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Lando's Real Motivations For Joining The Rebellion Finally Revealed

by Culture Slate 7 months ago in star wars

What Convinced The Gambler-Turned-Administrator To Join The Alliance?

Star Wars’ fan-favorite, back-stabbing, smooth-talking, robot-romancing, deal acceptor is back once more in comic form, and this time fans will get to see what role he played in the events between Episodes V and VI. Love him or hate him, Lando Calrissian played a major part in the capture and rescue of Han Solo and was an integral part in the destruction of the second Death Star. However, there is a stark disconnect between the Lando in Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi. One is the leader of a city but also a shady politician willing to sell out his friends, and the other is a rebel fighting against the Empire with only his friends beside him. What happened? How did Lando become the person he is in Episode VI and join the Rebellion? Well, the War of the Bounty Hunters event is now shedding some light on Lando’s change between films.

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The series, as has been stated before, takes place between Episode V and VI and follows the hunt for Han Solo to see who can either rescue the smuggler or get him back to Jabba the Hut. The heroes from The Empire Strikes Back are in the same situation they were in at the end of the film they are attempting to rescue Han and Lando is assisting. While Lando has been helping the Rebels after the Empire took control of Cloud City, he has really only been looking out for himself. Much like Han at the beginning of The Empire Strikes Back, Lando only wants to stick around until his interests no longer align with the Rebels and to hopefully ease the guilt he feels about betraying his friend.

However, that changes in Issue #17 of the comics. In this issue, the Millennium Falcon is dead in space, and it is up to Leia and Lando to try to repair it. It is here that Leia teaches Lando about what the Rebellion really is. Lando tells her that he is not as cowardly and untrustworthy as she might think, likely referring to his actions in Episode V. Lando goes on to say that he is not interested in getting involved with battles that he knows he can’t win, like fighting the Empire. However, he goes on to say that if his friends are involved he is “as brave as they come and doesn’t care about the odds”, which honestly sounds more like another shot at romance from him. There is some truth to his statement though. Leia then goes on to tell him that the Rebellion really is just a bunch of friends looking out for each other and standing up to protect what they love, and then admits herself that going up against the Empire is the “greatest gamble of all time”, but it is definitely one worth taking. Evidently, Lando agrees, because it works. Leia convinces him, and it appears that this is the moment in the series Lando crosses over to the Rebellion officially.

There is definitely going to be more to come from Lando, Leia, and the rest during the War of the Bounty Hunters event and obviously, they are involved in everything after that. It is nice that the series shows Lando make the crossover and verifies that he is not necessarily doing everything solely out of guilt. There are bound to be more exciting run-ins and conflicts between Lando, Leia, Boba, and the other bounty hunters all trying to get Han’s carbonite capsule, and it looks like more and more familiar faces will be showing up soon. The event is continuing to impress and fire on all cylinders.

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Written by Alex Lenzini

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