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by Shannahyah about a year ago in opinion
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The Emergence of Robots Taking Over

Photo by Aideal Hwa on Unsplash

Robots. I never thought I would be living in a world where these things would actually exist. Not only exist but live as humans among us and even obtain citizenship. More and more, I see articles about AI and the more advanced they are becoming. Scientists are so excited about their inventions they've created. They have continued to work on turning robots more human-like as possible for many years. Some of these robots are made so well you really can't tell the difference between us and them. Almost. They have different ethnicities, languages, emotions etc. Of course, they even look perfect which I think could make some people feel insecure, which I know sounds weird. But that's not far-fetched because so many people, especially women are used to not putting up pictures without filters. Or used to getting multiple plastic surgeries. Looking fake seems to be in. Robots would be the ultimate standard beauty for many. Every day people think it's cool and are increasingly desensitized to these non-living beings.

What could be the point of having robots around? I know it is supposed to help companies produce faster and more efficiently. But this will replace a lot of people at their jobs. It already has. For example, in the movie called Extinction, all the humans were replaced by robots by the companies they used to work for. This is happening in real life right before our eyes. I noticed one slick way they are doing this is by paying people for odd jobs online to help train the AI. There are apps that will pay a person a few bucks to record their face or take of themselves to help them improve the robots. Companies look for people of different languages to record themselves speaking so they can program the AI to speak better.

Sex bots. Yes, this was really strange to a lot of people. But many people have already jumped on board and bought one. Mostly men buy them as of now. There are men literally walking around telling people the robot is their girlfriend. They have no shame about it. It makes a person wonder what on earth is happening to relationships and people in general that they feel they have to date something plastic? Yes, people make the argument that there are sex toys, but this is not the same thing. Pretending a robot is human opens the spiritual doorway of worship to these things and cause a person to not want an actually human relationship again. And the robots can eventually turn on people like in the movie Better Than Us. Regardless of how human they seem with emotions and all, they are just made of metal and plastic with computers inside. They can malfunction or be violent at any moment. Just like with anything else introduced to us in technology, more people will be used to the robots and not think much of them. Children will grow up beside them not knowing life outside of AI. Scary.

What can we do about this? What can we do stop the existence of robots into our normal lives? Nothing. Absolutely nothing at all. We are living in the times where these type of events will happen and the transhuman agenda is part of it. Eventually the ultimate goal is to turn humans into robots themselves so that we can live forever. Not surprisingly, there are people who have jumped on board with this false promise. It's sad, but so many people are falling for the trap. So many people are greatly deceived. Right now, we are currently in Satan's kingdom, so this is part of his deception for people not to turn to Truth. He wants to be like The Most High (YAH) so badly, he will try anything to get humans to follow him. We are not made to be robots and live forever in this current world nor are robots human. The end.


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