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My Hidden Voice

Make a step away from the cave

By Nuhu Amos Published 4 months ago 3 min read
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My Hidden Voice

For as long as I can remember, I've kept a hidden voice inside of me. It's a voice that's been lurking in the background, waiting for its chance to be heard, but buried under layers of self-doubt and fear. As I've gone through life, this voice has become a constant companion, murmurings of creative ideas and thoughts flowing through my mind, only to be pushed aside, dismissed as unimportant or unworthy of expression.

But, like a seed waiting to be planted, this hidden voice never truly goes away. It has been bubbling under the surface of my consciousness, waiting for the right time and the right environment to bloom into something magnificent. It seems like only recently, I've come to realize the true importance of listening to my voice and giving it the chance to flourish and grow.

Our hidden voices are unique and special to each and every one of us. They can be filled with incredible stories, brilliant ideas, insights, and perspectives that could impact the world in some profoundly meaningful way.

So why do we keep them hidden?

For some of us, it might be fear that holds us back. We might be afraid that if we speak up, share our views and opinions, that we'll come across as stupid or uneducated. We might worry that our ideas will be rejected or dismissed, or worse yet, that we will be ridiculed or shamed for them.

Others might be afraid of the vulnerability that comes with self-expression. What if we open up and share our deepest thoughts and feelings, and people don't respond in the way we want them to? What if our words and ideas are met with silence or indifference, or worse yet, hostility or rejection?

For many of us, the fear and doubt we have is so great, it even overrides the natural desire to create and express ourselves.

So, we keep our hidden voices concealed, and we go through life feeling unfulfilled and unexpressed, feeling that something vital is missing, but we're not sure what.

But the thing is, we all have a voice that's worth listening to. We all have something valuable to say, something that's unique to us and which nobody else can express as we can. And when we start to let that voice out, when we start to share the thoughts and feelings that we've been holding back for so long, we begin to live more authentically, more meaningfully, more fully.

The beauty of true self-expression is that it brings freedom and joy to our lives. When we allow ourselves to be vulnerable, to speak up, and share our hidden voice, we start to feel a sense of liberation. We begin to understand what we're truly capable of, and who we are deep down inside.

So, if you have a hidden voice, don't ignore it any longer. Take the time to listen to it and allow it to be heard. Whether it's through writing, music, art or other forms of self-expression, find a way to let your voice out, even if it's just a whisper at first.

It might feel uncomfortable or awkward at first, but like any skill, the more we practice, the better we become. We'll find that as we express ourselves more authentically, we'll feel more confident, more empowered, and more fulfilled.

Our hidden voices are our own personal treasures. And like any treasure, they're meant to be discovered, shared, and appreciated. So, let's all find the courage to listen to our inner voice and to share it with others, knowing that we all have something unique and special to offer the world.

In conclusion, let's not struggle to keep our hidden voice locked away inside us any longer. It's time to embrace our creativity, to take risks, and to express ourselves in the ways that we feel most authentic and truest to ourselves. When we begin to give our voice the respect and freedom it deserves, we allow ourselves to grow and create beauty, and inspire others along the way.

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