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S1 Episode 3

by Alex Adams 2 years ago in science fiction
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Tex’s Pride

We fade in to see Kayi and Tex walking through the Temple of Astral. The Two are scared and confused wondering how they got there. Meanwhile, Xandr is using his Energize ability on his feet to run quickly to the Temple in order to save them.

Tex: Wow. This place isn't much for decorating huh?

Kayi: (Whispering) Tex, I am too scared right now to laugh at that awesome joke.

Tex: So what do you think is in this place?

Kayi: I don't know. But this place sure is weird.

Kayi then gets an incoming call from Arly on her wristwatch.

Arly: Kayi? Tex? Are you there?

Tex: Thank goodness! I thought we lost connection with you guys!

Arly: I glad that you two are okay.

Kayi: What about my brother is he okay? For some reason, I can't get in contact with him.

Arly: The Encryption for both of your watches are limiting Communication between you two. However, I am able to communicate with both of you separately.

Tex: Well, That's better than nothing.

Kayi: Is he alright?

Arly: As a matter of fact he is on his way there to get you two.

Kayi: That's big brother for you!

Tex: So what do we do now just sit around and wait.

Arly: I would believe that would be best. I am picking up multiple hostiles in this Temple.

Kayi: Oh no. Does Xandr know about those big Meanies?

Arly: Affirmative. Before contacting you I was able to contact him first to let him know.

Tex: That's Xan-Xan for you even in the face of danger he still charges in to save us.

Kayi: I guess we'll just have to wait here then until brother comes.

The camera crossfades to a figure sitting in the dark on a stone chair with glowing green eyes eating Fimia fruit. We cut to the door where a soldier runs into the room to tell about urgent news.

Soldier 1: Sir, It appears that our sensors have picked detection of two unidentified kids in the Temple.

The Mysterious Figure then smiles with his teeth shining bright.

Mysterious Figure: Bring them to me.

Soldier 1: Yes Sir!

The camera then cuts back to Kayi laying on the ground and Tex playing with a fireball.

Kayi: Hey, Tex?

Tex: Yeah?

Kayi: How long have we been waiting here?

Tex: (Groaning) 2 hours.

Arly: It has only been 28 minutes.

Tex: Well it feels longer.

Kayi: How about a game?

Tex: Sure. Why not?

Kayi: I spy something...Gray.

Tex: Is it the Temple?

Kayi: Yes.

Tex: Well that was fun.

Rumbling in the Temple started to pick up. Kayi and Tex hear voices coming from a hallway through the door in the room they're in.

Tex: Huh? Do you hear that?

Kayi: It sounds like millions of people running over here.

Tex: I'll go check it out.

Tex peeks around the corner to see ten soldiers running toward them.

Tex: Uh Kayi?

Kayi: Yeah?

Tex: How fast can you run?

Kayi: I don't know? Pretty Fast. Why?

Tex: because there are ten really scary Soldiers running towards us.

Kayi: What do we do?

Tex: I don't know. Uh...

Tex turns his head to the side and sees a weird glowing door.

Tex: How about that glowing door?

Kayi: (Sarcastically) Oh yeah let's head into that strange glowing door. Nothing bad will happen.

Tex: Well it's either that or face those ten soldiers coming at us.

Kayi: (Sigh) Fine.

Tex and Kayi both run into the glowing door that then leads to a cage in the room where the mysterious figure is.

Mysterious Figure: (Mechanical Laughter) So you two are the ones who infiltrated my Temple?

Tex: Well we didn't technically infiltrate. We were teleported here due to damaged encryption.

Mysterious Figure: It's very hard to believe that to be true.

Kayi: It is true! Here tell'em, Arly! Arly?


Tex: Well that's just great.

Kayi: Do you happen to have a signal anywhere in here that we can use?

Mysterious Figure: Humph. Enjoy that sense of humor while you can because it will be the only thing that will keep you alive.

Kayi and Tex: (Gulp)

The scene transitions back to Xandr running through the forest with his Energizer ability. He then stumbles upon another city that was hidden behind some trees.

Xandr: Huh? What's this place? Arly, what can you tell me about this city?

Arly: Scanning...It seems that this city is called Vole.

Xandr: Vole huh?

