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Notification: Make Sure You Have Enough Food, Water, and Fuel Before The Total Solar Eclipse

Mobile phones may also pose an issue.

By Francis DamiPublished 2 months ago 3 min read

The Lorain County Emergency Management (EMA) in Ohio has warned residents living in the path of totality as well as eclipse viewers to prepare for an influx of visitors by stockpiling food, water, and fuel before the complete eclipse on April 8.

Anyone who witnessed the most recent complete solar eclipse across the US would attest to its stunning nature. It's difficult to envision how the site might have been made better on Monday after seeing the pictures.

However, if fortune favors us and the weather holds out, we might be in for something truly unique, as the eclipse falls during the solar maximum, and Baily's beads may even be visible.

"The Sun was getting closer to solar minimum in 2017. The stunning corona was visible to those watching the total eclipse, but only the equatorial parts of the star could observe streamers entering the solar atmosphere because the Sun remained silent. According to NASA, the Sun seems simpler during solar minimum because it is more magnetically symmetrical.

"The Sun will be in or near solar maximum during the 2024 eclipse, which is when the magnetic field is more akin to a knotted hairball. There will probably be streamers visible all around the Corona. Furthermore, there will be an increased opportunity for spectators to witness prominences, which are vivid, pink loops or curls that emanate from the Sun."

Viewers from Mexico to Canada should be able to see the eclipse. Since the Moon is closer to Earth than it was in 2017, more people will be able to glimpse the Sun's corona within the path of totality, which is the area where people will see a total solar eclipse.

"With lucky timing, there could even be a chance to see a coronal mass ejection – a large eruption of solar material – during the eclipse," NASA stated.

However, there are safety issues as there usually are with eclipses. The last time this happened, there was an alarming increase in Google searches for what happens when you stare directly at the Sun right after the eclipse.

A massive rush of tourists seeking to witness the celestial spectacle is another logistical challenge, which localities along the path of totality are currently preparing for. For example, Lorain County officials issued a warning last month that if people arrive before the eclipse, there may be more traffic, longer wait times at hospitals and petrol stations, and trouble getting food and other supplies.

According to a statement obtained by USA Today, Dave Freeman, the director of Lorain County EMA, "What we could have is crowds here that we're not used to." "We don't have the roads, and we're not set up infrastructure-wise for that."

According to Yahoo News, Freeman continued, "A lot of the roads here are two lanes." "This is not Cleveland or Chicago, where there are numerous four- and six-lane roads coming in, so if we have more people than we anticipate, the traffic here could get pretty bad."

The EMA is also issuing a warning that a surge in cell phone activity in the area may overload the system, leading to the loss of cell phone signals. The group is alerting locals to the fact that over the weekend before the eclipse, people should avoid traveling if at all possible, restock on food, and fill their cars with petrol.

The most essential thing to do is to look up and enjoy the eclipse. Of course, you should first read our helpful guide on safely viewing eclipses to reduce the possibility of eye harm. You might also use this guide to learn how to take the greatest pictures of the impending eclipse if the weather remains clear.


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  • Mike Singleton - Mikeydred2 months ago

    Ah I thought this was about Vocal Notifications or the Eclipse Challenge. An excellent informative article which I think will be useful to many

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