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Mark Hamill Explains The Insane Secrecy Behind Luke Skywalker's Cameo

by Culture Slate 2 days ago in star wars

Very Mysterious

When The Mandalorian Season 2 aired last year, there were cameos that some viewers already knew for sure would be happening. However, there was one cameo that people did not expect for certain, though there was wishful hoping. And when it unfolded, those who were hoping it would happen were in about as much awe as those who did not even have the possibility on their radars. That cameo is, of course, Luke Skywalker, and Mark Hamill was involved in the making of the scene. Though there have been bits of info here and there, people still to this day wonder about the process of bringing that scene to the screen. How did it all go down? How involved was Mark Hamill exactly? For several months, much of this has been a mystery.

Last week, Mark Hamill appeared on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon to talk about his voice role as Skeletor in the upcoming animated series Masters of the Universe: Revelation. Naturally, the conversation found its way to Star Wars, as one would expect. Hamill expressed how surprised he was to be asked to return to the role after the sequel trilogy, saying that he "had finished playing that part" and "never expected to do it again." We all saw Luke Skywalker die and become a Jedi spirit. That seemed like the end for Mark Hamill, and he surmised, "if they ever told stories of Luke in that period—post originals and pre-sequels—they'd get another actor." And yet, he ended up being involved with bringing the Luke of that period to life.

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He went on to talk about the secrecy of the cameo:

"One of the main things with Mandalorian is you are sworn to secrecy. I can't even talk about it with my family, even now."

Despite not saying a whole lot, Hamill had the following to say:

"But one thing that I have to tell you even though I can't talk about it: there's a special coming on Disney+ on August 25, which is a 'Making Of' the season finale of Season 2 which is the episode I was in, so that will answer a lot of your questions."

When Disney Gallery: The Mandalorian had its first season May-June 2020, it had eight episodes released pretty much on a weekly basis, going through different aspects of the making of that first season. Instead of repeating the same structure to cover Season 2, a special titled "Making of Season Two" was released on December 25, 2020, covering as much of the entire season as possible in an hour. Viewers who had watched all of Season 2 were surprised to see that the special did not cover the making of the Luke Skywalker cameo in the finale, a process that many were very curious about. This omission felt like a missed opportunity in the eyes of some viewers.

However, Lucasfilm and Disney are finally giving the fans of the show what they wished they had gotten at the end of last year. The special that will be airing on August 25 is titled "The Making of the Season 2 Finale." With a title like that, this special simply has to deliver by going into the finer details of how the cameo was executed. We have known for a while that Mark Hamill was on set and that a body double named Max Lloyd-Jones was involved and got Hamill's face CGI'ed onto him (which got mixed reception from viewers). Now we can finally get more specific details about how it all went down.

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Written By Steven Shinder

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