Arly: Correct. This city is run by someone named Frout.

Xandr: Frout? What did he get his name from the back of a cereal or something?

Arly: Besides his name, he is actually one of the Virus Corp. Minor Officers.

Xandr: I'm sure that Minor sounds like he could be pretty weak but that probably is not that case. Am I right?

Arly: That would be correct. Frout may seem weak however he has taken out multiple armies from both this Planet and Planet Nebula.

Xandr: Well at least this will be my first ever major fight? Alright, I'm going to go check out the city. How're the repairs on the ship going?

Arly: The Ship repairs are at 40% completion it will be fully repaired in 8 hours.

Xandr: 8 Hours?! I guess that gives me time to find Kayi and Tex. Are you still unable to reach them?

Arly: Affirmative. They've still haven't been responding to my communication.

Xandr: I hope you guys are okay.

The scene fades back to Kayi and Tex inside the cell with board faces.

Tex: Ugh! How long have we been here?

Kayi: 4 minutes.

Tex: Feels longer.

Frout walks towards Kayi and Tex with very bad news.

Frout: HAHA--

Tex: (Groans Loud)

Frout: Well well w--

Tex: (Groans Louder)

Frout: We--

Tex: (Groans Louder)

Frout: We--

Tex: (Groans Louder)

Frout begins to tell Kayi and Tex the news that just reached him while Tex groans then stops after hearing the news.

Frout: It seems as though your brother and friend Xandr has made his way to the city of Vole.

Tex: Ahh- Xan-Xan? He's here?

Frout: No. He's in the city of Vole.

Kayi: But Technically he's here.

Frout: No! He's in the city of Vole are you two even listening to me?

Tex: We are but either way you look at it he's here.

Frout: He's Not...! You know what fine he's here but since you have just so much to say how about we see how far that can get you?

Tex: I mean I found myself to be a pretty funny guy.

Frout: We'll see.

Frout then snaps his fingers and sends Tex to an arena and Kayi to the stands where she is able to watch.

Kayi: Tex!

Tex: Kayi!

Tex then tries to run towards where Kayi is but then is stopped by electric bars separating both Tex and Kayi from each other.

Tex: Really?! An electric barrier?! Now is it really that serious?!

Frout: Have to be sure that you don't try to escape.

Tex: Well I got to say, You guys really went all-out.

Frout: This is nothing compared to what I have in store for your dear brother.

Tex: Don't you hurt Xan-Xan!

Tex then rushes to frout in anger only to be stopped again by an electric barrier.

Tex: Argh!

Frout: Seriously, We've been over this electricity, Barrier. It's not that hard to put two and two together.

Kayi: Tex!

Frout: Don't worry about him..or wait maybe you should.

Frout then snaps his fingers and 10 monsters teleport in the arena with Tex.

Tex: Great here come the minrons. See what I did there I fused Minion and Morons together.

Kayi: You know Tex sometimes..you make me wonder if I should even save you or not.

Tex: Awe come on sis, not even a pity laugh?

Kayi: (Sigh)

Frout's Minions then charge at Tex with weapons in hand. Tex flys up to try and gain an advantage.

Frout: Ah Ah Ah. No flying away.

Frout then snaps his finger again to put an electric barrier above the arena.

Tex: Argh! Really?! Probably should've seen that coming though.

Frout: Fight Fair or I get rid of your human sister here.

Kayi: AH!

Tex: Fine. If that's what I have to do.

Tex: (thinking) Xan-Xan please hurry. (Screams)

The Scene cuts to Xandr in the City of Vole walking around asking people of the whereabouts of the Temple of Astral and about Zoomie.

Civilian 1: Sorry I have no idea.

Civilian 2: Sorry.

Civilian 3: No.

Civilian 4: No.

Civilian 5: No.

Civilian 6: Nope.

Civilian 7: Sorry.

The sun starts to set and After asking almost all the people in the town, Xandr decides to rest on a bench in a park then suddenly falls asleep. After being asleep for 4 hours a lady walks towards him with information about the Temple and Zoomie's whereabouts.

???: Hello, Young man.

Xandr then wakes up to see a scary old lady in front of him.

Xandr: AH! Creeper Danger!

