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Mysterious ball of light slammed into the space station! Astronauts: Encounter with a civilization ahead of its time as it suddenly swerves while flying at high speed

by Deljewitzki 6 days ago in science
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Mysterious ball of light slammed into the space station!

Astronauts who have long been engaged in deep space exploration have often encountered unexplained and bizarre things that have led most of them to believe that a superlative civilization exists and has always been around us.

The International Space Station, which is still operating in space more than 400 kilometers high, experienced another very strange event not long ago, thus once again arousing people's reverie and making more people inclined to believe that there are intelligent beings in space with civilizations far beyond ours. Here, I would like to lead you together, to restore the International Space Station to this experience of this strange event.

According to the British famous "Daily Mail" reported that on this day, March 19, 2021, two cosmonauts in the third generation of the former Soviet Union manned spacecraft Soyuz, trying to carry out the task of space shuttle docking station relocation, but never thought that at this moment, a dazzling ball of light appeared in the distance, only a few seconds, it flew swiftly, the brakes could not be, slammed into the International Space Station behind the Soyuz Space Station, then was quickly ejected and fled at high speed, however, just before the astronauts could react, the dazzling ball of light suddenly turned and drifted to the left.

"It was too fast! I didn't even have time to see what it was and what was going on!" The stunned astronaut told an inquirer at the ground monitoring center.

"I was terrified! For a moment, I thought the space station was going to play out. But God willing, it's fine, unharmed!" Another astronaut grabbed the mic, eagerly telling ground control how he felt. "I've never experienced such a frightening event, but it was good a false alarm. What was it? Why did it hit the space station and the station was unharmed?"

Not only did the astronauts not see what was going on, but even the base staff was confused. What exactly was this dazzling ball of light? Why did it suddenly go out of control and crash into the space station? Why hit the space station, but the space station is intact? These are the questions that fill people with doubts, no one tells us.

Later, people specializing in UFO research, after repeatedly watching the footage of this live clip, concluded that there was no doubt that the International Space Station had been under the surveillance of an over-the-top civilization for a long time. The reason why it suddenly went out of control and staged a thrilling scene in front of human astronauts was probably that its pilot was drunk or there was some kind of mysterious field that disturbed and affected his mind.

As to why it violently hit the space station and the station was intact, UFO experts believe that it is likely that the luminous body monitoring the human space station is a plasma-like device, and therefore, even though it hit the station at such a high speed, the station would be unharmed. This is the equivalent of a solar wind sweeping through the space station in general.

However, if what the UFO expert said is true, then we would be very surprised. The advanced device used to monitor the human space station is a quantum body, so what is the "body" of the emissary of the advanced civilization that controls it? Is it also a quantum? Or a conscious body?

If this inference is valid, what does it mean? It means that the pre-civilization that is watching us has evolved to a stage where they do not use food and have no physical body! What an amazing reality that would be! No wonder we can't see them most of the time... they were never meant to be visible!

So, the super-advanced civilization has far surpassed mankind, but hopefully, they will help us in the underworld and will facilitate our evolution! My intuition tells me that they may be just such a super-advanced civilization, silently watching without harm; secretly guiding and the following nature, they are super-intelligent life forms!


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