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by Lunar Reflection Apothecary 7 months ago in psychology
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01/02/2022 Tarot Based Horoscope

To be honest, this was all such heavy energy. Collectively we have all been going through it there’s no doubt about that. Sending everyone so much love through these hard unknown times.

Applies to your Sun, Moon, Rising, & Venus.

Cardinal Signs : Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn

There is a huge need for balance in tour life. More specially, emotional balance. You are ready to walk away from what has been holding you back emotionally. This is something internally that you need to be letting go. Spirit says you have been learning how to be more patient with yourself when these intense emotions arise. This next lunar cycle is really going to expand your self awareness and emotional intelligence if you allow it to happen. This new found emotional balance is going to lead you into your truth and who you truly are. Spirit is really asking you to surrender your worries and fears to the universe and your guides. They have been working so hard behind the scenes for you, trust that everything is always working in your favor. Even if it doesn’t feel like it in the moment. Your stress and emotional unbalance is coming from your worrying, anxieties, and fears about the future. All we have is the present moment, focus on where you are in each present moment and let your fears go. You will soon after start seeing how much you perspective has already changed and you can carry that with you on your journey into the unknown more balanced and with more excitement rather than fear.

Fixed Signs: Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius

This has been a really tough time for you fixed signs. Battling SO much internally. Spirit says you have been way too obsessive over your finances and wanting to “make it” in whatever projects or goals you have been working on. It is important for you to balance the practical with the spiritual. You have been so worried about if things are going to work out for you materially, its been really causing a lot of your shadows to surface. It is ok if they do, our shadows are another part of us that just want to be acknowledged much like our inner child. The issue Spirit says is that you have been allowing it to cloud your mind to the point where you may be losing faith in everything that you have been working so hard towards. Spirit also says that you have not been paying attention to the signs your spirit guides have been sending you. They are trying to give you opportunities to get rid of any blocks that are occurring because of these hard emotions you have been dealing with but you aren’t taking them or you are not allowing yourself to see them. Know that your guides are always with you even when you feel alone or left out in the cold. Ask them to help you see more clearly what they are trying to show you. Things WILL start looking brighter, just don’t allow yourself to give up on all the seeds you have been planting and watering all year.

Mutable Signs: Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces

You have been going through a HUGE transformational period, but you are resisting it by pushing too hard. Spirit says “ yes, we know how resilient and determined you are but will you allow yourself to go inward while this transformation occurs?”. It’s not a time to keep pushing. When we push we are not in flow, and when we are not in flow that is when we are met with resistance. You NEED to let go of control. Spirit says you need to stop trying to control the outcome of what you have have been working on or working towards. You are literally SO close but it’s not going to make it come faster the more you push. Divine timing is always at play. I know that’s annoying to hear but it’s true. You are ready for the next chapter to start but you are still afraid to close the last one. It’s ok to grieve our old selves, change isn’t always easy even if its the thing we want the most. Let your old ways of thinking and old belief systems die. It’s time to connect back with yourself and your inner guidance. Allow yourself to rest, meditate, and get back into the flow while this transformation happens. Change is coming, if you let go of the resistance you have to it it will be a lot easier to receive when it comes. A crucial time to get back into balance.

*These are collective readings so if it doesn’t sit don’t make it fit. Always use discernment when watching/reading Tarot messages.*


About the author

Lunar Reflection Apothecary

My name is Kristina and I am an Astrologer and mystical lady. I use my spiritual and astrology knowledge to help others heal and find the power they carry within themselves to become their best selves.

IG: @lunarreflectionapothecary

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