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by Lee 3 years ago in science fiction
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What's She Planning?

Okay- well that didn't go soo well. Now heading back to the lab begrudgingly, staring at Buck who seemed to be an in awfully good mood. "Wipe that smug look off your face." Sam hissed, Buck merely laughed at that as he shook his head, turning his head from the road and to Sam, sitting in the passenger seat. Obviously sulking, she's wearing field gear in place of her normal clothes- he liked the way it looked on her.

Made it obvious that she was dangerous, it took away the pretenses that she tries to put up about her person. She brought up a hand to her face and took off her glasses, Buck can see her eyes flash red momentarily. He turned back towards the road, feeling like if his eyes lingered anymore- then they would no doubt swerve right into some poor fuck who happened to be driving the other way. "What do you want me to do Sam? Act like I'm not happy? Because that's damn near impossible." Sam just huffed in annoyance, throwing her booted feet up onto the dash and leaning back on the seat with a little groan. Bucks jacket still draping her form, fell over her to cover her more.

Sam crossed her arms over her chest, enjoying the metallic clang that resonated from that, since she practically thumped her arms on her chest, she shuffled in place- Bucks jacket now hiding her form from view, only thing that can be seen now was her face. Her black hair falling over her frame, her glasses glinting due to light fixtures outside shining down on her at odd intervals. Her legs that's propped up on the dashboard was covered with the armored suit she is using, her boots bulky and added some inches due to the added padding in them, along with rubber soles hiding what metallic devices are in these.

'I don't recall what specializing gear buck said he brought...' she thought, staring at her feet- which failed to look bigger with the boots on. Being a size 5 and a half in shoe size makes her feet look small in just about everything. 'I wonder....' A sinister smile crossing her face. "Don't you dare Sam." Buck hissed out, making her laugh nervously. "Oh? Am I that predictable?" Buck, his head not turning from the road merely said "you've been eyeing them for the past 5 mins. Of course you'd be that predictable."

She puffed out her cheeks, jumping when Buck laughed. Prompting her to look at him with a scowl on her face. "you should be watching the road!" she said in a shrill voice, feeling... weird about being observed this intently, she shook her head and turned so she can thrust her booted feet onto Bucks lap, her back leaning against the door as she crossed her arms. Now staring at the guy with a raised brow and a coy smile on her face.

He shifted slightly, not expecting her to do that, he turned his head slightly to scowl at Sam. Annoyance in his eyes as he tried to brush her foot off his legs, only for them to bear down onto them. Making him groan at the heels making contact roughly with his leg. He tensed and cursed her under his breath. "I was watching the road." He finally said after his cursing died down, making Sam laugh.

His eyes flitted to Sam's form, seeing her eyes closed he chuckled under his breath- looking over at the gps as he finally got to this location that Sam said her lab was in. it was closer than the place where they had their ordeal, where he felt like he almost lost Doll when she captured him. His eyes darkened, if Sam wasn't going soft- he should have lost Doll. Spence was in the perfect position to be executed by Sam, to be tortured. To be erased, yet. Something kept her from doing so- all she did was merely electrocute the boy enough for him to go running to the boy's side. Thinking the electrocution would increase to very fatal levels, to see as the boy's body burned. His nerves shot, his organs fried and finally. To see the pressure done to the boy cause...

Buck shook his head, sure- he thought that would happen when he made a hasty decision to help Spence. But it's not what happened, she was gone by the time Spence was out of the sphere with Bucks help. Parking the truck, he leaned over and pushed Sam slightly so she wasn't leaning on the door anymore- but on the seat.

This allowed him to jump out and walk around to the passenger side and open her door, carrying her easily, even with the added weight from the field gear. The armored suit meant that what sensation he felt at having her form against his chest, was merely cold- unyielding metal with jutted but smooth lines. Not necessarily stabbing at his side or anything, just. Not what he wanted.

