Ravings of the Mad

Matchstick Men

Ravings of the Mad

If you are wondering why is it that i put matchstick men under subtitle it's because this is... Well you can figure it out.


My little friend my little shadow; How long have you been standing there. I was so surprised to see you let me get up. I hope I am properly attired I was not expecting you so soon. Have you come for the festivities or just for the food. I have a new horse her name is Merry I named her after my mother cause she kicks as hard as she bites and she never loses her smile while she does it. Ha! Ha! Don't listen to the ravings of a mad man. What could have brought you so far from your home. Is it to tell me that Winter is coming, of this already know my kingdom has seen the coldest of seasons every year. The ice would only melt at the end of May; The children would cry because there ears would freeze from just standing moments outside. Harsh it was my friend, but survived we did. It was not but last year we lost all the provisions from frost burn, but don't worry a good king always comes prepared, we have a deal with the near kingdom. In exchange for some gold and the promise of not cutting there head off; We get some food for the next coming.

So still you stand and look at me; and still I do not know what it is you want. Let me guess you are here for a fare bride is that it? I knew it you old dog. So which one is it?: the house maiden's daughter with the big hips or one of the courtesan that are always scurrying in the palace at all hours of the night. I have heard of your mischievous deed's. That is why I am the king I have eye's in the back of my head. Surely I jest I don't think you the type to go off running with one of the belle's in this village or any.

I know; I know why you are here it's that damn emperor Valgers isn't it. He sent you knowing that I would accommodate any of your demands. They say; It always ends with the hand that made you. I just never thought it would have been you shadow but if it has to be someone it might as well be you. Still, I'm not going down without a fight you damn conspirator. You pariahs always do everything you can to take me down but I'm still here still standing. Have you no honor with everything we have been trough does it not mean anything. All the battles where death came for us but still we had prevailed standing side-by-side.

Today it is different I see a man; a man I know for long and past. Silent as the night and cloaked like a shrouded. Only why? I can ask as I sit there patiently as he makes the first move. Because of a few acres of land that our children's, children will barely remember us for. A few pieces of gold that will eventually rot inside of a coffin like both of us one day. Well then, make your move I haven't got all day.

Or is to take my lovely bride the treasure of my keep. I always suspected you two of keeping things from me. Always talking to each other laughing like nothing is wrong. Whispering to each other have you no shame I should put in shackles for such treason. You will never take her and leave this place alive. Take up arms old friend I will fight to the bitter end if you come for what is mine. Only the blood stains of our swords will declare a winner. Still, so silent not a word I see. Foolish naive I have fought countless times men that would think be worthy of her love but none has gotten past the end of my blade.

Wait this is impossible... I remember you. Your dead along with half of the few good men of this here court. Let me take a good look at you. Pardon the mess I haven't had the time to clean up. I traverse on these dead men skull's it is quite embarrassing. It is no way to treat a guest, having you here like this. Don't worry these are the head's of men that will not miss them. They have fought for our freedom willingly and with bravery so has our enemies.

Yet here you stand before me in this desolate land. Now I know you will never leave my sight will you my little friend, my little shadow. I know now that you must go but please come back again soon for I know not for how long I can withstand this solitude. Please next time come back with good news.

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