My Out of Body Experience

Yes, I encountered a light being.

My Out of Body Experience

My out-of-body experience happened when I was four years old. I nearly died in the hospital. I saw no angel. No Jesus. No Moses. I did encounter a light. It had a voice without words. Was it my mother's essence? I wondered as I grew older and learned of possibilities. I spoke with the light and it told me to stay on Earth. I wasn't finished yet. I needed to do some work. I needed to tell my story. I complied. I'm still here.

Since I learned of light beings before religion touched me, I was lucky. No branding, no constellations of thoughts, no judgement, I simply acknowledged another entity and communed with it as I would have a wind-up toy or the doctor. Everything was new to me. Life was new. Death was new. Friends, parents, toys, TV, everything was fresh and to be honored.

In 1990 I wrote and published my first non-fiction book entitled, WHERE EXACTLY IS HEAVEN, (WEIH) Science, God, and Common Sense.

I published WEIH long before the internet and Google. I traveled some, did a bit of radio, and spoke on the subject of life, love, religion and the gaps in knowledge we all have with the limited brains of humans. I was even on a panel at SMU for Robert Ring's book about OBE's. We're all going. I got a preview like many others on Earth.

So with most of my career in commerce behind me, I'm back to telling about light beings again. This time, comedy is my medium. Satire of the syfy genre, if I have to be specific. I've even made a movie we're calling FRACKERS at this time. Fracking is the process of extracting energy from rocks on Earth. In the universe I co-created with my son, aliens extract energy from reluctant humans.

And, yes, it is a comedy.

How can death be funny? Not death per se, but our illusions of understanding the galaxies and processes of evolution, dark matter, alien life, our Earth-centric attitudes, and general ignorance of so much of what goes on in between planets, life forms, and even inter-specie communication. Afterlife? What evidence? Are all religions myths? Is believing in deity whistling by the graveyard?

We love dogs and cats. Or is it just chemicals? Is love of other humans real, or just chemicals? Is Oxytocin: C43 H66 N12 O12 S2, the hormonal neuro-peptide, why we adore our babies, and didn't leave them on the plains when they wailed and pooped?

More postings, soon if you like this post. I'm a private person, unless I'm writing, then get me started and we'll see where this conversation goes.

Ask questions. Be aware. Be aware-wolf.

And, yes, I encountered a light.

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