Once she was in his arms, he shuffled around and slammed the door shut, smirking when the noise caused Sam to jump- her blurry eyes focused on his face and she pushed up her glasses. Not surprised at having fallen asleep, nor was she surprised at being woken up in a way by Buck. "Don't forget about the agreement." He muttered, his tone soft as she sighed.

He watched Sam bit her lips- her gaze intent on his jaw. 'Does she know how arousing that is?' keeping such thoughts to himself, he watched as she let her bottom lip go, seeing a little droplet of blood well up. beginning to bead and darken as more of it spilled from her wound- her tongue darted out to lick it from her lips before it can trickle down her chin, forcefully his eyes was wrenched from the sight and he looked at her eyes.

They were black, and when he looked at them- he can feel his world shift away for a moment. His movements now being drowned out- feeling like he was moving through water, his mind going foggy and thoughts being hard for him to grasp. "Now, walk through the woods buck. You'll take me to the lab, since it seems you're already carrying me." She said, her words resonating through his mind- his consciousness registered it slightly.

He did as he was told silently, pulling her form closer to hold her protectively now. "That's good, the place is right there." he stared up ahead, watching as a cliff came into view. He didn't look up to inspect like he normally would, his legs carrying him there methodically as she said "stop at that spot right there, ill open it." He stopped, Sam shuffled in his arms and brought up a hand to the wall. The mechanisms engaging and the door opening. "Once you go inside Buck. Set me down so I can lock up the place." She said, he lowered her form slowly to the ground and waited until she got her footing before stepping back into the chamber.

Sam looking at buck, licking blood off her lips again then shook her head. Locking up the doors and watching as another went over it- the wall being closed off as she turned back and said "alright, that's enough." Her black eyes slowly fading away, and she watched as Buck swayed- weight now bearing down on him. Out of her control now.

He turned to Sam and his brows furrowed "bloody glad you don't use that on me very often Sam." He hissed and she shrugged, going to the elevator and opening it up- walking inside as she grinned at Bucks tall form "do I?" she called teasingly, he was walking towards the elevator and stopped in his steps. Doubting now, before shaking his head "course you don't." stopping at his side she closed the doors and they descended.

"Do you really not trust me enough not to do that to me Sam?" Buck broke the silence after the delirium cleared from his mind. Sam shuffled nervously, accidently elbowing Bucks leg and she huffed, moving away from his person. Not even apologizing for accidently elbowing him. "Course I don't Buck, might I remind you that we are still not on good terms?" she whispered.

Buck grit his teeth and looked down at Samantha, she has her arms crossed defensively around her stomach, staring at a corner of the elevator. A mournful look on her face as she tries to keep from meeting Bucks gaze. "If only you would agree to-""NO!" she cried out, turning to look at him, glaring at him. His gaze softened slightly, unnoticed by Samantha as she stared intently at him, trying to drill in that she will not agree to do such a thing.

"That kind of power in your hands would only serve to bring more destruction! We both know-"she was cut off by the dinging of the elevator. Clamping her mouth shut- Buck saw a little bead of blood at the corner of her mouth. Before she can turn to throw open the door of the elevator to escape his presence Buck brought his hand up and tenderly wiped the blood away from her lips, cupping his thumb against the palm of his hand once the substance has been taken away. His hand curling as he brushed the knuckle of his fingers against her cheek.

She was staring wide eyed at Buck doing so, her eyes searching his face- seeing nothing that she liked in his gaze, seeing no intentions that she finds of interest. She withdrew from him, her head jerking to the side and she grabbed the doors- throwing them open and walking out.

Bucks hand was hovering in the air, the touch lingering on him. A sort of pained silence descended upon his form. She withdrew before he can say that, the applications of what he is asking, would not be used to what she thinks it might be. But seeing that she was already walking down the winding stairs he walked out- looking at the concrete and metal walls, his gaze lingering on the stairs. Seeming immaculate... and lonely.

