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Russia and China Joint Military Display Hypersonic Tech Superiority That Both U.S and NATO Will Never Want to Challenge

It is possible for the United States to be defeated if it acts as to intervene into the Taiwan /China Issue and fights in Asia with Russia supporting China.

By EstalontechPublished 5 months ago 5 min read

U.S’s intention to deplete Russia military hardware seems again not be working, as the Joint military exercise conducted by Russia and China shows Russia’s hidden military might with full display of their high tech weaponries far exceeding those used in Ukraine .Yet the U.S pumping so much money and sending billion worth of values of military supports seems to be depleting itself rather than Russia instead .

People will SEE HELL in this WOLRD without having to Go Below ..Like the Games of Thrones, WINTER is Coming

Stop the WAR . Stop all Killings , If U.S put a stop , many lives will be saved

The obviousness of the United States moving a big number of troops across the planet’s greatest ocean would not be lost on its potential enemies,it they wish to intervene if China starts the conflict in their backyard with Taiwan or Japan

Invading China with the current number of American forces in Asia is unrealistic. Even if they were enough, the relocation of 20,000 American troops from South Korea and 40,000 from Japan would likely not go unnoticed by Russia and China.

It seems to reason that China and Russia would be keeping a close eye on any army and naval moves by the United States following a time of severe disagreement if either China were to invade and If U.S were to Intervene with its Military forces .

In a combat situation against TWO powerful opponents with considerably shorter supply chains, the United States would have to maintain a logistical system to supply troops and aircraft after this Herculean troop relocation.

After that, China’s considerably larger army would have a home field advantage, making it imperative for the United States to achieve air superiority.

Presuming an all-out conflict , air superiority would be conceivable, but at a very high cost. But if Russia joins China in battle, the Chinese and Russian Air Force could likely wipe out what is left of the American Air Force and gain air superiority.

Does the U.S have the Anti- Hypersonic Missile Enabled War Carrier ?

Even if they have -what to do if there are Hundreds being fired at It in Open Sea ?

Hypersonic being in aerodynamics terms , a hypersonic speed is one that exceeds 5 times the speed of sound, often stated as starting at speeds of Mach 5 and above.

This is where America falls short…all the hypersonic missiles will be flying around ,with 11 warship facing hundreds of Hypersonic missile .If any of the warship are destroyed , there won’t be any landing runaway for the aircrafts .Both Russia and China has loads of these weapons customized for the U.S fleets ,since last few years and Russia only used it few times to demonstrate that they can mount these weapons on their fighters jet with long range capability

How many can they catch if all are flying at super hypersonic speed ? UK.NATO ,and the U.S and Asian Allies -May not have sufficient counter-hypersonic weapons against those from Russia and China .

When the conflicts starts , US will dump and supplies Taiwan with tonnes of military hardware and yet will most likely stay sideline and let the chinese fight among themselves and as per normal ,they will also enroll all its allies together and push their warships to the frontier . So being the Leader , U.S will plays it commanding role and come in when all enemies ship has sunk and when all Hypersonic weapons depleted .

This is the same U.S proxy way strategy

The Chinese army is larger, so they would likely win a land battle even if the US managed to get passed that point. However, the combination of Chinese numerical advantage, Russian air superiority, Russian forces supporting the Chinese, and logistics would finally wear down American troops despite the former’s generally greater training and equipment. If not, China may use its little nuclear arsenal to wipe out what is left of the United States military.

If the United States were the aggressor and invaded Russia, no side could come out on top, not even with China’s support for Russia. The logic behind this is straightforward. The United States and the Soviet Union were adversaries in conflicts all over the world during the Cold War, including Central America, Vietnam, and Afghanistan. Before the advent of nuclear weapons, disputes like these almost always ended in a full-scale war. There were not any other countries that could possibly justify starting a nuclear war and committing national suicide for.

However, both the United States and Russia recognized that the use of nuclear weapons was a distinct possibility in the event of an invasion of the Home country (America or Russia) itself.

Indeed, we find the same to be true in modern times. Both the United States and Russia, when confronted with a really existential threat, would rather risk nuclear annihilating the globe than admit defeat. If the United States and Russia both fall, then both will go down together.

There is no way that Russia and China could invade the continental United States with the number of troops and the quantity of materiel they would need. Still, even if they did, they would have to first pass muster with the United States Air Force, which is no easy feat. After that, they would be up against the same land invasion challenges outlined above.

We risk defeat in a war in Asia if the United States is forced to intervene . It would be next to impossible to defeat the United States if its continental territory were being defended by the military.

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