Review of 'Raised by Wolves' 1.6-7

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The Look on Mother's Face

Review of 'Raised by Wolves' 1.6-7

Lots of important, even game-changing events in episodes 1.6-7 of Raised by Wolves, up on HBO Max Thursday night:

  • Campion and Paul are becoming rivals, even though it looks as if they'll still ultimately have each other's backs in life and death situations. But other than that, Campion is representing spirit and Paul logic and science, which is interesting in itself since Campion comes from the atheists and Paul the true-believers. This may be a significant indicator of the future and the changing roles of central characters on this planet.
  • The difference between true believers and atheists is also raging inside Marcus. He of course is an atheist in the skin of a true believer. But he's hearing voices that tell him not to kill Mother, and in the end of 1.7 he comes to believe he might be the true-believers' chosen one, the orphan who lights and leads the way to a better world.
  • It was night of sharp turnarounds, to say the least, for Father and Mother. Father is re-wired to become a robotic servant of the true-believers. All that's left of the original Father =- courageous and wise and devoted to both Mother and their adopted children -- is a tremor he betrays in one of his hands. Mother herself is almost destroyed, saved only by the voice in Marcus's head. At least she gets to have some good virtual sex with her human creator/programmer.

So where do we go from here? Marcus is convinced that he can get Mother to fight on his side. Ironically, that side is likely ultimate the atheists -- since that's where Marcus originally came from -- but he seems to be tipping into the true-believers. As for Mother, the expression on her face right after Marcus almost kisses her, his lips just a long fraction of an inch from hers, must hold some clue. It's not a look of hate or revulsion -- certainly not only that. It's more a look of profound hurt -- some kind of, I don't know, recognition of deep connection between her and Marcus. Is there even somehow some love there? The image is below -- what do you think?

One thing I'm sure of is I hope we see all three concluding episodes next week.

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Paul Levinson
Paul Levinson
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