No warmth would be found here, no compassion, no lingering affections. The cold scenery, the empty stairs, the abandoned ways. Seeming to fit the girl whose hair swayed as her footfalls thumped against the stairs, the thumps resonating.

He followed behind her, descending further. Going down, down, down. Finally, he stopped counting how many stairs there were- how many landings, how many levels. Not aware of the fact that he was doing so in the first place, the silence between the two was suffocating. Yet, there was nothing Buck can do to break it for some reason. Nothing he can do to mend whatever has been broken, she's shut out from him. More so then she's ever been, more so since she came back... different, not the girl he knew her as.

She stopped at the bottom, staring up at Buck with an unreadable, dull expression. He studied her face, her expression is blank now. It's not as lively as it used to be, before she became this. Before she entered the field.

Buck remembers, back when they first started working together, she was so open. Soo happy, cheerful.... As the project continued on, her demeanor changed. She was timid and shy- but he watched as it shifted to fearful and withdrawn, he had the comfort of knowing that she turned to him at that time. The comfort that she would still be open to him, that they would still have their talks. That he would get to listen to her speak so passionately about what she loved, of the joys she found in things.

But... when she turned to him, asking him to supply different materials, close enough to the make of the current project. Altercations, commission, he said yes. He agreed, he knew that at that time- Sam would not be able to make the payments for the shipments. But he broke from his mercenary code of conduct, and did it anyways. Not speaking of deals, not speaking of payments or returns.

Because it was Samantha.

Because he thought fondly of the girl who would flit about excitedly, light on her feet and chipper tone, a wonder in life displayed so openly on her expression. Because he knew, that the Samantha back then was one he wouldn't mind doing things for. Because she would be so grateful, because her affection turned towards him was something he craved.

A light down a dark path.

When the project came soo close to its completion, Buck was able to get an idea of what Sam was working on in secret, the altered project kept in hiding. Even from him, but he was able to get Sam into telling him what it was when he dropped off the supplies in person at the location that was her area.

He was horrified when that happened, to see her working soo hard on something that would put his job at risk. To effectively stave off what he has worked for, to rid herself of his Boss. His purpose.

It was too dangerous for that soft, timid and easy going girl to do- she didn't know the risks. She didn't know what would happen should she put her plans into motion, he mentioned it to Simon at the time. But he knew- Simon would simply brush it under the rug to be forgotten. For Samantha had the same effect on Simon as she did on Buck.

A demon, finding friendship in a mere mortal, she was able to find what compassion that may have laid forgotten in a higher being. In the high born, and kindle it- nurse it and nurture it to the point where it would burn for her, to the point where Simon brushed off Buck like he was some annoying insect.

Simon was compromised, he would not be able to follow protocols or make sound decisions when Samantha was involved. He would not be the cold, harsh and unfeeling being that he essentially was. He would not be able to bestow punishment on the little girl.

With great regret, a dread making him heavy. Hopeful that Samantha would not find out of his actions, he went over Simon- the guard and overseer of Samantha. To their Boss, and gave a direct report on her actions and past times.

Staring at the girl, her dull eyes flashing darkly as he stopped at the bottom of the stairs, looming over her- not seeing the image she created now. In her battle suit, her armored gear lined with dark hues of red that screamed of her rank. Of her work, of her legacy in the field- the elusive red that flashed throughout forgotten whispers of dread among companies. Her face expressionless, the lines of her jaw neutral enough not to give anything away. Like all emotion was washed from her, because... it has been.

No- what he saw, was a girl who was clad in stockings and little shoes that annoyingly squeaked when she walked, even as she was light on her feet. The shuffling and scuffs would still be audible when she's being casual.

This girl that he was seeing, was like an opened book. Her expression joyful, her eyes radiant with delight and joy- sparkling merrily, and in some cases looking like the calm before the storm- before her composure breaks, seeming to rage hellfire when that happens. Its depths was something he drowned in when he can.