Xandr then begins to pass out. After he passes out the mysterious lady picks Xandr up and walks through a portal to go back to her house. The scene then fades back to Tex in the arena having beaten all of the enemy's in front of him.

Tex: (Huffing)

Frout: Well it seems like you two are going to be quite the trouble after all. In that case.

Frout then grabs Kayi and teleports to his chambers where he then puts her in a cage.

Tex: Kayi! NO!

Tex then tries to fly after them but is teleported back to his cell but this time is held back with a chain around his neck.

Tex: Awe Man seriously! (Sighs) Well, this sucks.

The camera then cuts to Kayi in the cage.

Kayi: You won't get away with this!

Frout: Oh Really? Well, we'll see about that.

Zoomie then enters Frout's chambers by opening the stone wall surrounding it.

Zoomie: What exactly will we see about Frout?

Frout: Mr. Zoomie?

Frout then gets on one knee and puts his head down.

Kayi: (Whispering) Mister Zoomie? So that's him huh?

Frout: Well you see sir these two trespassers arrived at our Temple unannounced and I thought that they could be a threat to you, sir.

Kayi: Okay number 1, We weren't trespassing we were just sent to the wrong location by our friend. And number 2, We knew of your boss but we were just trying to check out your city's. Also, You kinda made it clear that you were the boss.

Frout: (Laughs) N-No I didn't I could never do that.

Kayi: Well, It was heavily implied that you were.

Zoomie: Frout what have I told you about impersonating me?

Frout: To always wear the hat?

Zoomie: (Scuffs) No want to try again?

Frout: N-No sir.

Zoomie: Are you sure I'll give you another chance?

Frout: (Shaky voice) To be (Gulp) or not to be?

Zoomie: (Laughs) No, The rule was if you impersonate me in any way...You will regret it.

Zoomie's eyes then glow yellow and back to Black quickly.

Frout: Yes Sir. Won't happen again, sir.

Zoomie: See that it doesn't.

Zoomie then looks at Kayi and starts to walks towards her.

Frout: Sir?

Zoomie: Frout, Go check on the other one. See that their..comfortable.

Frout: Yes Sir.

Frout then leaves through the same wall that Zoomie came through.

Zoomie: Tell me who is this brother I keep hearing about?

Kayi: His name is Xandr and when he gets here he will teach you a lesson, you bully!

Zoomie: I am waiting on the day that he will be able to do so.

Kayi: He will so you be ready!

Zoomie: Trust me I will be. (Laughs)

Zoomie then leaves the room with the information that Kayi gave him and heads to his room where he then walks up to a stone wall slab and says Xandr's name as the slab then puts on a diagram of Xandr and who he is.

Zoomie: Well Well Xandr. I will be waiting for you. (Laughs)

The scene then cuts back to Xandr as he wakes up in a home that he finds unfamiliar. Xandr then gets up from the bed he was in and starts to walk around the home looking for clues.

Xandr: What is this place?

???: My Home.

Xandr: AH! Creeper Danger...Again! AH!

???: Oh would you calm down I'm not a creeper!

Xandr: Then who are you?

The old women then shift back to her original form.

???: Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Dara. What's yours?

Xandr: Oh well my name is Xan- What wait a minute is that you usual form?

Dara: Yes it is. I'm a shapeshifter.

Xandr: And you chose to be an old lady?

Dara: Don't judge me sometimes I'm bored.

Xandr: So why did you bring me back here?

Dara: Well I heard that you were looking for the Temple and for Zoomie so I wanted to give you the information.

Xandr: Thank You! Thank You!

Dara: Why are you looking for both the Temple and Zoomie?

Xandr: My sister and brother are trapped in that Temple and I fear that they might be in trouble.

Dara: Because you feel like Zoomie found both of them and is doing something horrible to them.

Xandr: Yes. Please help me.

Dara: Okay. I'll give you some information about the Temple and Zoomie so that you will be able to help them. But you have to promise me something.

Xandr: Sure what is it?

Dara: Let me be there when you beat him.

Xandr looks at Dara's face shocked.

Episode 4- Level Up

science fiction

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Alex Adams

My name is Alex Adams and I am the Owner/Producer for IMAGINETWORKS. These stories (scripts) I am putting up are ones that I feel very passionate about. Please share these scripted stories everywhere.

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