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By Ocusan MPublished 29 days ago 6 min read

It didn’t happen at once but soon after I purchased a pink Uranium glass I began to have illusive dreams. Living in Iceland I had skylights built on my roof where I could view the Northern Lights as they seemed to help me dream. The reoccurring dream seemed like a soap opera as the white haired people spoke to me. The leader said they were from the Pleiades as he showed me a illuminated device he said was a diabetic meter that used a laser to draw blood. He explained that they had many medical inventions that I, being a Doctor might be interested with. Dreams he said were the only way they had to communicate. Each night I drifted off to sleep while I conversed with their people learning about the their world where they lived within the seven star system. One night they brought food to demonstrate how their systems differed from ours. The leader called, Izzy explained while biting into a apple how his body digests. While dreaming I found myself having the sense of my olfactory glands where I could smell an array of apples. You see, I eat then the food escapes through my pours. He then tasted a drumstick of chicken. I then was amazed at the smell of baked chicken. He then told of how although human, his race had perfected & altered his course of digestion that their bodies did not make waste. You might wonder how we take fluids, he said as he drank a glass of water. It nourished his body as he explained that the water too evaporated through his pours, evaporating into steam. Izzy’s body slowly gave off a steam vapor after a large intake of water. It was quite fun to sleep every night as I told no one as Izzy instructed. He explained more in detail how their food was composed of a substance such as cotton candy, melting from a solid into liquidation. Since they used sugar as an ingredient in all foods to do so, monitoring their sugar was crucial for the existence of their race. His words were kind & tender where when not sleeping I thought constantly of him where it began to interfere with my medical practice. I thought I should tell my X husband or my grown children, and yet I was Spellbound. One day while I was in my office my best nurse saw me testing my blood with the device he gave me. I had found it resting on my bed after I awakened, unsure of how a material object could transfer from the astral plane. Izzy tried to explain how the atoms in his world could reassemble through time & space, as the science was a well kept inside glass mechanisms similar to what the ancients used. The nurse didn’t ask where I had obtained the meter, as she seemed hypnotized by the artifact with the laser freezing her thoughts. I quickly put the meter into my jacket pocket. She then blinked her eyes wanting to say something but lost her thoughts. The laser must be in another dimension, yet I could see it wholly. That night Izzy appeared while I was still awake, as his world had evolved the dream science that used a dream sequencer machine that traveled from one galaxy into another. The Northern lights were glowing a green radiance through my windows as they helped transmit the cosmic rays for inter dimensional time communication. By being out of the dream world I was able to ask questions. I wanted to travel to his galaxy to learn the science and have a body that functioned like his. He explained that he did have access to a craft as one could travel that took approximately 75 years. Izzy’s presence began to fade as I waved my hand through his body. Why he’s holographic! He appeared again as he stated indeed he was real & using a holographic device to communicate. He then waved his hand upon my wall where a portal opened showing a Plebeian female placing stones upon a glass table that allowed him to become holographic. Why can’t I step into the portal? I asked feeling that 75 years was too much. Izzy laughed turning to face me straight on. Because your solid! I’m not capable of doing so! I asked about the craft. We did send a craft many years ago with time frozen occupants who slept in deep sleep hibernation. They are living among your people, traveling to sights such as Stonehenge to gather Earth history. He handed me an orange that manifested into my palm. Taste it! The fruit quickly dissolved like pixie stick candy. We can transmute certain objects, yet not our bodies. The food was fascinating as I didn’t hunger as much after eating. I wish to meet your time travelers as the food alone could cure world hunger! I said looking into his Holographic eyes. Are you prepared to sleep for seventy five years? I know you have children.. He had a point, as I would miss seeing my Grandchildren.. I then thought of another dream I had years prior. Reaching for my notes in my bookcase, I found the formula given in the dream. It was a mathematical equation for geometry that he did not understand. Izzy shook his head asking what the equation was for. Students who were working on a way to make a car invisible. Go on, Izzy’s hologram began to sway. They designed a cloaking device from mixing a chemical structure they obtained from an informer. They must be highly psychic to give you a formula through a dream! Izzy glanced at the notebook. Is that their photo? They look of our species, meaning white haired. They could be descendants of our ancestors.. Izzy looked complexed in thought. Did they succeed in making a car invisible? I don’t know, the dream faded, I have only the formula. Looking at the chemical structure Izzy wasn’t familiar with the symbols. Do you know what the symbols are? I was hoping you would.. What if invisibility was created? How does that fit into time travel? Once the vehicle maintains a constant velocity & disappears, it could go faster than the speed of light. That’s what these gifted kid genius engineers said. Izzy took his Obsidian scrying ring & took a picture of the equation. I will contact our team of physicists with this, & return when I find something. The conversation ended with Izzy fading away. The anticipation of waiting for him to return seemed like a lifetime. Finally he did return with information about the formula. We found the answer to the equation only recognized by our zeta reticulan scientists. It seems that it requires a magnetic laser of alchemical energy of a plant substance of blue agave. Once the substance is fired onto a conductor of flux within a container it creates a vacuum shield that dissolves the surrounding vehicle. We’re still testing it on a racetrack as it seems to work! I relaxed and asked if it could shorten space travel. It might make it possible to travel their in one instant with the combination of a speed of light fusion reactor surrounded by a bubble of organic matter! You know I had a Grandfather who’s cousin was the main character in, Son of Flubber! Oh I don’t know all your movies! Izzy was surrounded in a group of Plebeians wearing psychedelic robes meditating inside what looked like an egg pyramid. Well this movie was about a flying car that used a rubber substance that they called flubber.. Oh I see, well we’re a bit more advanced. The group smiled through the hologram seeming so distant. I like your intellect, Doctor, we were searching for someone like you through our dreams. If all goes well you may visit us in a much shorter time in deep sleep, thanks to your equation. It must have come from the greys, I don’t know much about them, yet I believe. They are very secretive, but if you knew one, you’d feel like they were your own children.. I’m so glad they helped you. When we have mastered the universe with the cloaking device, I will send a contact. They waved goodbye as the vision faded leaving me alone with the glowing Aurora Borealis overhead. It was a heavy realization to really converse across the Universe, yet not Impossible. I took a strong drink out of my Uranium glass to sleep & dream of the whole Surrealistic illusion letting it absorb into my bloodstream as i switched out the light.

science fiction

About the Creator

Ocusan M

I write in a surrealistic style learning new realities as i researched Quantum physics in Quantum Dreaming where the man had a Quantum computer in his home that could see into the future.

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