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Review of 'Humans' 3.5


By Paul LevinsonPublished 5 years ago 1 min read

On the eve of the Fourth of July in America earlier this week, it was good to see the synths in Humans 4.5 making progress towards independence, even though the show has been moved from 10 PM to the less desirable 11 PM hour by AMC, thank you.

But the council did vote to make hurting synths a crime—too late to help poor Karen—but a step forward nonetheless. And Mia is getting an audience with the council, which is good to see, too.

But lots of evil is still arrayed against them, the worst of which may be from other sentient synths, bent on killing humans as well as synths who, though sentient, are viewed as collaborators. Most disturbing is the orange-eye, the Hawkins' house. His conversation on the phone means either that (a) orange-eyes are not as docile as promised, or (b) he's wearing contacts lenses to make his eyes look orange, when in fact he's a green-eye.

And if that isn't enough danger to the Hawkins, Mattie's been uncovered as the person who let loose the awakening code. She's one of my favorite characters, and I can only hope she doesn't end up like Karen.

But to end on an upbeat note, Sam seems to be coming along fine, now able to feel loss, like Mia and Niska. This, again, raises the question of do synth children grow up—a question sharpened by the revelation of an elderly synth, happily living with an elderly human woman. I'm looking forward to learning more about synths at various ages, and seeing where this leads as we reach the concluding episodes of this fine season.

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