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Reason First: Is Scientific Exploration the Answer to Unreason?

With the upgrades to LIGO, will there be a revolution of thought and understanding in the world?

By Skyler SaundersPublished 5 years ago 3 min read
The Large Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatories is a beacon for curious minds.

The greatest scientific mind of all time, Albert Einstein, made a prediction that large events in space, like the collision of black holes, produced ripples, like a large American flag being shaken up and down on a football field. Fellow Nobel laureates sought ways for Mr. Einstein’s prophetic ideations to be observed in reality. The Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory or LIGO is a bastion of hope for the growing mind. Exploration of space and worlds beyond the fold of the Earth is a supremely virtuous endeavor.

The black hole is a foreboding part of the cosmos.

Einstein predicted right, once more.

For scientists to devise ways to better comprehend the inner workings of the cosmos, shows that the hatred and viciousness that occurs on this planet can be smashed out like a used cigarette. LIGO is a way for human beings to come together in peace, and propel thought about the universe. For decades, astronomers took Einstein's word for it. He had envisioned so much that it was difficult to parse through what was actual.

A Snapshot of a Black Hole in Action

Physicists are still baffled by these things, but they never tire to understand.

It wasn’t until 2015 that teams of scientists first discovered that Einstein was right (again). Through their smart work and ingenuity, these men and women of the mind caused quite the commotion within the scientific sphere. And that is what employing knowledge and reason means. In the over four centuries since Galileo crafted a telescope and pointed it skyward, the race, the fight, the goal has been to know more. Greedy with their desire to discover new prospects, and ambitious enough to peer into the vastness of the universe, their idealism allows them to continue on quests that permit everyone on Earth to better understand what really is out there.

The Black Hole in All its Glory

This is what LIGO scientists study.

Through tireless effort and extreme focus, scientists at places like Virgo in Italy and KAGRA in Japan, even more study and research will be implemented in this atmosphere of superior brain activity. All of the time and energy and money that goes into these projects push thinkers to consider new possibilities, based on a century’s worth of speculation. Now, scientists exhibit excitement whenever they utilize their instruments. A surge of joy and wonder surges through their being, knowing that with more thought and application comes greater discoveries. Their dedication to their field stands in stark contrast to the events that take place every day on Earth.

A Unique Way to Look at a Black Hole

Scientists may not ever discover a black hole quite like this.

Just like the Apollo 11 launch (that will mark its fiftieth anniversary in July) amidst racial tension, and a sacrificial war in Vietnam, and widespread poverty and unrest, men and women provided an outlet for individuals who wish to experience peace. To Ayn Rand, scientists are the guardians of rationality and launch mankind from the muck of mud to gleaming observatories. Powerful minds devised and continue to employ reason to get a firmer grasp on the worlds outside Earth’s atmosphere.

With the restart of the LIGO locations in Louisiana and Washington in the US, these intrepid finders of mysteries that are out there, scientists will be enabled to show that the mind can and does represent the true force of the galaxies. Physicists have taken Mr. Einstein’s prediction crafted it into cold, hard fact of reality. Because of the immense amount of brain power that goes into securing the present with science to extend into the future, here and now, while still on the Earth should only be considered. These scientists work with the notion that what they produce is for their own selfish enjoyment. After all of the toil and anguish experienced by these individuals, they regard their failures as insignificant to their numerous achievements.

By taking into account the travails and personal struggles that each and every scientist faces in their lives, it is enlightening that their work is what saves them. Their virtue is in looking upward and trying to further know the nature of the universe.


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