My Review of "The Mandalorian: Season 1"

I finally got to see the popular series The Mandalorian and this is what I thought.

My Review of "The Mandalorian: Season 1"

I'm sure you've all probably heard of The Mandalorian by now. Guessing from the timeliness of this review you can probably guess that I'm not necessarily a huge Star Wars geek but I have seen all the movies. This series has been the talk of the town for quite some time. My friends have told me that I had to watch it but I never got around to getting Disney plus.

Luckily one of my friends was desperate and got me to watch a few episodes. Mind you this is a really short series and very easily binged. We powered through a slew of episodes and I started to understand the appeal to this TV series. Unfortunately for me I couldn't stay at his place all day to watch through the whole series so I had to wait for a little while longer.

A few months later my girlfriend caved in and bought a Disney plus membership. I was finally able to finish the TV series and boy was it a doozy.

This show is about an unnamed character that is referred to as The Mandalorian, played by Pedro Pascal. Many in the show refer to him as Mando for short. He's referred to as the Mandalorian because it's a creed of people that follow a bounty hunter code. Obviously he's a loner and doesn't care to work with others.

The show starts off with Mando attempting to claim one of the biggest bounties out there. He goes off to find this bounty and it turns out to be this little creature which the internet calls "baby Yoda". They only call it that because it looks like a baby version of Yoda's species. To me it looks like a non warty looking gremlin. I can see the appeal though.

Anyways, he finds out it's this baby Yoda creature and he gets flashbacks of when he was a child he was an orphaned child in war. I guess this baby Yoda reminded him of himself and he decides that he wants to save the creature and claim the bounty at the same time.

His actions have a huge ripple effect that affects the rest of the season. There are self contained episodes in this series that further examine who Mando is and how dangerous he is but for the most part it's a story is based on the adventures of baby Yoda and Mando.

This series reminds me of an old western with new school ideas. The action scenes are like they're ripped from a comic book. They're wildly entertaining and extremely satisfying. There are a ton of Star Wars: A New Hope feelings in this series. What I mean by this is that this odd couple always get into extremely dire situations albeit be miraculously saved by an "unsuspected friend". You'd think it would get tired and played out but I seemed to fall for the formula every single time.

If you've read the manga called "Lone Wolf and Cub" there's a little element of that samurai element into this series as well. The difference is that the baby Yoda is more than meets the eye and they soon find out about this mysterious creature throughout the series.

All of the actors do an incredible job in this series. One of the unexpected actors in this series was Carl Weathers who plays chief of the bounty hunter guild called Greef. This character for some reason has a Lando Calrissian feel to him because he's the head of the bounty hunters and you can't trust him but yet you know that he has a heart of gold.

I have to say I was also shocked at the money that Disney put into this TV series. The production value for this movie is through the roof. Some of the special effects and music scores in this TV Series seem like they should belong in a blockbuster movie instead of a TV Series. You'll even see or notice a few special guest Hollywood stars in this series.

Overall, this TV series has definitely lived up to the hype that surrounds it. I would say it's a great TV series regardless if you like Star Wars or not. You don't really need to know any of the Star Wars lore in order to enjoy this series. It's wildly entertaining that I think people will re-watch over and over again. That's why I have to give this TV series a 9 out of 10. I really enjoyed this season and can't wait for the next season to start airing.

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