Orwellian Times ~ 2020 Where is Neo?!

O’ to be alive in a time such as this ~ War is Peace ~ Freedom is Slavery ~ Ignorance is Strength

Orwellian Times ~ 2020 Where is Neo?!
Are we living in Orwellian times, has ignorance become strength. Where are you Neo?

When humanity is at its the pinnacle of change, which way do we decide to go. War is peace, freedom is slavery and ignorance is strength. Some of you all might be familiar with these words from the world famous novel, 1984. He speaks of a time when the world is under a one world order control, dissonance, fear, obidience and even the essence of humans when they are afraid of their ruler. Well, let’s just say a people can be controlled if they are indeed dependent upon one source. Why do we as humans stay co-dependent, why do we not break from the grips of control and love truly free?

2020 has been a year but one of awakening, awareness, knowing. O’ to be alive in a time such as this. Scary times for sure even rivaling the 1984 book written in the 40’s. Wise words ring through not just decades but forever. Unless those words are a detriment to the ones that control the masses. In America we live to work, not work to live, feeding the corporations as if they are a parent we desperately seek approval from but yet we only in return get the cold shoulder.

2020 has shown that we all are just puppets in someone’s show, being toyed and controlled by the content pushed through the boxed channeling devices we call tell-a-vision. For those who are a dissonance they are ridiculed and considered crazy conspiracy theorist who are far from earth, but only in the mind. Those dissonance who refuse to swallow the blue pill of lies and deceit. O’ to be alive in a time such as this.

Morpheus, Neo, Trinity, Oracles, AI .... maybe the matrix was on to something, as of to act as a warning to the people to let us know we live in a simulation where everything we see, taste, hear, feel are all controlled by the puppet master. But in real life where is our Neo, Trinity..... Morpheus where are humanities saviors, that are supposed to deliver us from this existence and wake the people from their slumbers.

I believe the Neo’s, Morpheus, and Trinity of our world, our time are on their way, if they aren’t here already lol but who wants to take the red pill of truth? Would you rather live in the illusion or the ugly truth.

Neo where are you? If a Neo really does exist would they want to fight against their enemy and the people they are trying to liberate. Unfortunately, this happens to often those dissonance that are toting liberation and freedoms get viewed at as the crazies of the society. The conspiracy theorist, tin hat wearers. Would you want to be labeled as such when you want to just bring people to the truth? The matrix makes a fairy tale out of the harsh reality that no one wants to wake up. Sleep feels so much .... easier... not knowing ... it’s just better... but what if the only thing holding you back from feeling what this world is truly meant to be for you, is you. Your thought that not knowing, not swallowing the red pill is easier. Unfortunately, turning a blind eye to the real view of the world does not mean it will not exist.

Taking into consideration for once that your family conspiracy theorist was right and tried to warn the masses of the succubus type structure we live in, but no one listened. Everyone ridiculed and then one day they could no longer speak freely to discuss these things. Living in a police state, having to take vaccinations or be ridiculed and kicked out of society if you decline them. No more public transportation, entertainment, I mean utter isolation from the society if you don’t vaccinate or take the mark.... what if it is too late to consider crazy cousins johns radical safety measures and protections.

Neo 2020 May never come but who is here is the Neo within everyone to be a dissonance to a system that hasn’t been kind to all the participants. Rather the times revel the Matrix or even Hunger Games, the world is at a turning point for sure. We may not have a Neo, Buddha, Jesus today to save us from ourselves but we do have ourselves. Knowledge is the key to understanding but wisdom is knowing how to apply the understanding.

Let me know what you would like to take..... Red Pill of Truth or the Blue Pill of Illusion. Remember the great words of Orwell speaks of the true illusion “War is Peace, Slavery is Freedom, Ignorance is Strength” ....

fact or fiction
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