Pros and Cons of Going Solar

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What Your Family Needs To Know

Pros and Cons of Going Solar

Having a house is a big responsibility. It can help to have investments that you do not have to replace often. One thing in a house that needs to be checked is the wiring. If the house is older than 50 years old, then it may have outdated wiring. It's time to rethink your options, and include going solar to the list.

Houses with outdated wiring can cause fires. Having newer wiring installed is much safer. The new wiring does not have items that can cause it to heat and create a fire.

Older homes are not capable of handling the electricity needed for today. Modern appliances and gadgets means that modern homes need to have at least 200 amps. The older homes do not produce this type of power, and, at most, will have 100 amps of electricity.

Don't overload the electrical system, because that can damage electronics, and it could also lead to a fire. Be on the safe side and start to compare the cost to rewire a house.

Some ways to know that it is time to update your wiring are:

  • Blown fuses and/or circuit breakers tripping often
  • Switches that feel warm to the touch
  • A crackling sound, along with a burning smell

If you have these issues it is time to join the new wave of using solar power. Solar power is a good alternative investment for any home. It does come with its ups and downs though.


  • Intermittent
    • Having solar energy is having an energy source that is intermittent. During the nighttime, there is no, sun and during certain times of the year, the sun is limited. Overcast days are going to happen too.
  • Expensive
    • You could store the energy of the sun in to batteries, however, the batteries are the most expensive part.


  • Silent
    • Using solar power, there are no extra parts. There is also no noise. This is a favorable choice when compared with wind turbines or generators.
  • Financial Support from the Government
    • There are rebates that you can take advantage of in your state. Homeowners can take advantage of these rebates. Now solar panels cost less than what they used to. In many cases, a residential photovoltaic system could cost more than fifty percent less!
  • Low Maintenance
    • Maintenance is very low when it comes to solar power systems. You only need to clean your solar power unit a few times per year. The low maintenance is from those solar manufacturers who know their industry. The manufacturers usually offer a 20 or 25 year warranty.
  • Better Technology
    • Solar power is always improving. There are major advancements being made in the industry. Imagine, with quantum physics and nanotechnology, solar power is unstoppable. The electrical output of solar panels could triple with the new advances in technology.
  • Less Expensive Bills
    • One of the appeals to having solar power is that once you have invested in the technology, your electricity bill will be lower. This could save you over $100 per month! After a few years, you will have saved a lot of money due to having solar power.

There are leasing and financial agreements that you can take advantage of in order to start saving more money later. In many cases, having solar power technology, drastically reduces the electricity bill. In other cases, having a solar panel system eliminates the electricity bill. There is more room for more money to be saved and kept in your pockets.

If you have found that your home has outdated wiring, then this is the perfect time to incorporate solar. If you must tear down walls and replace the wiring, then it's best to make it a sound investment. When you're remodeling, you can get all of this done at the same time.

So now that your home is getting ready to step in to this century's way of powering a home, you are prepared to step in to the solar pathway.

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