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Projection (Ch. 1)

by Daniel Chapman 3 years ago in science fiction · updated 6 months ago

Chapter I

"I think I might have an idea— uhh sorry I’m not so good with names." But your face I've seen you before. I’m certain this time.

"I guess since we’re partners I’m not so against hearing your ideas," she says letting a shy smile slightly wrinkle her high red cheeks. I love her face. It's certainly been well worth almost a decade of waiting.

"I know it’s banned in most places across the United Nations, but—Astral Projection?" A weak suggestion rolling off of my lips nervously. Ever since the United Nations decided to squash the idea of a world super power and supremacy, they’ve done everything but—

"Adrien I can’t!”

“Sorry, I didn’t mean to piss you off.”This is just gahdamned dandy. Way to go, Adrien, not only does she think you’re an idiot she probably thinks you’re with the Old Church. Hell.

Thankfully I’ve only been here barely over two semesters

"Miss Evans... Mister Oleyl!" the sharpness of hearing my name used as a weapon only made more terrifying by the rough militant voice in control of delivering the blow. Seven feet tall and built like a willow, he crouches, inching close enough to my face for me to smell the garlic and pepperoni from last nights sad ass excuse for a quiet evening home. "Have we chosen a topic of interest for our biology projects? Or do I need to assign new partners?"

I go to answer when Amaranth's voice fills the space between us, " Astral Projection, sir. We're going to look into Astral Projection," she pauses to flash me a reassuring smile, "and schizophrenia."

Without blinking Dr. May releases an odor packed, half-hearted, "That sounds interesting." Returning to his fully erect stature, he turns back to look at Amaranth. "Oh, and Miss Evans please let me know if you have ANY issues in completing this project," He sets his lifeless gaze back onto me, but I know he is still speaking to Amaranth so I avert my attention to the clock.

This time determination sets in on her face, "who better to put with the new kid? New partner, new challenges. I'll show him how we work in Angele Emeralds."

Dr. May lets out what I'm sure for him is a soft chuckle. " Yes, new challenges indeed." He heads back to the front of the room.

Amaranth focuses her large brown eyes on me and I can't escape staring into them. "He's just being hard on you. He'll warm up once he sees you're not here to make trouble" her soft tone does add some comfort. "You know you're the first new person to show up here, well, since my parents..." her eyes glaze over.

"Are they," I pause with hesitation feeling a knot form in my chest." Dead?"

"Even that might have been better than the sentence they were actually dealt." Her look turns somber, "They are locked up in the Angele Asylum for 'schizophrenic episodes'."

"How long have they been there?"

"Since I was about eight." I guess she senses the concern permeating from me. "I don't remember much before that, Pop Pop always says that they were 'the creative types' and 'their 'magination' got the better of them," the movement of students rushing to leave signifies the end of class but I have so many more questions. She slides me a folded piece of paper with an address and some numbers on it.

"Come once the sun goes down." She flashes one last smile before she runs off to meet with a group of people standing in the hallway who keep looking in my direction and laughing.

"Oh, Amaranth Evans, what I will endure for you."

science fiction

Daniel Chapman

Still not really anybody. Still don’t have a thing. Perfectly content.

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