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Light Show

LGBTQ, Sci-Fi/Fantasy, Romance, Flash Fiction

By Monos AlbaPublished 6 years ago 7 min read

~Be Dillon~

It was after dusk when you both approached the end of the field. You settled down a distance from the water's edge, gazing out from the thinning mist at the bay and further on, the sea. The turquoise blanket was big enough to lie down on, but you smoothed it out as best as you can. Only the best for tonight.

"It’s fine,” Dong-Hye said, planting the lamp’s pole by one of the corners. It gave off a cool blue light.

“Now it’s fine,” you say as you straighten out the corner by your feet. You grin up at him and see fireflies starting to gather around the lamp. "Can you dim the lamp a little?”

“Sure.” He adjusts the dial and the glow dims. Neither of you can see, hear, or smell anyone else, but it was better to be safe than sorry.

Standing up and putting your hands on your hips, you surveyed your work with approval. It was around 7PM and the thick, thundering waves of clouds hovered in the sky. It already appeared to be nighttime.

You looked around the area you had picked out. It was darker than what elves were comfortable with. Even so, the atmosphere was somehow more peaceful than when under the sun's rays. The shadows that warped and concealed didn't scare you as they did when you were a young boy. The grass was a stunning dark jade and matched the beautiful green in Dong-Hye's hazel eyes. His long, dark hair framed his face, in a way that brought out the dark brown i-

“You're thinking poetic things about me right now, aren't you?” The shorter man asked, allowing a smirk on his face when your eyes met, somehow giving your thoughts away.

“Maybe.” You said over the roar of thunder, your smile growing. “Wanna hear 'em?”

“Maybe.” He replied as lighting flashed high over him, defining his features for a second. “When the show starts, okay?”

You nodded, looking out into the distance. The clouds began thundering and flashing when you entered the field minutes before. The show will start any second now.

The first link between heaven and earth steals your breath as it met the metal poles that stick out of the sea. A flicker of pinkish light danced across your vision. Another blue one appeared, followed by more lighting up the sky with shades of yellows, blues, and reds. Your elven years picked up gasps and awes from other groups who came to see the light show. Someone was an unknown distance from your left, sitting by the edge of the water like you and your boyfriend.

You couldn't help but steal a glance at Dong-Hye. The lighting tinted his form, defining his cheekbones and hanbok robe. You've wondered what his tails would look like in the lighting on these nights, but knew it wasn't smart to risk it. Mum and Dad like Dong-Hye. They also like keeping business and personal matters separate. Neither of you should take chances, in case someone were to see.

Of course, being one of the wealthier families in the area only weighed the burden on your shoulders. But that was fine, because Dong-Hye was in the exact same situation, perhaps even deeper than you. That's only made you want to be closer, to help carry his troubles. He's not only your boyfriend and future business partner; he's your best friend. Your pillar of wisdom.

You don't know how long you were staring, but he turned and locked eyes. You took this moment to lean in closer to him.

“I just remembered.” You whispered. “I haven't told you my 'poetic thoughts'.”

“That's right.” He breathed and gave you a toothy smile, something he showed only to those close to him. You've seen it plenty of times and couldn't help the heat and twitching of your ears. “Let's hear them.”

You gotta say, not bad for your first year anniversary.


~Be Dong-Hye~

The fields of Ireland were so different from the hills of Korea. The grass was soft like a cushion when you sit down with Dillon on his carpet. Only some fireflies hovered around the lamp you set up from behind. You thought of lying down until the lightning show starts, but that can wait until you get tired of sitting.

You turned your head to see him staring at you, in the same way he did when he was reading his prose. You certainly don't mind letting him know that, agreeing to hear them later on, when the light show starts.

You didn't have to wait long because in a few minutes the first long clip of light shot out from the horizon that night. It was soon followed by more, varying between warm and cool shades of the rainbow. The landscape itself was breathtaking enough. This made the moment absolutely…

“…Sublime.” You heard yourself whisper and felt your shoulders touch. A part of you wished that you could change into your full Kumiho form, but you can't risk it. Anyone knowing about your 'special business meeting' will be trouble. That could get all nine of your tails sent straight back home. The merge deal between your families' businesses might fall apart. Reporters know how to make anything sound like a scandal.

You can't help but sigh at the thought of going back to Korea and never see lightning this way ever again. It's efficient. The metal poles collected energy for clean power during storms and gave a show for everyone to enjoy. It was the reason why your families met up and negotiated a deal to share the technology.

You knew those images of old castle ruins and majestic cliffs were tourist eye candy. They were nowhere near the capital’s metropolis. Your first visit to Ireland didn’t seem that promising from a leisure perspective. That was, until Dillon showed your family the mansion’s emergency exit by turning a statue’s head. You decided to talk with him for the first time outside of meetings.

He knew how to talk, that was obvious. A gesture, smile, and description, and even your experienced parents complimented his talents. There was that time he took you to a retail store that he used to work at. You teased and asked if he was trying to sell you the keychains and the older fairy clerk laughed until she cried. Maybe that was when you realized that he could show how anything was exciting – and that you were in love with him.

Leaning on his shoulder, you glanced at Dillon for a nanosecond. You hid your fox ears because of the thunder, but Dillon never seemed to mind the noise despite his longer ears.

Several strands of bright yellow flashed across the sky. Each one was crinkly and curly, like Dillon's long, dirty blond hair. Some light blue danced around. They reminded you of his blue eyes, always open and honest with you. Opposite from the cold eyes of other business associates. He stayed in your head when you first arrived and later on ignited a desire to have a closer relationship.

He was so much more than your business associate; he's your boyfriend, your ray of light. The one creature in the world you knew you could always trust.

You look back over to see him staring at you, but it was a comfortable one, a Dillon one. He leans close to you, and you to him.

“I just remembered.” He whispered. “I haven't told you my 'poetic thoughts'.”

“That's right.” You breathe back, your lips opening to reveal your teeth. It was a childish smile that you never showed to many people. It got wider when you noticed his ears began twitching and reddening. “Let's hear them.”

Putting your hand on Dillon’s shoulder, you guide him down until you’re both lying on the blanket.

You must say, pretty good for your first year anniversary.

~The End~


About the Creator

Monos Alba

Full name: Monos Delainy Ophion Alba

Motto: Flip the mirror.

Favourite Genres: Horror/Suspense, Psychological Thriller, and Fantasy.

Singular they/their/them. I don’t mind male pronouns. I’m sort of Genderfluid, though I don't care for labels.

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