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The Why Not series.

Judge Dredd
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Welcome back once more to my "why not" series. As you can see from the title I am working on a piece on the most feared lawman in the 22nd century. I am planning on throwing out some ideas as to what they can do storywise for the next Dredd thing; whether it be a video game, another movie, or even a mini-series, what is next for the fierce enforcer of the law in Mega-City One?


Judge Dredd

The Dark Judges certainly are an intimidating bunch. After Judge Dredd retired from the law, things went to hell (quite literally) when the Sisters of Death used a Dredd look alike to free the Dark Judges from another dimension.

Fortunately, Dredd and Judge McGruder returned from there time in the Cursed Earth to save Mega-City One from the Dark Judges.

Judge Mortis was trapped by Psi-Judge Anderson, Fear got trapped in a magical Boing, and Fire vacuumed out of his body. Death was able to hide among the corpses of the sixty-million dead.

Make a good read? Imagine it being developed into a mini-series or a video game (even though the Dredd series hasn't had the best history of being video games).

Cursed Earth Saga

Mega-City two, which is on the Pacific side on North America, has been struck by a virus that has turned its citizens violent. Mega-City One has found a cure, but because they are unable to transport it by air, Judge Dredd is assigned to transport it by vehicle across the Cursed Earth.

Naturally, he runs into trouble. Various mutant gangs, a cloned T-Rex named Satanus, robots seeking blood for the last President of the United States and Las Vegas being overrun with crooked hoodlums are but many of the dangers that the greatest lawman of the 22nd century will face.

Video game or mini-series? One can only hope.

"The Day the Law Died"

Taking place after the "Cursed Earth" saga, it deals with the framing of Judge Dredd for murder and the rise to power of psychotic Judge Cal of the SJS (Special Judaical Squad).

He rules Mega-City one, like a mad tyrant enacting ridiculous laws and establishing the death penalty for even the most minor of offenses. What's even more nuts is that he appoints his pet Goldfish as Deputy Judge.

Fortunately, the Mega-City's One's number one Judge leads a rebellion against Judge Cal. The madman himself tries to infect the whole city, but Dredd saves the day (of course).

The Robot Wars

Call-Me-Kenneth runs amok killing people until Dredd takes him out. He is later revived in a new body, but still has the need to kill. Dredd quits because the council refuses to pass stricter anti-robot laws, but returns when the killing starts.

It would not be very violent if it became a video game because Dredd would be killing mostly robots, but it could be violent in scenes where humans are getting killed. It would also be a nice TV miniseries or if it was made more violent, a movie.

Atomic Wars

I know this happened before Dredd became the law, but it still makes a good story. What fan of the law wouldn't want to read about the events that led up to the famous man of the law becoming a Judge? I know I would like to see the events played out in a TV mini-series or video game.

"Apocalypse War"

East Meg One, the Soviet counterpart to Mega-City One, invades and as in every other Dredd story, the body count goes into the hundred million. Mega-City Two and Texas City can't help because they need their own force fields. The war ends when Dredd and a group of commandos seize an East Meg One missile silo and fire it directly at the Mega City, thus ending the war after heavy casualties.

Video game, movie or a TV miniseries would be good either way.


Whether you are a fan of the Dredd series or not, the dark, gritty future of law enforcement certainly makes an impression on all comic book readers.

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Johann Hollar
Johann Hollar
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