The image faded away, and there was nothing but dull eyes staring back at him, seeming to mock the very image she used to be. Seeming to kill the girl that used to dwell in that familiar shell.

'It changed when that night happened.' He concluded, for after that was threw. He didn't see Samantha after the ordeal, he only knew that. She was alive, she was well.

He had hoped that once their boss was gone, once the army has been eradicated. How that happened, he never found out. It was simply, one day- there was a raid going on. He was sent away to pick up more supplies for the next shipment, upon coming back. It was barren- it was a warzone.

With nothing keeping him there, he left.

He didn't think Sam would stay there, he didn't know she did- it was years. Decades. Before he heard from her again, he assumed that she would have lived a happy life. Her past only serving as a forgotten stain, meant to be forgotten actually. She was meant to pursue her passion, live a happy life. Find a significant other- have the dream of being able to have kids of her own.

He was dragged down during that time at the thought, he assumed she would have grown old, and died. He mourned the thought of her death, but when this girl. This... empty cold slate came to him, he turned her away- she tarnished her image.

She laid ruin to everything that the girl he remembered fought so hard to keep, he spoke such harsh words to her then.

But in the end, she came back again- with a cold proposition for them to work together, and the rewards... when she showed him the rewards that they can base a foundation on, he bulked and he caved.

He worked with her, her mannerism was like a washed down version of what she used to be. He was unnerved by her lack of emotion, unnerved by her lack of well. Everything.

He tried, and he tried. To get that girl back, thinking that- whatever have happened. That Samantha withdrew, but as time passed. It was evident that, this change. It was soo very permanent, when he accepted that. He grew closer, learning to like this new change. It meant that he wouldn't have to shelter the girl from the harsh realities.

But, he found out how exactly dark this change and shift in her character was, when she exposed her runes. The reason for her working, the reason that her change was only made that much more permanent with each passing day, the point of no return having been surpassed by that point.

Buck, he wanted to take her runes from her- to watch as a little bit of what he thought so fondly of, come back. Even, if for a little while. Just... long enough for her to withdraw from this life, long enough for her to get herself together again. Like she should have done when he turned her away.

Taking her runes, her seals. Her burden, would have meant that she would have been free- Buck likes to entertain that... she would have been happy.

"C'mon." she said, walking down the hallway- he can see a vault at the end. God, even her speech is not what it used to be. She still speaks quietly, her voice still soft. Her words seeming to be such a smooth cadence. But, it's not what it used to be- its hollow, the emotion that used to be so plain behind them have been stripped.

Her tone is monotonous now, it's eerie.

It was a mockery to what it used to be, but... Buck found that he liked it this way, liked how dark and threatening it can turn out to be. Liked how she was able to manipulate it, liked that he can watch people fall for the false pretense behind her tone. Behind her looks. Behind her emotion, her expression.


Buck knew better.

He also knows, that he will not give up on trying to change that. Not give up on trying to bring her back, to enjoy her being... her again.

He walked behind her, his hands in the pockets of his cargo pants as he watched the girl, her hair swaying again as she walked. "Remind me again, why I'm bothering to do this." She called behind her, her head turned and raising a brow at Buck. He chuckled at that. "You're doing this, because of the fact that your scheduled time was not met, so this is merely a remedy to that situation." He shrugged his shoulders easily and watched as Sam opened up the vault and walk inside.

She hummed under her breath, watching Buck walk into the place she closed up the vault and went over to the door- happy at getting it open, very aware of her movements being observed by Buck, disturbing aware of how fixated Buck was on her. She threw open the door and turned around, her hands out as she gave a mocking look of mirth "y'know. If I knew you would only use this time to study me again, I would have suggested we go to your facility. Plenty of things to use for observations there." shrugging easily, her lips curled up and her brows raised in a sort of teasing question.

