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Predators of the Past

by Johann Hollar 3 months ago in evolution

Where the Yautja can be used elsewhere


We all know that the deadliest hunters in galaxy have made their mark in the history of the human race, yet there has been nothing of the Predator's being used in the past.

In Batman Versus Predator III: Blood Ties, images are shown of the Wild West and the early days of the Spanish controlled Mexico, but so far, the only references to the history of the Predators being on Earth was seen in the 2004 Alien versus Predator movie, as well various references seen in the 2010 Predators film. There are rumors of a Predator film taking place in North America before the arrival of Europeans, but these are just rumors so far. *

With that being said, why not add the galaxy's deadliest, yet honorable warriors in other time periods of history in comics, anime/manga, movies, video games or even a TV series?

This is what my post will be about.


The Viking Age

Can you image the Yautja fighting these fierce raiders of the North?

Since the Predators enjoy the heat more than the cold, they would have to make arrangements for the area of combat against the Norsemen and Shield-maidens that would suit the Predators. At least that would be the case if the Predators hunted the warriors of the north in their Nordic homelands.

The Crusades

Taking place during one of history's bloodiest and most controversial conflict would certainly be an ideal place for the Yautja to hunt because the environment would be ideal for them and there would be plenty of prey for them among the blood-soaked environment of the Middle-East.

The Mongol Empire

History's most famous nomadic warriors that nearly conquered the known world were deadly warriors, but what if they were to face the deadliest hunters in the galaxy?

Since the Mongol empire was so vast, where would the setting be? Would it be Persia? The Ukraine? or even China?

The Japanese Invasion of Korea (1592-1598 CE)

Like the Crusades idea, there is plenty of prey for the Yautja to choose from here.

They could hunt the Japanese invaders, the Korean defenders or even the Imperial Ming army.

The Yautja would already be aware of the primitive firearms and other gunpowder-based weapons that would be used during this timeline. So, would the fiercest hunters in the galaxy learn how to use these weapons? If so, that means they'd be fighting on the same level as the humans they are hunting. Would it not be interesting to see a Bloodied Predator learn how to use a Flintlock rifle or pistol?

Roman Empire

Taking place during the time of Julius Caesar would certainly be an obvious choice for the Yautja to take place, as well as the Punic Wars.

Regardless of when during the days of the Roman Empire the Yautja will arrive in, the certainly have their pick of prey. From the legions of Rome, to the Celtic peoples of Gaul and Britannia, the barbarian tribes of Germania, to even the Parthians and the Sarmatians.

One concept that would have to go with this idea is the concept of the Predator getting captured by the Romans and is forced to fight as a Gladiator.

Wars of the Ottoman Empire

Once again there would have to be some thought as to when the Yautja would arrive during the time of the Ottoman Empire.

The wars with Venice, the Conquest of Hungary, the Wallachia and Moldavian campaigns, the are so many conflicts within the history of the Ottoman Empire that it would be hard to pick timeline to put the Predator in.

One idea would be for the Predator to hunt down and try to kill Vlad Tepes III also known as the "Impaler" or better yet "Dracula". Whether or not the Predator would hunt him down as a the mortal he was known for or as Vampire lord himself as described in fiction, should be considered as a possibility.

Your thoughts?

Johann Hollar
Johann Hollar
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