just heard you confess your love for my brother so I wouldn't go there.

Dara: It wasn't a love confession you jerk!

Tex then teleports into their position.

Tex: Yeah Right. You've been stuck to my brother since you met him.

Dara: Because he was trying to learn information on Zoomie!

Tex: Yeah sure.

Xandr: Hey guys, Let's calm down.

Dara and Tex then begins to put their heads together and gives each other and angry stare.

Xandr: Aw man. What am I going to do with you two?

The scene then fades to the Clinic where Frout is and sees that he is laying up in his bed and looking down an amulet that was given to him from someone long ago. He then clenches the amulet and looks out at the window.

Frout: Wanda I promise, I will get strong enough to take down the virus corp. Every single one of them. If this kid is looking to take down Console then I will train him the best I can so you can finally rest in peace.

A spirit then rises up from the amulet in the form of Wanda.

Wanda: Frout, You do know that he is just a kid?

Frout: Yes, But as far as I can see he is the only one that can beat Console. He took down Zoomie in just two attacks alone. As far as I can see he is able to free all of us.

Wanda: (Sigh) I guess there's no changing your mind is there?

Frout: (Laughs) You should know by now. We've been married for 20 years.

Wanda: Yeah I do. But it can't hurt to try.

Frout: Don't worry I will find a way to release your spirit from this amulet so you can rest in peace. Even if that means taking down every single Virus Corp member.

Wanda: I trust you.

Frout: Thank You Wanda.

Wanda then goes back into the amulet. Frout Clenches the amulet once more and looks out the window.

Frout: I'm trusting you kid don't let me down.

The Scene changes to the sky turning from night to early morning. Then pans down to see Xandr, Dara, and Tex in the town square waiting on Frout.

Tex: (Yawning) Why are we up so early?

Xandr: Well we got to get a fresh start to searching for Kayi. Can't waste anytime.

Tex: I get it but this is like 8:00am in the morning.

Xandr: Look at Dara she's awake and full of energy.

Dara: (Snoring)

Xandr: Nope she fell asleep with her eyes open.

Tex: (Sarcastically) Yeah look how awake she is.

Xandr: Dara (snaps fingers) Hey Dara.

Dara: Wha-What's going on?

Xandr: You fell asleep.

Dara: Oh Sorry.

Tex: Are we even sure that Frout is on his way?

Dara: Not feeling up to apologize?

Tex: Oh can it.

Frout: Hey!

Frout is seen running from the Clinic with a big backpack on the back of him. Frout then reaches the gang but is now out of breath.

Dara: It's like 5 miles from the Clinic.

Frout: You try carrying a big bag on your back while running.

Xandr: That does raise the question why do you have all this stuff on your back?

Frout: Well I don't know how long we'll be gone plus I have food in here.

Xandr: Well, We literally have a ship that can get you all of that.

Frout: So you mean I didn't have bring this stuff?!

Xandr: Yeah you kind of just inconvenienced yourself.

Frout: Awe Man. Well, There's no need for this.

Frout then throw the bag in the trash.

Dara: Well that seems like a waste.

Frout: Alright, Let's go.

Xandr: Before we do. Tex.

Tex: (Sigh) I'm sorry Frout for being so angry at you.

Frout: It's Okay I get it.

Xandr: Great, Now that that's out of the way. Let's Go!

Episode 8- The Underwater Planet

science fiction

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