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My love AD

My love AD

By julia washingtonPublished 4 months ago 4 min read


I was seriously looking for a woman to meet who matched my personality: I was funny, tall, with dark eyes and hair. I like sports: cycling in summer and skiing in winter. We will take long walks together. I'm a modern man through and through: I'm a big fan of pop music, and we'll go clubbing together. I don't drink or smoke. I am a maximalist. I'd rather have an eagle in the sky than a hen in soup. My motto is: It's all or nothing.

If you are 20-25 years old, please let me know. What awaits us is a prosperous spring, full of surprises and mutual discoveries.

As a very creative person, I stand on the threshold of great achievements.


I am seriously looking for a woman to meet with who is my personality: I am reliable, sophisticated and fond of a comfortable home life. I like active breaks: fishing in the summer and short walks in the winter. I love old love songs. We'll go to a chamber concert together. I drink and smoke in moderation. I'm not a maximalist. My motto is: compromise is the guarantee of a relationship. Better chicken soup than an unattainable dream of a passionate bird.

If you are 40-50 years old, please let me know. A golden autumn awaits us. What happens in autumn will not be unexpected, but only natural, but it will also be pleasant.

As an instinctive thinker, I stand at the threshold of wise deliberation

◆ Old age

I was seriously looking for a woman to meet with with my personality: I was getting on in years, my hearing had deteriorated, my blood pressure was up and the acidity of my body fluids was down. I rate peace above all else: in the summer we sit on the verande with a view of the woods and the stream, and in the winter -- the two of us by the television. I'd rather watch TV and movies that reflect life in the 19th century. I don't drink or smoke, and I'm on a strict diet. I'm a self-dissecting person. I always keep in mind that a grumpy cell cannot return to its original state. My motto is: I'd rather have a heater under the covers than a tropical sun.

If you are 60-65, please let me know. A long silver winter together is better than a cold silence alone. I would like to invite you to share the pleasure of remembering the distant past.

As someone who has the temperament to think calmly, I stand on the side of... The edge of the door.

Some people have not had the opportunity to meet, such as the opportunity to meet, but hesitated to meet, not see.

Some things have not had the opportunity to do, and so have the opportunity, but do not want to do.

Some words buried in the heart for a long time, no chance to say, and so have the opportunity to say, but can not export.

Some love has not had the chance to love, and so have the opportunity, have not loved.

Some people have many opportunities to meet, but always find excuses, want to see when there is no chance.

Some words have a lot of opportunities to say, but think about later, when to say, there is no chance.

Some things have a lot of opportunities to do, but day by day delay, want to do but found no chance.

Some love gives you a lot of opportunities, but don't care about it, want to take seriously when there is no chance to love.

Sometimes life, always very ironic. A turn around may be a lifetime.

Say forever, I don't know how to scattered.

Finally, I thought about it and couldn't figure out what had separated them.

Then, you suddenly wake up, feelings are so fragile.

Can withstand wind and rain, but can not afford ordinary; Wind and rain together, the weather will be dispersed.

Maybe it's just anger, maybe it's something small.

Fantasy and good sweet, or meet again when the hug, that time will be tears while beating each other, also giggle. It must be a beautiful picture.

What I didn't expect was that a different was a lifetime.

So, each has his own life, each loves someone else.

Once in love, is now irrelevant.

Even in the same small city, also never meet again.

A certain day at a certain moment, walking in the same street, also can't see each other.

First sigh, then helpless.

Maybe you are happy because you found someone who is right for you.

Maybe you're unhappy, because maybe that person is the only person in your life who really cares about you.

For a long time, no message from the other side, also no longer think of this person, also do not want to think again.


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