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New Moon Intentions

by Katie Dawn 9 months ago in astronomy

four weeks towards a fresh start

New Moon Intentions
Photo by Vivek Doshi on Unsplash

We just had our first New Moon of 2021, January 12th (or 13th, depending on where you are in the world). Did you know the New Moon is the perfect time to set intentions? This means, if you've gone a little sideways with your resolutions, or later in the year you're wanting to make a new change, there are a dozen perfect opportunities throughout the year. A dozen opportunities for a fresh start at your goals, your dreams, your greatest desires.

It's even more powerful when you set your intentions according to where the New Moon is in the sky, in relation to your birth chart. What I've learned from my Moonology training is that the New Moon in Capricorn, for me, means the Moon is in my first house.

Let me break some things down now before I continue:

* When the Moon is new, whatever sign the Sun is currently in, that's where the Moon is -- in this case, we had a New Moon in Capricorn, because it is Capricorn season from mid-December to mid-January (roughly)

* There are 12 different houses in our natal chart -- following Moonology, each sign occupies a different house, and which sign is in which house depends on the time you were born

* My Rising sign, based on my time of birth (and the date, and where in the world I was born), is Capricorn -- this means Capricorn is in my first house (if my Rising sign was, say, Sagittarius, Capricorn would be in my second house)

As I'm still learning, I ask that you take these next pieces of information with a grain of salt -- this is how I'm currently setting up my New Moon intentions, but that may change over the course of 2021.

* The New Moon in Capricorn is a great time to get some order into your life (organization) ... it's also perfect for looking at your ambitions, the mark you want to leave on the world

* When the New Moon is in your first house, it can be a time to restart anything related to your appearance and how you come across in the world to other people

So, when I set my intentions, I like to choose 5 things I'd like to change in the four weeks, based on a combination of these two pieces of information: the sign's energy and the house's energy. I also make note of HOW I intend to help these things come true. (New Moon intentions, also known as New Moon wishes, are very similar to Law of Attraction -- you put out into the universe what you want to happen, but you can't just sit around and do nothing about it!)

These are the five I set this month, to give you some idea of what I'm talking about:

1) Update my wardrobe [FIRST HOUSE]: This will be an extended project, but it's going to start with these four weeks by me getting ready for Project 333 -- I'll be wearing the same 33 items for 3 months, putting the rest of my clothes and accessories away, to determine what I miss/don't miss. (I guess you could say this intention is a combination of the first house's focus of appearance, and Capricorn's focus of organization.)

2) Get a makeover [FIRST HOUSE]: I know nothing about make-up, and I thought it would be fun to go to Sephora and have someone experienced doll me up for a day. Unfortunately, when I initially set this, I didn't think about how Sephora may not be offering these types of services due to the restrictions still in place. SO, my plan B, if I can't get a full makeover, is to do something I've been putting off for two years: getting my eyebrows threaded! (I had an incredible threading lady in my hometown, but haven't found anyone yet in my new town.)

3) Show up on social media [FIRST HOUSE]: I tried something in February 2020, on Facebook with my family and friends; I went live every single day, talking for at least a minute (sometimes 3!). I have a fear of going live, and I wanted to try conquering that by participating in "Fearless February". I'm doing the challenge again this year, but this time with posting a new TikTok video every day for the month. (This last half of January will be used to brainstorm ideas, and then I officially begin posting February 1st.) I think the TikTok videos will be fun, but the idea of showing up on social media EVERY DAY seems exhausting to me (that's why it's a challenge). I'll also go on Instagram live each week, because I still want to conquer that fear ... but this time, I'd rather have a carefully planned out 5-minute talk once a week versus the 1-minute fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants one-sided chats I did last year.

4) Begin to leave my mark on the world [CAPRICORN]: Capricorn is a great time to set up a 12-month plan, or any plan in general. I have been working on a novel for more than half my life now, and I've decided 2021 is the year it's finally happening. So, I say "begin to leave my mark" because I'm starting from the very beginning in these four weeks, and doing something I've never tried to do with the novel before: create an outline. (I may also do this with another big writing project I have planned for this year!)

5) Organize my office [CAPRICORN]: I finally got my office desk ... it's not built yet, so that's the first task. Once that's built though, I'm going to turn my office into a PROPER office -- everything having a place, taking out items that don't belong in there, treating it like a professional area. I'm starting my own business this year, and I want to take it seriously.

When the New Moon comes around again, I'll be setting completely new intentions, based on the energies of Aquarius and the second house. Depending on how many of these come to life, if there's one or two that didn't happen in the four weeks, I can always use the energy of the Daily Moon in Capricorn throughout the year to see to it that these get done.

If you want to learn more about Moonology and living in accordance to the Moon's cycles (or even just specifically New Moon intentions), check out Yasmin Boland's book! I highly recommend it for anyone like me who has always had a strong connection to the moon.


Katie Dawn

I am a young woman from Canada

I am an Aquarius sun, Taurus moon, Capricorn rising

I am a reader, writer, lover of words

I am a multi-passionate individual

I am studying to become a Life and Creativity Coach

I am an open book

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