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Jujutsu Kaisen: Itadori vs. Mahito Battle Changes Itadori View About Cursed Spirits

Jujutsu Kaisen: Itadori vs. Mahito Battle Changes Itadori View About Cursed Spirits

By Delhi MagazinesPublished 3 years ago 3 min read

Itadori has a lot on his plate, and if fighting with the cursed spirit was not enough, Itadori has to deal with his problems with Sakuna as well. Jujutsu Kaisen episode 12 shared the grim reality of Itadori’s newly found powers and how Sakuna deceived him from the start.

After accidentally eating the rotting finger of Sakuna, Itadori unwillingly becomes the vessel for the Special Grade Cursed Spirit. After a heat of events, Itadori joins the Tokyo Metropolitan Curse Technical School as a first-year Jujutsu sorcerer.

As a Jujutsu sorcerer, Itadori has to fight cursed spirits who corrupt humanity and human souls. In the latest episode, Mahito confronts Junpei about his foolishness and how he was just a mere pawn to Mahito’s plan of eradicating humanity and replacing it with cursed spirits.

Junpei, who was blindly following Mahito’s sweet talks, eventually pays a dangerous price for his thirst for the powers by losing his mother to Mahito’s sadistic plans. Itadori, who was acting as a supporter to Junpei, ends up with rage and regret. The newly found friendship between Junpei and Itadori comes to an end when Mahito deforms Junpei into a mindless monster in front of Itadori’s eyes.

Mahito planned his fight against Itadori

Unlike other special-grade cursed spirits, Mahito likes to talk in circles. He never once shared his cruel intention with Suguru Geto about his plans of torturing Jujutsu sorcerers. Mahito is a sadistic and cruel cursed spirit, and he likes to play with human emotions and lures people into his sadistic traps. Mahito planned his encounter with Itadori to retrieve Sakuna from Itadori’s body, and he aims to form an alliance with him to eradicate humanity.

Nanami and Ijichi try their best to stop Itadori as the young Jujutsu sorcerer runs to save his new friend. After neglecting Nanami’s warning, Itadori confronts Mahito only to find out that it was a trap. Junpei, a blind devotee of Mahito, also finds out about how cruel Mahito’s intentions are as he transforms Junpei into a low-level cursed spirit to fight against Itadori.

After Junpei’s fighting attempt leaves him exhausted, the latter dies in front of Itadori while asking him for help. Itadori asks Sakuna to help him save Junpei for the last time. Mahito intervenes in Itadori pleading and stabs him while Sakuna and Mahito reveal their real intention while laughing maniacally at Itadori’s foolishness.

Itadori’s outrage to kill Mahito

After getting laughed at by two strong cursed spirits, Itadori charges Mahito with Divergent Fist. Surprisingly, the fist hit the inner soul of Mahitom, and he acknowledged Itadori’s powers. However, Mahito’s transfiguration powers give him the ability to mold his body into any kind of weapon. While battling hand-to-hand combat, Mahito transforms himself into long solid spears and stabs Itadori multiple times.

As part of Mahito’s plan, he tries to kill Itadori by using his transfiguration power. When Mahito reaches for Itadori’s heart, Sakuna reminds him of the difference between King of Curses and immature curses like him. Sakuna explains to Mahito that even if Itadori is just a vessel for him, both of them have already made a pact, and Mahito should not interfere with his plans of using Itadori in the future.

Nanami arrives for the rescue

As an adult, Nanami feels responsible for the current situation, and he intervenes in the fight. Despite Itadori’s inexperience as a Jujutsu sorcerer, he controls the situation very well, and the young sorcerer headbutts Mahito with all his strength and crushes his skull with multiple headbutts. Due to Mahito’s ability to transform, he escapes Itadori headbutting sessions and attacks his right hand. Nanami jumps into the battle and marks a weak point on Mahito with his blade with grace technique.

Itadori refuses to use Sakuna in this battle, and Nanami fights alongside Itadori to take Mahito for the last time. The two Jujutsu sorcerers stand against Mahito to put an end to this long pathological battle between Jujutsu sorcerers and cursed spirits.

Source: Jujutsu Kaisen: Itadori vs. Mahito Battle Changes Itadori View About Cursed Spirits


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