Mirror Cube

Mirror Cube
Cube Kaleidoscope

Since 2020, the Year of vision, we have been told that the universe is infinitely large but, as I said in my last post, (see Kaleidoscope Part 1) the universe is actually very small. Tiny. It’s vastness is a beautiful illusion created with smoke and mirrors. Whether this is designed to make us feel insignificant is up to you. Since I revealed my Tiny Universe Theory (T.U.T) to the world, on President’s Day, 2025, I’ve been feeling nervous…anxious… paranoid, I suppose. Worrying that I may have made myself a target for the forces that want us to keep believing that we are just an insignificant speck in an enormous universe that surpasses all understanding. There's a new President in the White House and, perhaps, there's a spy in the sky watching me from the Government block right now, I don’t know. I’m sure I see circles among the clouds in the sky when I'm out walking my dog, Robbo. If my social media accounts are shut down they will claim that I was the victim of a 'Bear' hacker.

But that is just a side issue. Let’s get back to my Tiny Universe Theory (T.U.T.)... all done with mirrors and smoke. This hall of mirrors universe that we live in is a four dimensional kaliedoscope containing, at most, seven sparkly bits (stars), spheres of assorted sizes (planets), and several clouds of smoke (nebulae) that blur the edges where the distorting mirrors meet. This creates the illusion that the universe is infinite and really, really BIG. As telescopes get more powerful more and more reflections are found so the Universe seems to get bigger and bigger.

But do I have any experiments that can prove my Tiny Universe Theory?

Scientists can show that the universe is vastly enormous with their vastly enormous telescopes and we all believe them because… well, because they are scientists... astronomers. They have the scientific apparatus to reveal and demonstrate their discoveries. All we can do is believe them and be in awe.

So is there any scientific apparatus or experiments that I can use to prove my claim that the universe is an illusion created by a kaleidoscopic arrangement of 4 dimensional mirrors? Well… I don’t have access to four dimensional mirrors, but I can show you how to make an, apparently, infinite universe by combining six ordinary mirrors.

How to construct a 3 dimensional Kaleidoscopic Universe Cube.

1) Assemble the materials. You will need…

  • sharp knife or scissors.
  • metal straight edge.
  • hard cutting surface (wooden board, etc).
  • 30-60-90 or 45-45-90 triangle.
  • one sheet of mirrored cardboard.
  • coloured tape.
  • six ‘planets’ (optional).

2) Place your sheet of cardboard mirror side down and mark out the following cross pattern using the triangle and straight edge.

Cube Template

3) Cut out the cross and score lines on the cardboard so it can be folded to form a cube as shown. If you want to, stick six ‘planet stickers’ on the mirrored side of each square.

4) Fold the cardboard into a cube and seal up this cube with coloured tape.

5) Cut seven small corners off the cube with a sharp knife (these represent the seven stars that actually exist).

6) Then cut one large hole off the remaining corner.

7) Now your Cube should look something like the picture below. Click here to have a look inside.

Kaleidoscope Cube

Your own, personal universe.

If you can afford to buy real mirrors instead of mirror cards, your universe will look much better. It will be like the difference between looking through a pair of binoculars and looking through the Hubble space telescope. If you want you can buy a ready made mirror cube your ‘infinite’ universe will be even more clear. Note the three dimensional effect on the ‘stars’ even though this is just a simple 3D toy. Imagine what the universe would look like with four-dimensional mirrors.

Here’s another simple experiment you can do that may surprise you if you don't know about it already.

1) Stand close to a large mirror and mark the position of the top of your head and the bottom of your chin as you see them on the mirror. Mark the mirror with soap, your finger, or anything you want.

2) Now step back from the mirror. Your head will still fit between the two marks you made even though you have stepped away. In fact, no matter how far away you are your head will always fit between the two marks you made.

So in our 4 dimensional universe the marks on the mirror represent the actual size of your head. Don’t be big headed, I’m not trying to make you feel small, I'm just trying to show you how we can all fit into Tiny Universe Theory. The best way to explore a mirrored universe is with mirrors.

In 2017 astronomers working with NASA’s Spitzer Space Telescope discovered a star with (interestingly) seven earth-sized planets. On reflection (hah!) they may come to realise that their equipment has been confused by the T.U.T. kaleidoscope of 4D mirrors and there is actually only one planet. Three of these 'planets' were meant to be in the habitable zone of their star. Called TRAPPIST-1 (Transiting Planets and Planetesimals Small Telescope) this discovery caused great excitement at the time but this distant star and it’s observed planetary system are so far away, (Forty light years, or 235 trillion miles) that we have zero chance of getting there with our current spacecraft technology. But… what if aliens from these other planets had the technology to visit us? Have we ever been visited by alien lifeforms? Well my answer to that would be… Yes and No. I’m not trying to be awkward. I’ve seen Project Bluebook, the U.S. military investigation of U.F.O. sightings, and some of the sightings recorded are just unexplainable. But I don’t believe we have been visited by living aliens. Our planet may have been probed by alien intelligences but that is a different matter.

We put a man on the moon but we send robots to investigate Mars, so why wouldn’t aliens send robots to investigate us? Why take the chance of sending a living astronaut? Of course these alien robots would be highly advanced, so advanced that the U.S. military might believe that they are living creatures inside a space suit. But what if the space suit is not a second skin? What if the whole alien is a sophisticated robot that has been assembled by intelligences far in advance of our own? Aliens who who know all about T.U.T., the four dimensional kaleidoscope and the amount of space that there is left in the universe.

I was going to write up all my alien sighting notes and show you my photos but I had visitors last night… at midnight. They made me destroy all my T.U.T. notes and took away my completed book manuscript. I believe this was an attempt to shut me down because I was about to reveal what American astronauts actually discovered on the moon.

But I have kept a copy of all my notes and photographs on a tiny memory stick so I’ll tell you more about T.U.T. and alien robots next time.

Bye for now.

Artists Impression of Trappist - 1

This is an artist's impression.

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