'God, she portrays it soo well.' Unnerved by her show of emotion he walked forward and flicked her nose with a chuckle "you did suggest we go to my facility." He said, walking past her- ignoring the indignant squeak from her that made his form shudder.

The mouse still has her habits. He thought- he enjoyed that she did, enjoyed that she still makes such noises when started or indignant. Walking forward, an amused smile on his face- his scowl having been replaced by this content look. He heard a little angry huff making him chuckle more, then he was shoved to the side. 'Didn't even hear her walk.' He stumbled to the side with a surprised look.

She was laughing easily as she ran past him, he shook his head and grabbed the back of his jacket and lifted her easily. So that her feet were dangling off the ground- her legs kicking in the air as she gave an angry shriek.

"Oh, won't you look at that. It seems you ca-" ah fuck, it seems they both remembered that she was using field gear, for in the next moment. He saw blinding white- ringing in his ears as she turned sharply and jabbed her hand harshly against his jaw. His head wiping back, the suit having released a puff of suppressed air as the blow was given more force.

Sam dropped on the ground with a happy giggle, brushing Bucks jacket down as she watched him stumble back, leaning against a wall as he grunted out "Jesus girl, give a guy warning next time." She crossed her arms with a thoughtful look on her face, Buck glaring at her as he rubbed his jaw.

"I don't think I will." She called in a chipper tone, turning around and walking down the halls, her lab seeming to be empty, she walked down hallways and turned some corners- walking past the meeting chambers and to a part that is a sort of in between sectors.

While she led the way to her monitor room, Buck was following behind her. Grumbling at the jab she gave him "hey, you should have known better then to pick me up." she said over her shoulder cheerfully.

Buck went over and grabbed the back of his jacket again, picking her up with a chuckle- this time his going to be ready for her to. As if on time, she turned and tried to make another jab at him. But he merely pulled her out further from his person, laughing at her attempt to do so as he said "oh? You mean like this?" he was walking forward, now seeing the place she was taking them to. The monitor room was impressive to him.

It was a big room, monitors mounted on the wall above windows- and he was sure those windows can be shifted and changed into big screens. Off to the side was a blank wall, yet he can see switches- dials and panels along with wiring going subtly up one side of the wall and down another- connected to her dashboard. Those wiring would be able to serve as motion sensors to use 3D hologram technology- with or without a glove it would work. On the other side of the equipment was panels, dashboards and switches along with compartments and he looked closer- ah, seams on the walls. Those must be more inner workings, something she can use to draw out what's hidden. He was going to study those seams....

But Samantha turned around, wrapping her legs around his arm with a devilish grin on her face. His eyes widened and he shook his head no. but Sam merely nodded her her yes, then she curled her leg around his arm. Clipping his neck, she grabbed his wrist and arm- her weight wrenching back.

With more suppressed air being released, what would have merely been a hold used to take him down and throw him on the ground with her legs tightening around his clipped neck. Was made deadlier by the suits enhancing her movements. He was slammed down, and air knocked out of him- choking and gasping desperately for air as she bared down on his neck.

Trying to get out, he struggled- the cold unyielding metal not allowing for any holds that would be effective enough to hurt her enough to let him go, he finally tapped on her thigh- desperately and in fast motions, his vision was blurring.

She let him go and got up, brushing off his jacket with a happy giggle "I told you, you should know better than to pick me up Buck." She said in a dark tone, turning around and going to the chair in front of her monitors she engaged the system and watched as the big screens activated to show another subject strapped down, she giggled happily and leaned back- crossing her arms as she watched the subject. They were breathing normally, asleep and hooked up to machines to monitor their vitals and condition.

Bucks vision finally cleared enough for him to get up shakily, his form weak from that near. Shaking his head, he got up and walked over to her. Leaning over the back of her chair as he looked at the screen and raised an eyebrow "isn't that one of the subjects' I've supplied for you?" he said evenly, wondering what this girl is working on now.

What is she up to with her experimentations this time?

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