Nanobots and the Future of Technology

by Kevin Gardner 6 months ago in future

Nanobots and their possible uses in various forms!

Nanobots and the Future of Technology

You might have heard the term nanobots in movies and remember them as microrobots. Nanobots in real life are nanoparticles sized machines. Nanoparticles are in between 1 to 100 nanometers. The study of building nanobots is called Nanorobotics. It is now mainly in the development phase and can have great potential to unlock new possibilities in the world of technology.

Advancement in Medical Science

Researchers have been able to make nanobots that are capable of cleaning the toxins in our blood. The toxins are caused by bacteria and can be very harmful to our body. This technology was developed at the University of California San Diego. Nanobots are believed to be able to cure cancer. This belief is based on the theory that nanobots will be able to target very specific cells within our body for drug delivery. They can be used to clear veins that are blocked and allow us to gain access to the body parts where there is comparatively less blood flow. Researchers at Arizona State University have performed a study using nanobots. First, mice were injected with tumor cells, and once the tumor started to grow, they deployed nanobots to examine the effects. The nanobots are programmed to target a very specific type of protein that is found only in cancer cells. These type of proteins are not found in normal cells. The nanobots were successful in neutralizing the tumor growth, and the research seems promising. Since many cancer cells contain this protein, this method can be applied for the cure of many types of cancer cells. Some researchers considering the vast application of nanotechnology in medical science believe that nanobots will be flowing in our bodies for treatment by 2030.

Advancement in Construction

Nanobots can be used to reduce construction and development time and effort. They can be used to do risky tasks during the construction of a building. Nanobots can be used for building maintenance and repair. Due to their size, they can easily be used to fill the cracks and spots in a building or a road. Nanotechnology can also be used for spraying coating during the construction of a building, making the coating more long-lasting. Nanobots can also be used to repair cracks in glasses. The buildings that are built with the application of nanobots are more resistant to natural disasters and are considered to be more durable than normal buildings. Because of these factors, nanobots have a major role to play in the future of the construction business.

Advancement in Military

Nanobots can be used in the military and defense of any nation. Many lives have been lost in the army every year, and the use of nanobots can prevent the deaths of many soldiers. Nanotechnology can be used to create spying devices to gain threat intelligence from enemies. It can be used to make special kevlar that is impenetrable and protects the life of the soldiers. Nanotechnology can play a vital role not only in defense, but also in attack. Nanobots can be used to design weapons that are lighter and stronger. These types of weapons can be very useful in combat ensuring the speed and agility of the army. Nanobots can be used to guard sensitive documents against the enemy. They can also be used to build a strong and advanced defense system. The application of nanobots is limitless for the advancement of the military.

Nanobots are still in the development and research phase, but research is showing promising results for the advancement of humanity as a whole. At the same time, nanotechnology can be used for any destructive purpose as well. We should be careful about how we use nanobots. In the medical field, nanobots can be a boon to many patients who are struggling with cancer diseases.

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